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Just re-watched Eva. Only the series and EoE. As far as I am concerned, those rebuild movies might as well be a different anime entirely.

That aside, god damn, they really were going to leave Asuka like this before they came out with EoE. I mean shit her death was tragic in the movie, but being a fucking vegetable because she lost all will to live is way worse IMO. Her whole thing was basing her self worth off of being an amazing pilot and she had failed so many times that she lost the right to do it. Really turned me into an Asuka fag because now I just pity her. Rei's barely human. Ritsuko and Misato are sociopaths.

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She gets fucked over much more than Shinji does by the end of the show, it's hard not to feel bad for her.

i can fix her and breed her after that

Rei's got deep reserves of humanity. Misato's a broken woman retreating into her Ahab-like obsession with beating the Angels to make up for Kaji being dead. If you don't engage with the entirety of Eva productions you're just a poser.

Fucking surface level newfags, the lot of you.

The last rebuild really killed this fandom. Like some sort of true death that involves a rosary, a wooden stake and a fire.

As Anno intended.

qrd? All I know about the Rebuilds is they brought in a new girl and added a fucking timeskip where shinji stayed the same age (he was frozen or some shit?)

It's specifically written in a way to make the viewer forget about the show, cause Anno is a hack.

>It's specifically written in a way to make the viewer forget about the show
Not surprised, but in what ways? I don't really want to watch those weird ass movies. It feels like they were made specifically for people who didn't watch eva/didn't like eva. So in short, retards.

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Well Anno's kind of insecure. He doesn't like the fact that he's successful because of Eva so he tries to diversify to prove that he can do other things. Maybe he's ashamed and thinks Eva was too personal, I'm not really a detective. He had to keep making Eva because of copyright and merch.

>If you don't like trashy suplementary material and fanfic tier sequels made decades afterwards you're a poser
Alright then.

I never understood the motivations for most of the characters' actions in Eva. It's like they're lost teenagers forced to act like teenagers instead of maturing especially since the environment they grew up in should have honed them to be mature.

But that's the entire fucking point. Shinji and Asuka don't want to be part of that environment, cause it's corrupt as shit. They want to be on the beach.

I tihnk it's dumb, where would they even get such motivation

>being a fucking vegetable because she lost all will to live is way worse IMO
Yes, Asuka's character is walking a path of self destruction because she refuses to face her issues and is happy to settle for harmful makeshift solutions instead.
>now I just pity her
Why would you pity someone who has no desire to better themselves?
>Rei's barely human
Rei (and Kaworu) are missing the most ugly parts of regular human beings, they're unreachable ideals.
>Ritsuko and Misato are sociopaths
Asuka and Ritsuko are pretty much portrayed the same, desperate for validation from people who only use them as disposable tools.

Shinji is king.

When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
You just remember what your new pal said
Girl, you've got a friend in me
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We stick together and see it through
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Some other folks might be
A little bit smarter than I am
Bigger and stronger too
But none of them will ever love you
The way I do
It's me and you

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Look at ye, postin cringe.

Who's his queen?

There was almost a queen. But when he asked for a pic, the other he took a pic of a male hand. So it wasn't almost a queen, it was literally a queen.

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I don't get it.
What a smug queen

Someone tried to pick me up on Yea Forums, saying everything I wanted to hear and nothing I didn't want to hear. It was a very high effort attempt. Naturally, I suspected it was a man. Spoiler: it was.

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ReHash is hideous cgi cancer aside from being horrendously written, fuck you.

Shippers killed it. Time was when Yea Forums hated shippers as much as furfags, and no board fought them harder than Yea Forums, but in just 2-3 years they've completely taken over this board. Don't believe me? Look up the term "asushin" on any archive. 0 results pre-2020, almost 6500 results afterwards.
tumblr dying did irrecoverable damage to the internet.

>0 results pre-2020
Dude, that was two years ago. I recall shipping posts way before that. Maybe shortening the ship names to "preffix of seme + suffix of uke" is new(-ish), but shipping itself is much older than tumblr.

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I want to disagree but you nailed it. It kills threads and just causes everyone to bitch on the shipper. But I feel the author himself killed this fandom, both deliberately through rebuilds and otherwise through bad communication skills and decisions.

read what he said again; shipping was a cardinal sin and rightfully so, you were always despised on Yea Forums and only very recently has this shit been allowed without resistance.

That's cause a lot of worse stuff got normalized, shippers just passed under the radar compared to people who are only able to talk about politics 24/7 and actual fucking troons.

i don't really understand how they pulled all those fancy moves with controls like this

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It's all telepathy and space magic. The hairclips are the actual controls, the sticks just control the weapons.

I completely agree. Believe it or not newfags, Eva threads on Yea Forums were rather comfy.

Eva threads on Yea Forums were comfy as fuck last year. 3.0 + 1.0 is the sole reason for the death of /eva/.

It's a big reason but not the only one. Like how FGO killed my interest in Fate for literal years.

I don't think that's the main reason but part of it. 4.0 broke lots of fans. It is funny to see how several prominent fanartists and fanfic authors just abandon their works and the series after it. It's a fucking cartoon, get the fuck over it. Move on with your life.

i always thought that eva would be eternal, but alas

>hat aside, god damn, they really were going to leave Asuka like this before they came out with EoE.
No, EoE was the originally planned ending. You literally see roughly-made scenes from EoE in the preview at the end of episode 24. EoE = originally planned ending, 25/26 = complimentary made endings due to time and budget constraints.

This attitude is exactly why people don't post.

>abandoning the series because of some non-canon movies
I don't get this, I think 4.0 sucked ass but I just keep on loving eva.

>fanfic authors
Shipper cancer by another name.

Why are you all bitching about 3.0+1.0 ?

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Cause it was specifically made to be an insult. It was the equivalent of a charlie hebdo muhamed.

Nope, those previews were added for the directors cut of episodes 21' and up.

I thought the same thing before, but it's agreed that EoE was not the original planned ending

I would love to theorypost about Eva, but I've done it to exhaustion for close to a decade for NGE + EoE, and Rebuild and its characters don't interest me enough for it. Shipping posts are just about the only fun I can still have with Eva. No, I won't move on, fuck you Anno.

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>That aside, god damn, they really were going to leave Asuka like this before they came out with EoE.
everyone gets inconclusive downer narrative endings in ep 25 tbf, Rei even doesn't break away from being used by Gendo.

those are only present in the director's cut episode released years later.

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Original preview

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EoE was Anno's fuck you to Evafags.
4.0 was Anno completely losing his touch.
You should be able to tell the difference.

Kinda happened to me. I didn't even dislike the movie, I thought it was fairly decent, but it ended in a place where it just wasn't really interesting to talk about anymore. Nothing's drawing me back to it. Good job Anno I guess?

oh yeah I forgot about these, it's pretty obvious but it's an accurate preview of the next episode done it the marker style we see in the last episode

Oh wow an eva thread that isn't fucking dead 5 minutes after being created. My episode 16 project is probably about 2/3 done, so here's some comparisons with the other main releases (USBD, Sephirotic, Pwnsweet) slow.pics/c/NzTKT6QP

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As a newfag I don't quite understand why people love Evangelion so much or why do people hate the new movies.
The original anime has an unclear ending and the new, final movie seems to be out of touch.
The anime is interesting, but I think that the love for it comes more from nostalgia rather than the actual quality.

tyfys, why is episode 16 one of the lowest quality visual-wise anyways?

Since Anno is an idiot and a hypocrite, that dishonest fuck you came off as human. If I have to pick routes, I'll take the route where tsundere-chan screams, moans and refuses to stop.

>“Now, concerning some of the scenes in Episode Sixteen and the previews, the original 16mm negatives had become lost from the development laboratory in the past. Thus, the telecine process was done from a 35mm internegatlve, but through last spurt color work through color correction and digital remastering, the footage has been reproduced to approximate the original.”

They lost the original 16mm film and did a shit upscale with crushed blacks, bad colors that's also stretched horizontally. Alot of people will give me shit for doing an upscale, but this is a special case where it's needed. It's also not just a stock upscaler that I'm using, it's a custom trained model that can dehalo, remove color bleeding, dotcrawl, rainbowing, compression artifacts, do color correction etc (along with the actual upscaling, of course).

I want a kaworu boyfriend

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If you plan on sharing this when you're done, where do you go to release it?


>If you plan on sharing this when you're done
What's the point in making something like this if I'm not gonna release it? I haven't gotten that far yet, but I'm in contact with some people who have much more knowledge about that aspect than I do so I'll figure something out.

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Doesn't account for why they have to be hinged and slide on tracks, or why pilots were straining on the sticks to make Evas move. Could wank it as directing the AT field that humans don't have equivalent nerves to synch with.

Ten plus years ago I was in an adeva mirc that was really into the lore and had all these things worked out. I had no idea how much they took from supplemental material and how much they just made up, but they could always answer small details like that.

>and how much they just made up
probably like 90% minimum, the series doesn't answer questions like that because it's all about the atmosphere. stuff like 'a-10 nerve clips' is pure fanon


i love rei