Listen to full length version of an anime's OP/ED

>listen to full length version of an anime's OP/ED
>it's not as good as the TV size

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many such cases

>official OST glues soundbytes from the series ontop of the tracks

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Name three
(Dont cause I will disagree)


most OPs and EDs have horrific structure and progression so it's not very surprising

t. shit taste faggots

>repeat TV size op twice
>shitty guitar solo
>repeat TV size once again

Why is this so common, you'd think they'd want to spice it up, do no Japs ever call this out or something?

>Ask someone their favorite OP
>Song is good
>Video is generic running in field/turn to camera and smile/punch bad guys/groupshot #237,890

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Happened to me yesterday

because you're an EOP

Sansan Days from Bisque and Ready Set Go from Pupil of the Wiseman are like this. Something is off about their verse transitions.

>listen to TV size on repeat for hours

>really good OP
>the full version of the song is basically completely different

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It drives me mad that OP threads people cant agree to talk about Openings or Endings
People link full songs because they think a good OP means a song. Why would they?
Its the highest effort animation some shows have and they act like their eyes dont work.

Composers need to fill in that one minute 30 seconds somehow.

Meanwhile you have stuff like or that don't really sound like an OP or ED respectively.

It’s bizarre, an opening is the synthesis of song and animation, that’s what makes them cool.

Its a great OP
It's not part of any animes opening music video, its from a video game, but it's still an OP because it's a full song

Makes so much sense doesnt it?

Anons will literally post OPs like this and call it 10/10

Ive come to accept that some fat nerds got into anime as a kid in the 80's, they liked a toy commercial animes and feel nostalogic about these horrible mecha shows and their OP/ED and unironically post them in the threads in their 40's seeking validation and not finding any. But because they're autistic they keep doing it.

You definitely got the wrong message from my post. Love me some pre-00’s OPs.

That looks identical to me to any pre-00 OP people tend to post on Yea Forums
Looks bad
Sounds bad
Has nothing going for it unless you liked it as a kid.

I intentionally chose an OP with remarkably bad visuals but with an above average song to highlight the issue of people caring way more about songs than visuals. That was my intention anyway. If you think most retro OPs look like that then your eyes don’t work either lol.

I find modern ops have much better songs, like not old jap music that I will never listen to.
Old OPs overuse static elements + zooms and slides, the character introductions are shit. The colors tend to be bland and unappealing. They're not dynamic and finely crafted music videos.

Look at
Old op/eds have nothing going for them against something new and great. They simply progressed in their delivery.

Consider the anime cut:
VS the full thing:

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And then you get old OPs like this which completely run circles around 99% of old OPs and 90% of modern OPs.

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I think it’s fine to prefer newer openings, but I disagree your preference is an objective universal constant.
I have spent the past two years or so chipping away at every opening in order because I like openings that much, and I think pre-00’s has strengths and weaknesses compared to modern. The only objective statement I can make in 100% favor of newer openings based on my experience is:
>On average, an anime opening from after 2006 will have a song with a better mix, and character animation with higher framecount, than an anime from before 2006
Beyond that we really get into subjective territory, for example I prefer hand-painted backgrounds, underlighting for glow effects and Kanada era effects animation, as well as City Pop or 80’s/90’s J-Rock over modern J-Pop, but I can recognize that my preference isn’t really objective and someone could easily prefer the opposite.

>Static elements/Zooms and slides
Sure but no CG, ugly bloom filter or cringy particle effects
>Character introductions are shit
Same shit.
>The colors are bland and unappealing
More like organic. Your retinas have been burned by garish digipaint
>They’re not dynamic and finely crafted music videos
Verifiably false as far back as 1965, and by 1984 it’s inarguable.

spacecobra: song is dull and inoffensive. The visuals are neat only on "that must've taken effort to do back in the 80s" level, its doesnt deliver information at a good pace, its not dynamic, it doesnt do anything music video-y.

cityhunter: soundwise awful. It has the good character intros for first 2 girls that I've seen used for amvs, but it runs out of ideas and it gets worse as a result, heres more of city, more guy walking, more similar girl intros.

Mobile fighter: soundwise awful. Clearly high effort art and surprisingly the character intros seem competent. The music just is so bad from current year standpoint.

Modern OP's can do anything they want. The anime song industry got bands that aimed to make good OP songs with 90 seconds of good stuff. The directors saw what worked and what didnt and they can make actual gold by eliminating all the things that dont work from the OP.
Your estimate of song mix and animation means as a baseline old ops are inferior because not like studios have particular handicaps outside of those either.

You have a false impression of when the standard anime opening style developed and how little its evolved from the late 80’s/early 90’s. The best of the best continue to push the bar as is done in any time, but even artistic freedom is no different than say, 1997. It’s less of a linear progression and more stylistic trends that you’re identifying.
>Your estimate of song mix and animation means as a baseline old ops are inferior
Not particularly. First, notice I said “on average” this is important. Next, one may prefer picturesque compositions over dynamism in movement, both are valid and used to mark the values of East vs West, but now anime is becoming more focused on dynamism and cartoons are dying. Third, in 99% of cases a person is going to place more value in a song’s genre than its mix, so holding onto clearer audio or a better soundstage as proof of “always better” is very flimsy.

>tl;dr, fine opinion, still an opinion, watch more OPs

For me, it's static shots

Based and Dezakipilled. Static shots can be awesome:

>Modern OPs can do anything they want
Lines established years before.

>The OP is utter kino and a filter

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>Bleach OP1
the absolute taste of Yea Forums lmao

>The music just is so bad from current year standpoint.
what an absolute shit taste holy shit

>the series is called "I'm not popular"
>MC rolls with a huge crew of meangirl Stacey friends

>full version of the OP is as long as a fucking novel

>You have a false impression of when the standard anime opening style developed and how little its evolved from the late 80’s/early 90’s.
I dont think thats true at all. The average amount of decent ops in a year got hugely better over time.
Shonen OP's certainly came a long way. Naruto defined what it should be by having like 6 great ones in a row even tho the 1st one was garbage.
Bleach was like a 2nd fiddle, they copied some things from naruto, experimented with styles and found out some of them did not work.
One piece was like a black sheep that refused to have a single good OP ever.

Just look at high effort shonen ones like naruto ship 16 or
Those took lessons and iteration over time and banking on a good song to happen.

I remember music better and it goes like that for me:
>Music is good
I watch the OP
>Music is bad
I skip the OP

I don't want to listen to shitty music every episode, so i skip it after the first one. Good music is stuck with me, downloaded and being listened for years to come.
Most frequently it is music i listen to, rarely i pull up a whole OP, so it's only natural that i remember it more.

Opinion discarded.

god i loved this show's openings


The first Naruto opening was awesome and perfectly reflected the mood of the early series. You're just a zoomer who can't handle soulful 80s rock.

The rock was bad and It lies as it shows the gang doing non-canon activities, implies the team members like each other
The tone is completely off. If it reflects anything it is the filler of naruto.

>The average amount of good OPs get better over time
Correct, but not for the reason you think. 1917-1999 only accounts for 25% of all anime. There are more good OPs (and OPs in general) because one season is bigger than an entire year pre-2000.

>Shonen OPs have come a long way
Yes and no. The formula was codified in the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s, i’d say the average shonen OP is pretty similar to its forebears, with some from both eras towering above the rest. Remember you’re talking to somebody who has watched thousands of anime OPs in order, you’re not giving me new information by linking a Naruto OP.
Examples of comparable retro shonen OPs to your average shonen OP today:

Once again it’s come down to personal preference, which is totally fine I get the appeal of modern OPs.
here you go retards next time look it up lol


Out of those shadow skill seems best, nube is fine comedy op, rest are average and not at all comparable.

Due to having unfortunate songs and conventions they're less appealing overall, unless your taste is for idk shitty jap rock or something.
In addition they look like a blurry fucking mess which doesnt come down to personal preference. Unless you have some torrent thats superior to youtube upload.

The contrast and clean colors of houseki on kuni OP are lovely and it has neat song. Nothing pre-00 is gonna compete. The one weird exception is EVA op. Its -95 but stylistically decade ahead of its contemporaries. Its clean, good song, *pacing* is great.

>An OP can’t have the characters doing non canon activities
What fresh autism is this?

That’s a nice wall of opinions, chief, but I think it reflects a clear lack of experience, I don’t think you know what an average anime OP, today or in the 90’s, looks like. I think you have a bias against non-j-pop and that gets in your way when appreciating older anime OPs. As an aside, if you don’t understand the difference between native SD and a bad YouTube rip I don’t know what to tell you. Watch more anime.

Houseki no Kuni
>CGI contextless characters moping in a white void to an average J-pop track
It’s fine but very odd example. Here’s my favorite of the “floating in void” subgenre:

Its one of those OP that need high bitrate torrent because streaming sites will give you a blurry mess.
It wouldn't be as good if it was 480p.

I don’t think a better rip is going to change my mind user, I understand compression artifacting and it doesn’t impact my enjoyment. From my point of view, it’s a mid OP conceptually that you like because the song is mixed delicately to be clear rather than filtered and you have plenty of colorful particle effects to look at. I get it, it’s the same brand of autism when I get off to a good underlighting effect or when the paint texture of a background hits just right, it’s just an odd choice for “how can pre-00’s even compete?!?”-tier.

>I understand compression artifacting and it doesn’t impact my enjoyment
It doesnt?
Hnk is simply an example of what old OPs do not have, which is clean attractive visuals. Watching on tv and you dont think about how it would be nice if the source was higher fidelity. While naruto OPs do need a better source, they're too pixelated to not care.

I’m perfectly fine with an SD master, one of my favorite looking anime is early digital and can’t be anything other than SD. DVD quality is just fine for television anime, though the bluray rips beginning to drop are beautiful.
>Older anime doesn’t have clean, attractive visuals
I’m gonna ignore “attractive” because that’s 100% subjective. Clean, I can’t tell if your issue is resolution (if so stop relying on YouTube rips for an indication of quality) or aesthetics. If aesthetics, that’s more or less correct in a matter of speaking. Cel animation prefers a textured look (on average) while digital prefers clean (on average) but both can easily swap too:
“Dirty” digital:
“Clean” cel:

>OP is a pop song that is somewhat cutesy
>middle of the song has the idol singers, not even characters from the anime, babbling away in overly-cutesy voices instead of an instrumental break etc
Holy shit I don't care about these people, way to ruin a song

>When the band shows up out of nowhere

I should've specified I meant in the full version. Your link is also pretty jarring (even though it looks like an intentional joke), but what I mean is like, clearly pushing the idolshit "personalites" angle

Its filler obviously
They only need 89 secs of good stuff
Embarrassed to admit I bought the Law of Ueki OST CD and was very disappointed when it did not include the full version of Falco

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