Ragna Crimson

We finally caught and there is an anime confirmed. Why isn't Yea Forums reading the best edge series of the century?

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Anyone dumped the newest chapters yet?

We usually have a thread when the raws drop.
Someone should dump the new translated chapters, new raws come out in 2 days.



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although the anime should look nicely good unless it gets netflix'd

I just wanted to say: fuck dragons, and fuck their power of friendship powerups. Stupid lizards should learn their place.
I don't remember this, what chapter is it? I should probably re-read.

Meh. I feel we're getting a Fairy Tail-level adaptation that could never do justice to the godly action of the manga.

I don't watch anime that much now. What studios make good action scenes nowadays?

Mostly it depends on what freelancers are hired.

Look at them

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This goddam series can't end until we see a successful plan from Crimson. Nothing goes as planned for this guy

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When was even the last time anything went according to plan for Crimson. Chapter 7?

I want her slender tail to wrap around me and to caress my body with her tongue and look at me with those cute big eyes. I wanna be a dragon pey!

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Shut up, Nephilim.

I would be more surprised if he gets a plan to go as he likes with the scale of the battles and how many variable factors they seem to have.

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You know I swear it was mentioned that Kamui met the King of Claws before dragonifying.

Wait, an anime is confirmed? That is good news.

You're probably thinking of this, he met and killed one of the kinsmen of the King of Claws while still a human.

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Ah that's it. Thanks.

Well the last couple of chapters kinda confirmed the princess is actually dead, that suck because i loved her character.

It's not that edgy, and the art can be rough at times. Also I don't really like the characters outside of Ragna and Crimson, princess too but not that much. The silver corp are a little under developed but it's fine since their deaths aren't dwelt over too much.

Overall an 8/10

The translations make it much more clear that he didn't die and just transformed back into being cat's tail.

Death is cheap until we see her soul say good bye. Ragna's heart literally stopped beating when he first fought the Wing Clan and Crimson brought him back just fine (and I know people don't understand this medically thanks to media but a flatline on a scan and your actual heart being dead are vastly different)

If the height difference is canonical he's kind of a manlet

also he put his head back on right this chapter
captcha :KHKHK

Remember when people thought they were axing the manga. Good times.

wait, who the fuck was this guy though

I mean there are so many ways she could come back in this series where getting your head chopped off is merely a flesh wound. The question is in what form will she come back. Time restoration? Full blown revival? Reincarnation? Time reversal? Combined her soul with Ragnas sword so now they are one? So many options, it feels like huge waste if she is just left dead.

One of the old dragons of the Wing Clan.

I remember 2 weeks ago, yes

>where getting your head chopped off is merely a flesh wound
The way Ragna just stuck his head back after Kamui chopped it off was funny. How do you even kill him at this point?

I don't quite get the difference between the different kings, i.e. Winged Kind (Artemisia), King of Claws (this charming girl). And Crimson is the previous Winged King?

King of X is the leader of the bloodline of X(Wings, Claws, etc). There are altogether 6 bloodlines.
Crimson used to be the king of wings, yes.

>bad guys get emotion/desperation powerups like MCs
This makes some real bullshit fights and I approve.
Inb4 Artemisia’s desperation powerup reverses time back to the start of the series.

Probably the number 2 before he and Crimson left.


moreover, it hasn't really been described what it means to "leave" in the context of dragon kingship

Cute ship

So anyone did it?

No obviously not

Next chapter in 4 days right?

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>Inb4 Artemisia’s desperation powerup reverses time back to the start of the series.
She'll probably attempt to do so but will get killed by someone, maybe glasses or the assassin lady if not Crimson since he was on her ass before getting cockblocked.
Though it would be wild if it's a bloodline member from the claw family under the dragon god's orders

Only 2 days, I believe.

unironically kino

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If the princess survives I think it will be crimson who saves her but not for free, crimson either will do to her what offered to do with Leo to keep Ragna under control, or experiment on her to try to create a being similar to Ragna, half dragon with silver aura powers.

I don't get what happened to Kamui in the last chapter.
He got flashback and suddenly new powerup?

Ragna is le strong so he evolved fighting him


He did the same thing Ragna did, he became one with the blade.

Kamui has always been strong but in order to reach new heights he needed someone closer to his level to overcome. Ragna is that hurdle.

Kamui is the actual protagonist of the story

He fused with the sword the king of claw gave him. It's apparently a power-up that he didn't want to admit he needed earlier.

Reminds me of Rin. Since Melt/Sakura is dead, I guess we'll get Seibah after this next arc.

I was feeling the story was about to reach a finish line when Artemisia was about to get killed but somehow it just keeps going. Half of cast are already got massacred so I don't really know what will be next afterwards.

New characters wherever the next clan is located?

Is source material a Novel?


Considering that in the original timeline the Corp likely got completely wiped in the first battle and Ragna's memories not being triggered none of them are his companions who were able to travel with him for a while before dying. Chances are there's more characters waiting to be introduced. There's a good chance they were fairly strong considering the two sword kid managed to fuck up number 7 pretty well other humans and sun cultists being able to hang with mid ranking dragons doesn't seem far off.

>Half of cast are already got massacred so I don't really know what will be next afterwards.
I also did wish for the Silver corps to survive but it seems their business was only tied to the wings clan, and it kinda makes sense narrative-wise I guess. So I suppose we will get new characters for each new clan, though we already seem to have established characters like Fuu's sister and Leo who will more likely than not will come back later. And both glasses and assassin if they survive.
The sun cult will probably help for the lead-up for the next arc; claws clan saga.

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>Hero so strong that the villains are the ones getting asspulls flashback power ups
Fucking based