Shingeki no Kyojin

>JM baby
Will the sequel be a siccess? Can this Boruto formula work?

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I'll punch eren around me as many times as I want. Now and forever.

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>for some hours, we were free
BAnon, I....

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>Boruto formula
Selling 1/10 of what the original work sold? And this is considering half of the readers read it for the old cast.

Forgot to add: kill yourself, BAfat.

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Wasn't the manga already at that point with the Marley arc?

I love Mikasa!

We were almost free

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>military guy gets flesh sloughed off from wall titan steam
>AoE chances slimmer with each episode
mfw we will have to watch something similar happen to her

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she needs to pay for subverting jean

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EH deserve to be confirmed with the child named Ymir Yeager, AA deserve a happy ending, JM deserve a good disclosure

Also FUCK OFF cuck BAfat

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Mimikasa, so stinky.

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Sucks that the anime didn't convey the dynamics of this conversation. Hange slowly getting flustered because Jean keeps rebutting her arguments would have really helped convey to the audience the futility in the alliance's efforts

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>retarded aajmcuck spammer op cant even into title
Kill yourself retard. Jm is noncanon btw, but you already knew that

What even the plot is going to be? Just the kids trying to do some wacky mission against the remnant of Marleyan military? Fighting against the Yeagarist? Bring back the titans to the plot? Aliens??


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I think you just lack reading comprehension, Jeankek.

You mean doing nothing while complaining all the time kek
Basically what Jean always does, he's such a fucking faggot
Also imagine pretending to be a Hangefag

>guys help meee Ani Lainel

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Shit thread. Why mods not delete this bait?

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I bet mikasa’s feet are big stinky and ugly, historia’s on the other hand are immaculate

Wasn't secret off-panel JM romance enough for you, eh sister.

Green eyes on the baby soon

Don't ever doubt it for a second

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>that other thread having just 2 posters
You are just mad you didn't get le screaming Hange face and I'm glad for it, Erwincuck

>not recognising the AA poster

I rather stay in the BAschizo thread over that faggot pretending to like LH

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But i unironical like LH. BAschizo liking ass all fags in threads >please rice by shittyship

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Not at all. Iirc, the last volumes of SnK and Naruto both sold around 1.1-1.2 million copies, while Boruto sales dropped to 150.000-100.000 copies per volume.

Not that user but well...they were also the ones bullying Dykemir so I can't say I like them. I only ever cared about YH, so even if Isayama cucked my ship the least I can do is not support those troglodites who will never accept EH lost.

Atleast you laugh with this BA shitposter

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Is Boruto even selling well?

AA art
>Based nips mostly
>based on canon interactions
>Annie is cute
>not OOC shit

BA "art"
>Mostly untalented spic art
>Self-insert for desperate Bortfats and based on shitty spinoffs
>can't even get Annie's nose right
>Constantly forgets Annie doesn't gvie a shit about Bort's existence

Also kys retard BAspic

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I’ll never get over the BA/AA rivalry on /snk/, I’ve rarely seen comparable autism on any board, it’s always been the same posters right? Man I know for certain threads will last for 10 years at least with these two

It's implied Bert impregnated Annie

This, everyone knows Shingeki no Kyojin is REALLY all about sus pregnancies with mysterious fathers and cucks like Armin and Farmer who raise the babies anyway

What will your cope be when they're blue/brown?

The editor's selfinsert humiliating characters people like like Hange and Lainah will always be cringe
Hange needed to be nerfed
People liked Lainah as Eren's rival

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>BAschizo samefagging
>retard making bait thread with ugly art by retarded spic BAwhale

Go dilate with an eggplant

Die in agony retarded troll batrash poster

Keep seething cuck

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Cuckholt dies so funny. I'm glad that his head cracked like a fuckn watermelon and your retarded shit never happened. Seethe BAcel.

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GODHOLT's kid lives through Annie

>EH lost

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>fanfic by schizo
Fuck off seething BAcuck

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Yes YH was indeed painfully one-sided

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This just confirms Eren rejected Historia

YH was Retconned because hackayama got butthurt
So YH is good

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How is gothkasa so cool?

>Mikasa literally said Ymir's life was a nightmare
>EHtards still try to pretend canon was justifying rape

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mikasa raping eren is justifiable

Would have set him straight and make him reevaluate his 3/10 wits plan so I don’t see why someone wouldn’t want it

Tho eren would quickly submit so it wouldn’t be rape

>Eren dreams about zombies eating Historia while he flexes in front of Mikasa and Armin
Oh nononono

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If armin and mikasa understood eren’s desire for apocalypse and school shooting he would be the happiest man although it wouln’t be any healthiest

More Yorkasa

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I'm starting to believe it

My loves

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Unique. Controversial. Kino.


Tropes. Boring. Unkino.

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Mikasa is so pretty

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