Dragon Ball Super

Goten will never be as important as Gohan.

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>Janny got mad that Goten fucked his waifus

Why are these threads getting nuked out of nowhere?

You can delete the thread but it doesn't change what happened.

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What could've been...

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>6 years later and gotentards are still mad at Black Goku

Goten will never make a thread to seethe about Gohan.

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The idea was too good for Super to pull off.

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Goten and kid Trunks were a fucking mistake,their only purpose is to serve as self insert for autistic children and lewd material for the pedos in the fandom,all their appearences in the manga/anime are irrelevant,obnoxious and annoying,no wonder they came from the worst arc in Z.They suck and the series would be better without them.


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I don't care how much you seethe, Goten fucking Kale would be hot.

Trunks was good and necessary for the cell arc. Goten? Pointless.

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kek, based.

Why did the thread get deleted?

wanted this so bad.

That's why i said KID Trunks in my post,future Trunks is based and should've been the only version of the character.

But you can't have future trunks without kid trunks. I mean yeah you can write around it but it would be weird.

Speaking of the kids, have you fags ever come up with a canon explanation for why none of them aged whatsoever for years after Z?

Trunks was necessary to give Bulma a good dicking.

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18? Belongs to Goten

Bulma? Belongs to Goten

Videl? Belongs to Goten

Bra? Belongs to Goten

Caulifla? Belongs to Goten

Kale? Belongs to Goten

Imagine Dragon Ball as a seinen manga

They were jealous of CashCHAD.

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Because Kale wanted that Goten /ss/ for a little while longer.

All that was need to be done was having Goku/Bejita to fuck Chichi/Bulma a bit more late in the history,with that Goten/Trunks would still be babies in Super and we wouldn't waste any episode time with them acting like autistic underages.

It was getting there.

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>and lewd material for the pedos
And the animators for some reason

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>Goku fucked these two
SHITgetabros... do we like to watch?

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En jen jen ren

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>Goku forcing his son and his friend to suck his while also laughing at them drowning in the process

*his balls

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Why are her lips like that?

>Western OPUS

Post Goten’s wives.

Kale, Caulifla, Valese, and Marron.

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how long have you been posting on /dbs/?

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Jesus, they had perfect designs in EoZ and they ruined it there.

shit designs

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Based. I wish they had that for BT3, I've got his EoZ gi and some outfits from GT, but not that one sadly.

Since the end of the ToP.

The duality of a man.

God i wish I was goku

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>self insert for autistic children
Dragon Ball fans self-inserted way more as Gohan than Goten and Trunks.

I liked Goten a lot as a kid but didn't really self-insert as him. Gohan and Goku did remind me of my brother and dad though.

>Chi Chi isn't in there with them


this webm needs to be recreated with pan and bulla. gokubro btw

You will take your fujo pandering and you will like it

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I was talking about the zoomer children who grew up with the buu arc in dbzkai last chapters and super.


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>Canonically lost to Krillin AND Android 18
Goku stinks.

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>tfw people see this scene and unironically still call dbz a pure,innocent and mainly anime.

goku is 2-2 vs krillin

I will now buy your game.

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>dragon ball isnt moe even though the cute child characters are always the best

I feel the same way. I liked Goten and Trunks a lot because I was the same age as them when the Buu Arc first aired in the English speaking world.
I didn't even know kids watched Dragon Ball nowadays.

>Can pick a shitton of outfits
>None of the characters that actually wore them can equip them
This game is such a missed opportunity

>I didn't even know kids watched Dragon Ball nowadays.
They probably do in Japan

Was Piccolo ever able to wear this outfit in the game?

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Are we ever getting another anime series?

Kids here in brazil watch even the OG dragon ball,watching dragon ball in latino america it's obligatory.

Nah. Adding that to the BT3 pack, though

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