ITT: Canonically HUNG characters

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Crim from interspecies reviewer canonically has both a huge dick and a tight pwussy

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like a donut?

I wonder if the other angel is packing as well6

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Ippo "Big Mara' Makanouchi.

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So that's why Ruka's heart goes 92BPM around him

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I don’t know who that is.

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tf? she is a grill...

She is futa

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top 4 biggest dicks in his series, biggest balls

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golden kamuy's author is gay right?

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How does this fit into pants lmao

He has a wife and kids
Then again so did Elton John

He is not hung at all. First time she saw it it was smol.

maybe he's a grower, not a shower?

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He's simply an appreciator of the male body is all.

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Source for this? Saucenao gives nothing


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suddenly ttwq

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That one dad from kiss x sis.

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How will be Hana able to survive such a magnum rod?

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is this legitimate? lmao

Assuming he's a grower. Someone post the analysis

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Why is it that girls have the biggest dicks?

Here's some related material that can answer your question.

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After reading it (it was pretty funny, actually) I can say that I undersrand how will Hana survive Sakurai shooting a gallon of semen into her but it was a bit ambiguos about how would he fit.

Anyway thatnks for the material, I finally found out the secret of the Uzaki family. Guy really seems to be focused on one specific pairing only...

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Chapter 64. See it for yourself.

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remember when this series was cute ecchi hijinks instead of an uncensored penis parade?

Forget oyakodon, he's gunning for the entire family

trully the darkest of times

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>but also vanilla

You make it sound like uncensored dongs are a bad thing.


It can be both

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