Daily Time Paradox Ghostwriter Thread

Chapter 3: Two of a Kind

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Suddenly pantyshot

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>The girl is cute and sexy
>The premise is interesting
>The drawings are good
Why did this fail so hard again?

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That is all for today

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>The girl is cute and sexy
>The premise is interesting
>The drawings are good
Sadly Cross Account had all those things too and yet they weren't enough to save them.

Elevens sperging about plagiarism

This is kinda sad considering how the mangaka of this manga also seems to have trouble finding developing a unique artstyle. For how technically good he is the character designs and artstyle are completely generic.

>the character designs and artstyle are completely generic.

I remember how asshurt japan was

I wonder how many Jump manga MB had even read before this one

Complete anal devastation from 2ch and online trolls.
It was so bad they were spamming hundreds of threads about it.
wsj cucked out and ended the series.

This was supposed to be the next big thing and get an anime, where did everything go so wrong?

Shut up Mother's Basement

Can I get a rundown?

The premise is straight up retarded. How are we supposed to root for some mid artist who willingly plagiarizes someone's work and doubles down once he meets the artist he's stealing from? And how are we supposed to believe that this girl thinks the MC just happened to think of the same idea when the title, characters, and plot are EXACTLY the same and her rough draft?

The manga was condoning plagiarism

it's poorly written. you can cut the plagiarism shit out and it's still not good.

MC steals a manga
The original author confronts him
She then thanks him for stealing her manga

>The girl is cute and sexy
if the story is shit then that doesn't matter.
>The premise is interesting
execution is more important
>The drawings are good
stylist/style that stand out >>>>skill
man you people never learned.

>reddit tourists still mad about this shit
fucking kek

shamefur dispray...

it glorified plagiarism.
well, plagiarism shit aside, TPGW isn't well written. it will get axed anyway. the writer didn't know what he was doing. the story was all over the place. the pacing was really bad even before the axe notice. every chapter followed the similar pattern. they never tried to utilize the artist skills at all. something actually started happening after the axe notice because they needed to speedrun to the ending. 0 consequences whatsoever (unless you want to count mc got cucked as one).
people who thought it's gonna be the next big thing were newfags. it's just another boring shit. an interesting premise means jackshit if the writer is a retard.

Was there any hope of fixing it?

Literal, actual 0 IQ readers mistook the main conflict of the story for "glorifying plagiarism" and worked themselves into a frenzy over nothing. You'll notice that most of the people you see shitting on this story are ESLs if you hang around in these threads for a bit.

Japan hated it though.

0 IQ readers exist in Japan, too.

I would've been on board with this if the original author became an antagonist determined to either expose him somehow or get him axed from the magazine.

surviving the axe is difficult and it's even more difficult if you don't know what you're doing. most of the time trying to fix the story after knowing the early rank just makes it worse.
i don't know. maybe they need to rewrite the entire thing. also, find a new writer. it's like he's trying to bite more than he could chew. maybe he wanted to do something more mysterious and being a mangaka just subplot. if that's the case I find Rin did a better job at that. writer can learn a thing or two from it.

stay mad reddit-kun. TPGW is a poorly written mess.

I literally cant see how this was a series idea.
It screams shitty oneshot

nips were okay with this idea. if he went that route, it would have had more chance of surviving.

What was the main conflict then? It does come off as glorification when you initially show the MC being against plagiarism then have a sappy splash page of all the people he's making happy with White Knight, inspiring him to do a 180.

>What was the main conflict then
That's the problem, there was none for a while
It was just chapter after chapter of everyone wanking off to White Knight as if it was the dad from Earthchild

>worked themselves into a frenzy over nothing
Yeah, because nothing is what TPGW amounted to.
I still get laughs from how hard the hack author sucked his own dick in the epilogue chapter.

I thought it wrapped its story up pretty decently in the few chapters it had, honestly.

I think it would have been a better ending if the writer didn't asspull MC back to life.

You know what the most unrealistic thing in the story, even more so than the time travel? The fact that White Knight instantly became a hit, like right from the one-shot and no one has any criticism about it. That not how it work, even the biggest hits take time to get into the groove. How can you write a manga about manga writing while having no idea about the subject matter

>That not how it work
nardo literally exploded from chapter 1

Yeah. I'm sure as hell 4ch, 5ch and futaba gonna find a way to shit on it.


No it not. Nardo got big after the Land of Wave and the editor had to filled out some of Kishi autism to make the story coherence