Nagi no Abyss

Fuck sensei, Nagi is the true goddess of salvation.

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I love Nagi so much, her sexiness is so tantalizing.


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she has no personality. she's a soulless husk who should fuck off and die already

Truly our savior

Fuck off Yuri

t. shitseicuck

used good

That only makes her better

What happened to Nagi's idol group anyway?

I live for Nagi

Nagi is my kind of woman

This artist draws nice bodies but can't write for shit.

At least she gave us Nagi

Nagi is the greatest idol ever

Speaks volume how bad is the state of YJ when Ryo is one of its more competent mangaka.

Are the manga sales still bad?

do you think she fucks the producers?

Probably. It's worth nothing that she never married Esemori despite being married to him.

Just mediocre, won't get axed anytime some but won't be its bestseller either

Compared to the rest?

It's in middling tier, below 100 GF

The only one with a decent synergy with Reiji, too much to Slimko, Sensei and Maricón's chagrins.

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What YJ manga are selling worse?

The axebaits duh, Ottoman etc 2x

Never heard of them

Nagi HS spin-off when?

That's why you never heard of them

Golden kamuy, Real, Kaguya, Oshi no ko, Kowloon, Kingdom all shit on Shonen abysss

Kingdom is already ending

no, but you probably mean GK


Slimko return when?

>Kaguya & OnK
Kek really? Stop sucking Aka's cock
Acceptable, this with Abyss are the best series running in the mags.
>Real, Golden Kamuy
Yeah these ones are good, but one might fall on the ending while the other is basically on a HxH level hiatus
Distilled ROTK flavor, nothing original, basically shonenshit for seinen

holy cope

>muh cope
At least give arguments drool

My argument is that abyss is dreck and poorly written telenovela schlock and has nothing on any of these best sellers.

How tf it's poorly written when it's supposed to satirized harem romcoms. It does its job perfectly

>people mad that others are bringing up the objective truth that BA is a poorly-written soap

How is it a satire?

Yuri being a shit character is not satire

He's ran out of words so he's making up shit to oversell this shit

>this is your brain on coonsooming romcoms and shonenshit
Imagine a passive MC with almost zero redeemable qualities getting flocked by an idol, his childhood friends, his mom, his teacher, while chasing an almost tulpa-like creature (his idol).

Oh it's a crossboarding faggot on top of that kek

I hope they sell the license to some mexican company, they are the only ones who can do this characters justice.
The monkey's paw is that the young mexican actors aren't hot enough to play Nagi and Slimko, but Yuko and Sensei will be godly.

>muh crossboard
Main board is Yea Forums, what board did I crossboard kek

Pretty sure you often frequent /r9k/ like every other fan of this sob drama

That doesn't sound like satire

No other than Yea Forums I go to Yea Forums kek

What would be a romcom satire then?

I always thought
Was some Yea Forums, /pol/, Yea Forums shitpost. I see it also in /fit/ but it's actually funny there.

Not this one, that's for sure.

It's basically the Wuthering Heights of romcom manga

Elaborate your point.

That's like satire in the highest order

WH is often to be thought to be a romance novel when it is supposed to be satirize everything about this. This manga is the same, you're supposed to laugh at the outlandish characters as they're basically making mockery of romcom harems, suicides, Nip customs, etc.

I don't even think this is supposed to be a romcom

No but it supposed to make fun of harem MC. That's why it belongs to the romcom council

No it does not


Those don't make it a romcom.

Is Slimko shaved?

A manga doesn't need to be in that genre to make a satire of it. Similarly, Fire Punch satirize battle shonen despite only being a battle shonen like 1/3 of its run

>Similarly, Fire Punch satirize battle shonen despite only being a battle shonen like 1/3 of its run
Probably the stupidest shit I've seen all day

That doesn't sound like satire at all.

She should just draw Nagi peeing

>man discovers that women lie about their age