Ousama Ranking

The character designs in this series are pretty peak. Even randoms look unforgettable.

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One week for never to be translated raws. Place your bets who will die?
1. The clown
2. The god
3. They will interrupt a possible fight (reasons)

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The raws will be translated.
Either Zaki is going to die or the fight will be interrupted. I don't like the clown, but I don't think he can be killed off right now.

I wouldn't go that far, but for some reason pre-immortality Ouken looks like the most classically handsome motherfucker I've ever seen in an anime.

Wanna see Daiba impregnate Miranjo

With or without the beard?
Also, he comes back in the manga.

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Post-immortality Ouken is the most handsome. He changed my whole opinion on mustaches.

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The clown brigade may have survived their first encounter with Ouken, but he'll be back after he saves Desha to kill everyone.

The designs are great and their personalities are also top-tier. It's just a fantastic cast of characters.

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Same. I used to just like full beards but Ouken has me thinking mustaches are really nice now.

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I am kind of surprised that nobody did such a knight design before. He looks like the classic sophisticated motherfucker you sometimes see in live action, but as knight and in 2D.

>One week
Closer to two weeks. 4/30.

It helps that the fashion got an upgrade too. The silver armor makes him look way more badass. Helps that the capes are as black as the hair which looks pretty good even in the manga.

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I can't see the clown dying for some reason.

I hope Ouken sticks with the electrocuted cape and bases for a long time. I love how bold his current design is in the manga with Toka's use of solid black.

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Because we don't know his secrets yet.

He is too central to the plot and he is clearly hiding some powers levels. He almost fought Ouken but then decided otherwise and the way the chapter ends makes it clear he is the type of harmless looking guy you better not fuck with.
I think if he shouldn't have a strong magical attack he is at least capable of deflecting magic or summoning golems to protect him or some shit.

bugs can hold weapons in this world

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Also, spiders have tongues.

>He almost fought Ouken but then decided otherwise
The fight stopped before it began because the Ranking Association people called through the door and told him to stand down and let Ouken through.
Theoretically, they might have sensed that Ouken was going to obliterate their clown then break through their door high on bloodthirsty adrenaline.

These almost cinematic panels from the Ouken chapters were so different from most of the other scenes in this series that I can only assume the mangaka is legit trying to shill this guy as the super cool badass knight he is supposed to be and has a suspiciously lot of fun doing it.

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I agree, kinda windwaker-esque in that regard.

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Toka's art is just getting better and better, so the latest chapters are the best looking. There's lots of good stuff in the middle too, but chapters from Volume 13 onward have a much grander sense of scale and level of detail.

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Imagine that happened and the whole fucking series would just end prematurely because some aggressive side character had used the glitch to finish the game in chapter 2 out of 10 by killing the plot devices.

>tfw Ouken kills quest-giving NPCs and makes it impossible for Bojji to advance the main plot

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Sounds like some kind of .hack series endboss.

I love his style so much.

Despa getting drunk after realising he was always just the supporter character of someone else while his brothers have the main roles.

he's still one of the favorites, I think

What is this? Some sort of artbook in which every big name animator of WIT is drawing a picture? Did they do this for series like snk and Vivy too?

staff memorial book
Very likely to have staff pictures and end series notes

It's a fanbook.
I don't know if Wit did it for any of their other series, but books like this with staff commentary and art are pretty common for anime and vidya.

Bet they post themselves eating all those sweets fans have sent.

Wonder what they are going to comment on.

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It was great how happy he was to see Ouken again.

W-when I said staff pictures I meant drawings!

Meanwhile, Despa's reaction was so mild. Despa is too good at keeping his cool unless he's thinking about himself.

Seemed like he was way more excited to see Desha’s reaction, maybe he puts aside how he feels for their sake

Despa and Desha have that bit of silly antagonism toward each other, so I'm sure Despa would be smug if he could be the cool older brother while Desha gets all emotional.

He seems to be closer to Desha than to Ouken imo albeit in a more complex adult way, like long-time allies that sometimes hate each other. It's kind of what they actually are I think. Meanwhile Ouken is treated a bit like a kid by them and Desha seems to be more attached to him or maybe he simply needs him more than Despa does as the moody lonely guy he is.

Yeah, compare his calm reaction when Ouken is saved to how overcome he was when he saw and spoke to him right before Ouken stabbed him. He had time to prepare himself and control his emotions since he knew Ouken was about to be saved but not the other time.

I dunno, it didn't seem like an 'I have to be right' kind of behavior. He already melted down imagining contacting Desha about the stolen wish. Actually rather seems like he cares a lot about Desha, straight bending backwards

>He already melted down imagining contacting Desha about the stolen wish.
Despa was freaking out because he was expecting Desha to get super fucking pissed at him for failing. He expects to be "punished"; he's worried about his own hide, not Desha's distress.

So his entire motivation is not being punished by Desha? That doesn't seem quite right

>kills your god

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Not him but he seems really excited to tell Desha that Ouken is back to normal and to see Desha's reaction. On the same token, it'd make sense to me that he doesn't want to tell him that he failed to make the wish that would have saved Ouken. Something that they both desperately want for who knows how long. He was probably scared of making him mad but also of delivering such crushing news as well.

I didn't say that. Expecting punishment is just the reason why Despa freaks out when he has to tell Desha that he fucked up.

Makes sense.

I don't think it's that, it's rather guilt and the unwillingness to tell a close person some terrible news.
Desha is way too good to punish people for such reasons and if he wasn't good he would still be too moody or lazy to do such an useless act. Notice how he didn't even consider faulting his guards for anything when Ouken could flee while they were trying to apologize. He is the king so getting angry for a moment at least wouldn't have been untypical even considering it was really not their fault because magic.

Seriously, go read the chapter of the manga. There was a part of it cut from the anime, where Despa freaks out and starts yelling at Bojji, "This is your fault, what are you going to do if your teacher gets punished?!" before he realizes that everyone is looking at him like he's a lunatic and he calms down. Despa and the Captain both expect Desha to be really upset and just because we've never seen him lose his temper in the present day doesn't mean he wouldn't under the right circumstances.

i want to read the next chapter already

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Well that's interesting. Another odd part to cut for the anime imo.
>tfw they would have gotten roasted if the Judge wasn't there

I think it was cut because it's a gag that really kills the mood of the scene (which is taking place at the end of the anime and especially needs to be coherent). In the same setting, a part where Daida slaps Miranjo repeatedly was also cut, probably not just because it's unflattering for a figure like Daida to hit a woman, but because it really conflicts with the overall mood of the scene.

Pic related.

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look at Bebin facepalming

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I bet the ranking committee was pretty irritated with Desha. With him planted firmly at 2nd place, they wouldn't be able to give 1st to anyone else. I bet they've been pestering him for who knows how long to accept 1st place.

Desha and the clown certainly seem fed up with each other before Desha finally agrees to accept first place. Who knows how many times the clown has shown up and been sent away like an unwanted salesman hawking magazine subscriptions.

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Posting the second half of Chapter 165.

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Awww he’s teaching him to say “thank u”

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End of Chapter 165.

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