Yesterday i asked you fags to list your favorite anime and promised that i would compile the mentions to see what Yea...

Yesterday i asked you fags to list your favorite anime and promised that i would compile the mentions to see what Yea Forums's favorite anime was, well the thread was up for 7 hours, these are the results

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Some great picks, some shitty picks.

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>worst anime on the list is LOGH
Yea Forums has surprisingly good taste sometimes.

>NGE on top

As it should be. That being said that collection is pretty decent. The only garbage that stands out is Monster.

>Noir, .Hack, Kannazuki no Miko
Someone trolled your list

All good except zoomer trash like Steins Gate

That's not a great sample size...

If the GITS isn't Stand Alone Complex specifically there's nothing good on that list

>No Madoka
Why does Yea Forums hate it?

It sucks

Based, but where's Code Geass? You should've made more than one thread retard as it is clearly not enough.

I think it's just unpopular. No one hates it.

Yea Forums loved madoka back when it was airing. but then it became a milked franchise.

Fuck off retard CG is a classic
>show for coombrain retards
You mean your favorite moeshit?

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No, you go back.

Meduka was never good.

Go back nigger we don't want you here

>8 mentions
Is Yea Forums unironically populated by trannies? Were /qa/fags right?

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Rebellion killed it.

It started the dark and edgy magical girl phase

>Is Yea Forums unironically populated by trannies?
Yes, that's why Steins;Gate is on the list.

FLCL is one of the worst goddamn shows i’ve ever been tricked into watching. Put Boogiepop on there instead

It did not, my gen z friend.

Lain is just a autistic lesbian that wanted to bang Arisu, Steins Gate has a legit tranny in it

Huntard kun...

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>No Hidamari Sketch
I always knew Yea Forums had shit taste but this just confirms it.

>phoneposter telling others to go back
You will never belong here.

You got filtered newfag

I'm posting this from my pc. Are you retarded?

fr? no cap? bet?

What a garbage sample size. Lum would be at the top of the list if you actually put some effort into it.

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Yeah, the results would've been a lot different had the future funk zoomers been awake at the time.

>Lum would be at the top of the list if you actually put some effort into it.

Based lumposter

Link to the thread?

Lain would have won

>No anime older than 2011
Anime really did die after that didn't it?

Cowboy Bebop was 98, not 88.

None of the popular shows that flood our board made it? What did Yea Forums mean by this?

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People who are here for their seasonal flash in the pan shit don't seem to leave the confines of their general threads thankfully.

The first ~5 or so lists in that thread were surprisingly great.
Smart choice to start it at 2am when Americans were asleep.
The lists went to shit near the end when they started to wake up; was interesting to see.

Link to thread?

>No Joe.

Who's Joe?

Angry joe

make another thread, kike

>Kannazuki no Miko
Only anime on there I have no fucking clue about.
Seeing all those B** Train picks was a pleasant surprise so if you group it with those I'll look into it.
Sample size was too low, OP should wait a week or so then make the same thread in a different time zone and combine results.

Wait a week and do it again during the same timezone

Everyone became too wary to say anything recent is their favourite or highly rated. Older series we feel there's enough consensus on to agree with being good, but if it's in the last decade there's too many people who'll have hated it since it aired and will never shut up on that.




Timezones when americans were asleep lead to good taste

It wasn't the first dark edgy MG show, but it made it trendy

The sample size wasn't big enough as it was only one thread, that iirc, barely made 100 posts (around 94-ish). You have to make more threads

>Kannazuki no Miko
I'm one of those 5 based people

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Found the pleb

Amazing show, wish it was a lot longer though

Why does that bother you?

Evangelion is my favorite but the hipster in me doesn't like seeing it at #1.


What is trash like Steins Gate doing on this list?