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Why does he look like someone who fucks his own sisters?

Mr. Bararagi san

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Excuse me, did you say something?

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Yea, i said something alright.

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Ano... Kikirara-san?

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>I would do anything for this girl
>I mean, aside from fucking her, obviously. lmao

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My cute wife bee

Alright, you asked for it!

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he creeps me out enough to stay away from anything monogatari

how does a vampire like him walk in a light?

>shakes her head and he responds by rubbing his hands together

He can walk in the light fine, he just loses his powers when he does.

>manlet twink pedo that gets many women to fall for him by being a simp
The most japanese mc in existence

Oh yea, lets see how much you like it!

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This is your "Chad" Harem MC.

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He's very...naughty.

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>Confident enough to wear girl clothes

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Half the point of the show is that he has self esteem issues and a severe lack of confidence, though. He literally convinces himself he's not worthy of Cat, despite her openly worshiping him at almost every chance

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Jesus christ i'm a lolicon but even i want to fuck the cat like you wouldn't believe

Just what the fuck is this show.

Not for you, move on to another thread.

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You can just say pedo you know

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Sorry i don't browse Yea Forums that often, i thought people here would use a term that sounds more weeb

Come on, Krabby, a rough walk to home never killed anybody.

Was he?

Was she gentle with Hanekawa?

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My wife is so radiant and beautiful. I lover her in all her elegance!

What happens when you put pussy on a pedestal

> Dissolve the difference between fiction and reality by calling yourself a pedo so that I can be right about you normalizing pedophilia via my suggestions that normalize pedophilia

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Wasn't he still a virgin in owari?

Still chad because this is him gearing up for the final boss

No wonder they call Monogatari fans pedophiles.

There are plenty of girls of all ages to chose from and enjoy user

Post the screencap

Why are women so cryptic.

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Yes honey

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This will never not be funny
That's the kind of underwear she wears? Hot

He’s so…cool!

Where do I find a girl like Senjougahara?

The backstreets of Tokyo.

Pure sex.

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Best tomboy

Craigslist personals.

I'm not even gay, but...

Do i remember i wrong or does tsukihi sleep on a bed on top of the same spiral stairs? Is it also shaped in a half circle?

4'9'' btw

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RRG being teased by adult Snail is very erotic.

more like rrrrrrrgi am I right?

holy shit how many years I wasted in this fucking place

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how big is he down there?

God I wish I had vampire genes


*off the ground.

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