Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Chapter 248: Lurking Archer

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where eggs

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What was her nickname again?

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Ah thanks for dumping, don't have great wifi right now.

Undead Archer/Arrow of Despair IIRC.

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Fuck that's cool.
For how on point the comedy is in Iruma, it's always surprising when the action turns this wicked sick.

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>My arrows never miss
>Misses Robin
What the hell was he aiming at then? The poor, random tree that was minding its own business? Iruma you goddamn psycho.

Is Iruma riding on a giant icicle?
As expected of the support of his true lover

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I'm dekinai but I think the poster goes on sale to commemorate volume release
And here's the word from our sponsors

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Next teaser, teachers are pissed that the auto loss condition wasn't met.

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There's a difference between missing because you fucked up and your target dodging your shot.

I find it interesting that arrows are weapons of despair, yet Iruma uses them as symbols of hope.

Iruma aimed for the tree, Robin didn't dodge. He destroyed his footing so that Robin couldn't have that position anymore.

They don't look pissed. They look excited that they can go all out.

Huh, thanks.

The blurb makes it sound like they're mad.

What is Ix even doing to contribute?

If she's standing behind two people and has her pheromones active on the teachers, they'll be less inclined to attack in that general direction. In the heat of the moment they won't realize they're being affected and won't notice that they've been subconsciously avoiding attacking those two. It's not a coincidence that she's standing behind the two first years that are attacking so that the misfits and get all the aggro since they're more skilled.

Amelie is climaxing right now

I fucking love this god damn manga.

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God, he's so cool

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i guess they are all demons, but isnt it a bit worrying that he got the same fetish as Kirio?

I'm a genius!
Oh no!

>Robin so committed to fucking up the Misfits' day that he doesn't dodge a massive arrow going his way and doubles down on shooting

That's so fucking cool, I never would've expected that from Robin

absolute gigabitches, god I love that they are truly demons and not just frilly whimsical faggots with powers.

The difference in psychology between humans and demons always has me appreciating the wacky characters because they're eccentric by nature.

So was the chill instinctual or was it breeze from chima's ability?

He senses that Iruma is about to shoot.

Definitely instinctual. Remember that Iruma is constantly using Sullivan's mana, which might have something to do with Iruma's mana having killing intent.

Only recently started reading this and holy shit i didn't think i'd like this MC this much
though i want Chadruma to have his own manga, that whole mini-arc was the most entertaining one so far

At Iruma's current level of development, Chadruma feels more redundant in most cases, beyond Iruma having to look devilishly cool and hot.

Still, Iruma's at his finest when he breaks the conditioning

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Boy he sure is happy when he gets to kill people

Yeah Iruma is now at a point where Chadruma isn't as alien of a personality as it was before and the two have mostly started converging into one.
If Irumean was anything to go by at least.

I can't believe Sullivan is fucking dead

chadruma is just Iruma with the limiter off so in a way you got what you wanted

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Sealed off not dead, give him another pop up of a misfit class

Sullivan is now free to watch is grandson live rather then larping in a tube for 36 minutes

I want to fuck Bachiko and wake up next to her smirking at me like that.

im glad this arc is over. it felt weirdly like it was dragging on to me for some reason.

it's not over yet

For a shonen protag, Iruma is deceptively well written as a character. Especially for the protagonist of an Isekai shonen manga.

The arc is maybe half over right now. I don't think it'll be as long as the harvest festival, but it'll be a good 20 - 30 chapters when it's done.