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Which characters do you think will appear in Film Red besides the ones already shown?

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Lucci has been a recurring character for the last two or three movies, despite the fact that he never does anything

Within the year, we will either have a mass suicide of yamatofags, or a mass outcry of pain and denial from anti-yamato fags

either way it's going to be fun

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The reason why Yamato's backstory was less poignant than Nami's is that Nami's backstory actually developed her beyond her victimization. She was a victim, yes, but she also had the strength to carry her village's burden at age 10 despite seeing Arlong murder her beloved mother. Meanwhile we don't know WHY Yamato loves Oden so much, meaning that her backstory lacks any kind of impact

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What happened to the other (shit) thread?

this >


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Probably Smoker

It was early.

Imagine if this was the last thing you saw before your life ended.

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Film Red figures

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Yamatroon shat on characters that were infinitely better than his dime-a-dozen arc waifu.

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>find out ulti is real
That sounds horrible

I'm surprised there isn't one of Zoro


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Worst design for Luffy in a movie. He peaked at Strong World and Film Z.

Just sleep bro

That Shanks looks cool

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's butt firmly planted on my face.

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I want to FUCK Yamato

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Bottom left is cute

The jacket has drip
Its the hat that kinda sucks, and the tshirt

She's a big girl.

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To the people ITT that actually want to discuss One Piece, what is your opinion on post-TS? What do you like about it and what do you hate about it? Serious answers only.

One thing I really like about Nami and Luffy is that they're arguably the Strawhats most different from each other. And I feel like that was intentional. One Piece's main theme was freedom, and out of the whole East Blue crew, it was probably exemplified the most by Luffy's and Nami's stories

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It’s not as emotionally impactful as pre-ts and characters like Usopp and Nami have suffered character regression.

Nice, noone has discussed this topic the past decade.

>instantly goes for the short hair dyke cut
I'm sorry user but you are a gay homosex

which of these fem-supernovas do you prefer?

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I like it because it feels like the adventure is like bigger, and the character designs are cooler and also the powers are cooler

It literally isn’t gay for the simple fact that it’s a woman and not a man. Stop projecting.

Usopp I get, but how has Nami suffered character regression? If anything I feel like she's one of the only ones who maintained her character development

>the only time Oda draws interesting women is when he makes genderbent versions of male characters

They aren't going to spoil the last Nakama in a film that they don't even have the balls to call canon.

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My friend wants to know why Nami doesn’t use mirage anymore. I don’t know how to answer him because it’s a genuine question.

>what is your opinion on post-TS?
Overall I'd say it's pretty consistent with pre-TS. Some arcs are winners, others not so much, but still really good overall.
I'd say FMI-Dressrosa was weak in some areas, Zou-WCI was pretty amazing, and Wano is very good but longer than it needed to be
>What do you like about it
It's still One Piece
>what do you hate about it?
Having the crew split up for such a big portion of it did more harm than good

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>post yfw Yamato AND Carrot AND Monet end up joining by the end of Wano

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Maybe because with Haki of observation it doesn't really matter anymore?

Yamato thinks she is a man
it's half gay

Law is just robin kek
And that kidd has more personality than actual kidd lmao

Law obviously.

Point out that One Piece has never been terribly consistent with its powers. Just look at Law

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s-shut up, rookie!

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This man just doesnt change outfit, decades of using the

Why is Law the only one whose line didn't change?

>Real Nigga choices
Apoo, Hawkins, Killer
>Basic bitch choices
everything else

And what about Ceasar being able to remove the oxygen from you if you were within a certain distance from him?

To the grand fleet? Yes.

His sword and every single one of his clothes have eaten a devil fruit.

Law is the male version of Robin and Hankcock

The Strawhat Grand Fleet all got Luffy's vivre card
Luffy just nearly died in this fight meaning the card shriveled up to almost nothing
The SHGF is going to come to Wano now right when the government or BB comes at the end of the arc

Reminder that no one is joining the cope fleet. Yamato is the last nakama and everyone else will become Momo's bitch.

Well Ceasar is gas, so that one makes sense

Male hancock is ace

Why is Kidd so fucking cool?
No other One Piece character goes this hard

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I know it makes sense but why doesn’t he employ it often?

>nearly died
No. He died.
>vivre card
>The SHGF is going to come to Wano now
Oda forgot.

it would take them a really long time to get there

Nah literally Law and Hankcock are the same if they were genderbend. They even have the same height

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Because a lot of people have long range attacks.

If that was the case, Shiryu wouldn't be getting the invisible fruit
CoO is so inconsistent that it may as well not be a power at all

He's alright I guess
Caribou burying people alive is more hardcore though

So overall while I do think that Yamato will join the crew, I actually agree that her backstory is a bit lacking in the feels department. However honestly I think she’s borderline guaranteed to have a more fleshed out flashback in the future, and I suspect it might even tie in with Kaido’s backstory since Yamato’s mom might very well be a reason for his depression

I literally cried at Yamato’s backstory and felt nothing for Usopp or Zoro’s.

>butt firmly planted on my face.

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nice thumbnail

Final war next arc

A Yamabutt for tonttata's

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Zoro's wife

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I'm not reading one piece for the void century or to find what the final treasure is. Since the very beginning Oda has been using a main character that loves freedom but is being carried by destiny very clearly. Pre and post time skip. If Luffy doesn't end rejecting his destiny, both parts will be shit.

oh nyo

I just want to know why Yamato did the Oden larp to begin with

zoomers be like
>unf I want to EAT ASS
>I want ASS on my FACE
your generation is gross and weird
buncha freaks

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>However honestly I think she’s borderline guaranteed to have a more fleshed out flashback in the future
What would another backstory even matter to her character? We already know her reasonings and goals, the only think we would earn with another flashback would be who her mother was.

Also I don't want another one, we already had like 4 flashback for her alone


Imagine the smell

You could just handwave it that as long as the soul doesn't pass away the card won't disappear completely.

At any rate I'm sure some info on the raid will eventually leak.

I wanna fuck Shanks' daughter.

>Since the very beginning Oda has been using a main character that loves freedom but is being carried by destiny very clearly
The main villain (and presumably the final boss) is a fatefag so I'm pretty sure it will get addressed somehow

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Favorite theory? I'll start
>Shanks took Kids left arm to replace his missing one
>he took another characters eye to replace the one BB took, this is the unknown eyepatch character Oda is excited to reveal one day
in the final scenes of One Piece, there is one pirate who appears with an eye patch
I'm itching to draw this character.

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No I'm serious.
I get that she wanted to be free like Oden was, but she kept it up for 20 years.


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Theory, the One Piece is something really stupid that joyboy planted that only his fruit can activate and once initiated it destroys the ocean, luffy will then refuse the one piece and go back to the ocean
Or maybe he wont because u mad? Lmao reasons

Cause Oden is just that great, user

Are you a mink or a fishmen?

Yamakek is THE Momo’s bitch


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It's one thing to idolize someone
It's another thing to adopt that person's identity for TWENTY YEARS

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Not everyone has a strong CoO. Invisible means you can't be seen. Now couple that with a powerful dude, you got an op ability.

Male Bonney is a manwhore

If Yamato joins, Momo joins too
That's what your image proves by the way

So delusional.

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I don’t think so

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Married couple dynamics

Fuck… the actual manga… my only weakness…

user if CoO worked on the invisible fruit, it wouldn't be brought back at this point in the story where so many people have CoO

Why does Oda love drawing these two together so much?

>an image for Tontatta
If you're going to post Oni-Ass, Leo at least do it right. Mansherry's gonna seethe either way.
Man of taste and culture

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Luffy, Yamato, and Momo

Because she's staying with him in Wano.

He hasn't draw them together in months

Isn’t it obvious?

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My crackpot theory is that it has to do with Wano, her being an ogre and why that’s important to Kaido. I know it’s vague but I really don’t know for sure what he’s planning to do with those elements

If he doesn't refuse and he knows about his destiny, then the story is shit, yeah.

Because that is your final nakama.

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I agree

Yet Yamato and Luffy are always the central focus.

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Why yes, he does love drawing Yamato and Momo together
They have great chemistry and they both come off as better characters when they're with each other. They have contrasting backstories and they both inherited Oden's will in completely different ways
He's really been pushing Momo and Yamato as a duo, hasn't he?

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Just like this?
Neither will join. These are just fucking commercials with the actual story arc characters.

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