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Sensei, the goddess of salvation.

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I want to run-over this hag.

No you don't.

Teasing sensei's nipples

Looks like the type of bitch to go all in on a cult and drive her kid into a lake when things go south.

But in this case the cult and the kid are the same thing, and the kid wants to drive into a lake himself

Sensei teasing?

sensei a shit

Schizo woman.

Yes, i wanna mate press her
Chakobro btw

Sensei a cute!

I wanna be SAVED by Sensei so bad...

This page still makes me excited, this was the peak

*Cute woman.


Chapter when?

What about sensei in the car?

It's out already

Took those motherfuckers a week
This promotional vomic is probably the closest thing to how the characters "officially" sound and honestly the way this scene was done by them is way different from my interpretation, I thought she was singing along to some generic pop song on the radio. Maybe if this series by some bizarre chance gets an anime adaptation they'll make her hum the OP or something.

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Some time ago there was an user who made the argument that the TL ruined this particular scene by making it too over the top with the "falalala", I wanted to link this but I was banned at the time. Thank you for your service, user

theyre really just doing a flashback where esemori meets knockoff chunko

So esemori knocks her up and then fucks off for 20 years?

why are female writers so terrible at writing stories??

There's no way he's Reiji's father given the timeline unless after he told Yuko to fuck off and left the first time he came back a couple years later to knock her up, and then told her to fuck off and left again.

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Need more sensei...

Trans icon

Would sensei be ugly, average looking, or hot in real life? The way the gossip about fucking a kid made it seem like she wasn't all that, yet at the same time there were some people jealous of Reiji.

Honestly, I'm starting to see more and more similarities with this manga and chi no wadachi.

cute, definitely

they don't plan anything out and just write according to their feelings, resulting in a convoluted mess of a story

was there even a thread for new chap?

I guess this is the original.
The big katakana made the kinospread cute instead of over the top zany.

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she's plain cute. . .

not really, anyways, spoilers for tomorrow not here, but I'm glad that we're getting into the meat of the story

I agree, although over the top zany is fitting if we consider the video canon

why couldn’t HE protect her smile?

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bruh what the fuck esemori

He already knew she was bad news

Yuko makes my peepee the big peepee.

i don't give a fuck about the edgy gay guy or author dude, sensei and the girl who lost weight are the only interesting characters


Sensei save me

Expect the worst

Honestly if it isn't leading up to this, I don't see what the point of Esemori's conversation with Reiji even is. The reader already knows about the timeline inconsistency, so stretching this out to reveal he is not the father is extremely redundant.

Sensei goes to Tokyo and orders a smile at McDonalds

the smell of rancid cake

How did we go from to ?

Yandere sensei is wack, yo

Sensei is not wack.

Sensei looks like she would smell like semen.

She smells like flowers.

Sex with sensei

She will after I'm done with her

We do know at least at some point they started speaking again in compared to the last issue, it might be a "hey maybe we can try to patch things up oh wait she's crazier than a shithouse rat time to gtfo" type situation

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all esemori's mom said to yuko was that she smelled bad, right? maybe she should just take better care of her hygiene, maybe some more showers

... he's a kid? It's the same reason for all the upset Gen throws- he's never successful in 'saving' reiji either. Why would he be when he has his own issues that are arguably worse and he's just as incapable of dealing with. You can't expect messed up people to help others before they can even help themselves.

Making children with Sensei!

>You stink! Just like this story!

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How many?

A soccer team!

She's just going to abuse the daughters and rape the sons

Is his mom 5, what kind of insult is that.