Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Chapter 59 is out, dumping.

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Those hands on her

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>kissing on the forehead
Based Jericho was grooming him after all.

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So she's like parallel universe reader or just loops in this one timeline?

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So his sunshine power is reduced due to the rain?
There are way too many shots of the hidden sun.

>he got kissed in the forehead by Jericho


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Arthurbros... Why does the preteen Lancelot always steals our cunnyfu? Also zaamn Lancelot got deflowered with his first kiss in the lips. And he also deflowered Guinevere's soft tender pure maiden lips.

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Gawain is the tall tomboy waifu last chaps

Kek, called it.
Hell yeah, finally

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>table is on fire after the attack
Nice attention to the details, just like with the evaporating rain previous chapter.

Uwoooohhhh lancelot got to manhandle her slender petite bod at just 16!! Why is Lancelot so based just like his father?

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How many red herrings will there be?

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Damn female kid…seducing a knight of the apocalypse…

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Why is guinevere already a slut at such a young age..? She will start the love war between Arthur pengroomer and Basedcelot soon

I thought so too.

So Gawain is most likely the short haired tall girl, huh.

Also, considering that Pellergarde´s magic is fire perhaps she will be the one to fight him by using sunshine.

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Best boy is back!

Based Pelle
Yeah, especially since she wears that skintight bodysuit "fortified" with metal lacing that they usually wore under armours and the armoured boots.

Next chap is titled Scorching Hot Liones, so maybe Pelle sets liones on fire or Gawain will unleash their sUnshine and roast liones as a knight of chaos

Maybe Kings and Dianes daughter?

No since Gawain is related to Arthur

Gawain is said to be the nephew (or in this case niece) of arthur in the legends.. so maybe she/they/he is guarantee to be serving under him as knight of chaos.. maybe they/them will blow up liones, and King and diane will make an appearance to shield Liones

I thought she stood out simply due to the black hair and clothes. Also how she's the only one whose expression is completely hidden in all panels.

Do we know anything about if Arthur has a brother or sister in NnT?

Thank god this wasn't artificial dragged.

She's watching fight.

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Very light of clothes indeed.

Ok, gonna be the first one to ask. If Gawain is a girl in possession of Sunshine then who the hell is Escanor? Is this a reincarnated as a girl thing, or are we gonna get Escanor vs Gawain like in myth?

She looks more like a midget than child.

I thought the armor is an empty shell, and it'll lead to explosion as a surprise attack set by the assassins of chaos to kill one of the 4KoTA.. bravo nakaba i got subverted, as expected of suzuki-san

What the fuck...

Femme fatale Gawain needs lewd soon... I can't believe there's still no lewds of her

How fucking tall is she btw?
She might be taller than Isolde.

>who the hell is Escanor
Here lies Escanor. He never scored.

>Gawain is a waifu

Escanor reincarnated as a Futanari tall tomboy hermaphrodite so xe/they/them can impregnate their beloved Merlin

>be Pellegarde
>casually find Knight of the Apocalypse not once but twice
>casually find Arthur's wife even though it was Ironside's job
>hide your powerlevel during the fights
>still be a total bro to protag
how can anyone compete

If she indeed has sunshine, then she may simply have ihnerited it the same way Escanor did.

The only way I can see Escanor coming back is if somehow part of his soul stayed in the grace, considering how Melasculla burned after trying to eat made me think that may be the case.

Escanor doesn't have a reincarnation simple as that. It was fan copium. Only Derieri and Monspeet got reincarnated.

I'm thinking she's as tall as Ban I think.. Tristan, Chion , and Jade are all tween midgets.. and if you scale with that giant at that panel ...

>Only Derieri and Monspeet got reincarnated.
Cool horseshit bro

How’s Arthur going to react when Ironside brings a child to be his queen?

>Is this a reincarnated as a girl thing,
Not everyone gets reincarnated.

But he got to frenchkiss the old hag Merlin tho and gave her scarring that she cherished before he bite the dust

I am curious about what Pellio´s magic is, then again his rank is lower than Gilthunder´s at the start of Nanatsu, so I don´t think he will get to show off much.

Arthur will try to breed guinevere as the vessel for the next king of chaos... Nakaba is going to the extremes of rape and cunny

Dude, Mael literally used a reincarnation spell on them.

>a pity kiss

I mean, Merlin real form also looks like a chind, though Arthur may not be aware of that.

Wait, didn't Mael used the reincarnation spell on him? Or am I remembering it wrong?

He did to Derieri and Monspeet. Escanor just turned to ash.

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Dick move Mael, dick move.

Exactly. First time I saw him I was sure that he would be annoying "muh potential unlocked" guy.
And here we are, chapter 59, and he's pretty much the best character now.

Contrary to the theory that Gawain is the tall dark-haired tomboy waifu, I still think Gawain will be an OC by Nakaba. And I think he'll pretty much use the similar design of Gawain he used to his very first manga Rising Impact or somethin like that where Gawain is the MC.. as seen in the spread of the 4KoTA, every knight fit the appearance like Tristan and Lancelot, albeit they're much older, except for Percy who's still a shota.

That tall tomboy gal is a red herring for Gawain — she'll be the "assassin of chaos" and partner of Pellegarde.. Gawain is the one wearing the armor early, bc the sun's rays shines upon him, he discarded his armor when he sensed those assassins of chaos have come to wreck havoc to Liones

Screencap this now

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I am pretty sure that there are enough reasons why he wouldn't do that spell for everyone.

Wasn't it only for the punch girl?
I'm pretty sure that Monspeet died while he still was on commandments craze, before he remembered being Mael

He didn'tvused reincarnation blessing to escanor bc escanor always keep snatching his innate grace. It was always Mael's power and without it he became pussy and emulated meliodas.. i feel pity to Mael bc he wanted that Ellie goddess pussy so bad but got tainted by that cock of that that demonlet

What was he supposed to do? He wasn’t even there when Escanor died.