Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

Marie and her weird eye.

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This seems to be getting back to back bump limit threads. Is it really that popular? I'm watching it and it's okay I guess but It's still one of those isekai I'll forget about come summer.

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People liked the LN and manga, so it's normal for the anime threads to be a bit lively.

I like anime Angie's huge rack.

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clarice >all

I don't like her noodle arms and shoulders

I love Marie.

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>becomes MC's imouto sidekick
>MC forgives her and becomes her sugar brother
>MC spends more time with her than any other member of his harem
>has the most screentime besides the MC
>gets her own route because of her popularity
>she gets her brother all for herself without having to share with a harem in her own route
>her route makes her explode in popularity even more and she becomes the all time fan favorite among japanese and western readers
>author admits he enjoys writing her the most in the most recent volume
Can someone stop her?

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If all the dicks her loose pussy rode weren't enough to scare away the nips, then nothing can.

mariecucks posting bullshit again

Bigger in her dress than in her uniform.

if you want it to stop then you have to kill all 3dpd readers.

Fucking shame Marie can't be in Leon's harem.

Marie gets Leon all for herself, even better.

She was wearing bras under her uniform

kinda surprised there haven't been any doujins

I can't get over how weird the anime faces look

Leon x Mylene kiss when?

I'm only following the manga but I heard the source material turned into harem shit. Damn shame.

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>another otome mob thread

So how come no one aspires to be a slave? They're literally the biggest chads in-universe
>dont need lineage
>get to fuck your JK owner on a daily basis
>she feeds you, dresses you and takes care of you
>even if she gets married you get to NTR her husband anyway
There is no downsides unless she's into heavy dom shit.

Because the human only want elf slave or beastman slave. Thus normal human can't be slave

The appeal of slaves is the fact that they cannot impregnate or pass on diseases to their human owners, but who knows how true the former part is considering Kyle was born between an Elven mother and a human man.

There is a small chance, really small, like 0,0001% for that to happen but the elf would like to hide it from the human.

So I caught up with the manga is this where Marie finds out that Leon is her brother or does that happen later?


>Is it really that popular?
its just LNfags repeating themselves

She has to face the giant creature first.

I saw a lot of anons in the previous threads saying the anime was a very bad adaptation, but at least compared to the manga it's pretty much the exact same except the art style.
Is the manga bad as well or are LNfags being autists as usual?

This show is better than I expected. One of the rare occasions were I'm excited to watch a new episode of an isekai. I think it's the MC that does it.

Literally just cover her face with paper bag and she's perfect

reminder you don't choose your owner but your owner choose you
most of the time you will end up like Zola-like

As someone who went in to it knowing nothing about it, the setting/plot is already more interesting than 90% of all other isekai I have watched. One of the few shows this season that manages to hold my attention.

hagbros... we... lost

Why cover her face? She's cute.

Not in the anime

I've always liked the LN and manga and I'm still going to watch the anime even if it is low quality. Leon is amusing to follow, except when it comes to the harem aspect, and I do find the setting to be interesting. I also do like how there is always consequences for actions like how the Prince and his friends are all disowned, the followers who betrayed Angie who likely had a fate worse than death or that one girl who has her entire family destroyed because she plotted against families in a higher place of power than her.

>it's the only character with some personality beside doormat

such mystery

Will Leon ever have sex?

she doesn't look that bad really. they made her eyes sorta too big but thats it

your mothers beef curtains >anime children

yes, but we will never see it

>most popular character in japan is a whore
Legitimately surprised. Are they coping somehow? Maybe they're saying
>Maybe she never fucked her slave!
When the reason the slaves are dudes is because male beastmen can't impregnate female humans and the lower nobility is dominated by women.
Anyway, Angelica is the best girl of the season by far. Gigawife material.
But user if he had se he wouldn't be literally me.

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yeah, having a based spiteful incel for an mc is the thing that really makes this show work. it helps that his desires are also very relatable, he just wants to be a neet living off his savings and cheats but he keeps getting caught up in bullshit

>tfw (You) are living in the otome game isekai

>Anyway, Angelica is the best girl of the season by far. Gigawife material.
man of culture
it's okay to shoot up the school if i'm in another world, right?

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Next episode should be fun since it is one of the key moments that really defines Leon early on. Honestly, as long as the VA can deliver on these scenes with Leon, then the adaptation is still worth watching for that alone.

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that was the moment that made me kneel in the novel. holy kino

Just crying about the art and animation. And there are some that are crying about cut content like they've never seen an anime before.
It might be somewhat of an bad anime due to how stiff and not pretty looking it is, but I wouldn't call it a bad adaptation. The strengths of the LN is still in it, even if it's not all of it. It's not like it gives a different impression of what kind of work it is.

cope haggoid lover

Why yes, I am. How could you tell?

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Why yes I am attracted to women my age how could you tell?

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I had no prior knowledge of the series but so far I'm enjoying it because of the MC. Jury is still out on the girls.

You look like you are in middle school, so you should like Marie

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I keep seeing this about popularity in polls but no real proof, in any other popularity polls you see the results either in the artist's twitter, a promo page in the manga or the author's own twitter.
And if that existed and marie was on top, people would be posting that instead of this.

>see the results either in the artist's twitter, a promo page in the manga or the author's own twitter.
That IS the author's twitter. He even put Marie boasting about getting first place once in an SS story on Narou.