The manga make it looks like she is going to be a serious player in this RoTK isekai

>the manga make it looks like she is going to be a serious player in this RoTK isekai
Is there a non-bullshit way for her to defeat other warlords and unify the land? She has no cheating power nor military knowledge, plus as a teenage girl, no way she can order the general to follow her commands in such a patriarchal society.

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It's not that hard. She just needs to keep Dong Zhuo alive and help him to unify chinkland, then succeeds him. China isn't all that unfamiliar with women holding power.

What are some good RoTK games?

I'm pretty sure that the bad habit of the original guy (having a really nasty mouth when in a stressful situation) will always work out in Dong Bai's favour, somehow.

>China isn't all that unfamiliar with women holding power.
The majority of them were empress dowagers, meaning they got their power from their dead husbands, the kings, and essentially were just placeholders for their sons. Only one woman managed to become empress there, but only because she married one emperor dude too. They had no tradition of a girl crowning herself empress.


>ROTK nerd, might have some opportunities to abuse setting knowledge
>is the granddaughter of Dong Zhuo, who dares to offend her and court death?
>has some loyalty from a famed general, it's an AH setting with fantasy elements so said general may or may not be basically superhuman
>may or may not be the high priestess of a heretical cult
>rich as fuck
Protag's situation honestly isn't that bad. It beats being a peasant in that era by far.

I mean, the whole reason her name is in the history books in the first place is because Dong Zhuo directly gave her an official station, and at an absurdly young age at that. Evidently her sex didn't get in the way of that.

Well, her faction is already in control of Chang'an and surrounding areas, which are the richest lands of that era, they possess the strongest cavalry of china at the time too, IIRC, so she just needs to make the generals obey her, and they will defeat other warlords for her. Maybe poison can help?

I don't disagree with you entirely, but Dong Zhuo really isn't a good measuring stick for what was considered 'proper' in ancient China.

He's at least a great demonstration that propriety is entirely negotiable.

>unifying the Central Country in the body of a underdeveloped girl
So that a dude's wish-fulfillment. Meanwhile in a woman's wish-fulfillment isekai...

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>Is there a non-bullshit way for her to defeat other warlords
It's simple. She knows who they are and where they are. Just need to send assassins to deal with them before they become big.

>Meanwhile in a woman's wish-fulfillment isekai...
>Butterface with funny ears and big teef ""tames"" edgy bishonen with her love and tight cunt.
It's fine, I guess

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>they want to become real girls
Why are them like us so much anons?

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>Just need to send assassins to deal with them before they become big.
They are already big now. There is already a full anti-dong coalition of many warlords.Only way to deal with them is by military might.

Yeah the only one killable is Zhuge Liang who should be a literal who right now. Pang Tong too. Jiang Wei will grop up in Dong lands so he's good.

Is she in Records or Romance?

>Only way to deal with them is by military might.
Not necessary. History shows that those guys hated each other and secretly plot against one another. Dong Zhuo just didn't know how to exploit that. With a little schemes, she may turn them into each other. They have the emperor and thus the legitimacy of the Han Dynasty. She can give one dude's the right to govern lands of another, order one dude to attack another dude he hates in the name of the emperor and so on.

I'm not sure Dong Bai is a self insert any more than Tanya is. I view them as main characters with the likeable qualities of a male protag while still being pleasant to look at.

Curse of watching too many cgdct animes. Thankfully they might know they never pass

Don't forget the Sima clan. She can kill them too. Honestly she can remove pretty all big brain dudes now and the only ones left would be muscle headed generals who can easily be outsmarted.

>I'm not sure Dong Bai is a self insert any more than Tanya is
Don't trick yourself user.

>caring about Jiang Wei

Oddly enough I don't think she's ever mentioned in Romance at all. Purely a historical name.

Probably the Romance, with a few modification. There is no Diao Chan in the Records.

How about proposing a peace negotiation with the enemy generals, with the child emperor as the mediator so they will be force to come, then kill them?

The whole situation came about because of (fake?) imperial edict telling to get rid of Big Dong.

Dong Bai's character is undefined but she has a distinct personality and hints of charisma. Self-inserts never have charisma because self-inserters need someone dull and forgettable to supplant with their own imagined self. You're meant to want to insert yourself into Dong Bai physically, not imaginatively.

Isn't the Lu Bu literally the strongest general in RoTK? Can't she marry him and manipulate him to defeat everyone for her?

What prevented them from issuing a real imperial degree to clarify?

>You're meant to want to insert yourself into Dong Bai physically
who'd want to self insert into this?

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>Isn't the Lu Bu literally the strongest general in RoTK?
Physically strongest, yes. As an actual tactian and strategist he is mediocre.
>Can't she marry him and manipulate him to defeat everyone for her?
He isn't into cunny, and she managed to antagonize him early on by cockblocking him.

Lu Bu already hates her

I mean, as far as anyone in Luoyang was concerned they probably did. The point is by that point nobody gave a shit what the han emperor said, Dong faction or not.

I would physically insert my Dong into Bai if you know what I mean

I like alpha FeMC.

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She's called Dong Bai for her superhuman kegel strength.

>Flat ass
>Flat chest
How could anyone find this sexy?

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She's so small, so light, and so tight that she's a living onahole. Imagine manhandling her tiny frame

lu bu is strong, but he's simple-minded, he's like a beast. he would make a great general to have under you if it wasn't for his flaw of betraying literally everyone he's ever worked under. which is why he gets executed after being captured unlike zhang liao who became one of cao cao's best generals.

War in ancient time was basically decided by asymmetric information. Her greatest cheat is the knowledge from future. She knows what will happen in big battles so she just needs to tell her forces to attack the enemies' most vulnerable place, like cutting off their supply line and they will be done for. Literally how Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao's superior forces.

Was it kino?

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But I heard she's a "sub in the sheets" from several anons.

Even then it took some convincing by Liu Bei for Cao Cao not to try to tame him.

God I bet I could grope her entire bottom with one hand.

More like lies.

If Cao Cao hadn't already wanted to kill him, he wouldn't have asked Liu Bei, the dude who hated his guts' opinion. Cao Cao just wanted someone to share the blame of killing PoW with him.

The last good arc in that shitshow.

Women shouldn't be in positions to make policies.

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Made for a great scene in Romance, though.

That was my most hated rendition of Lu Bu ever. Fucking simp.

It wouldn't be that surprising. Tomboys tend to be sexually timid.

>all the anons without vision telling her to stray from history
You knew that her knowledge from the future only useful if history didn't changed right ? If she kill Meng De/Kong Ming/Zhong Da now then she will enter another timeline with no future vision. Ma Chao's fate is already changed.

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And if she doesn't stray all the Dongs die.

Not deviate and she'll be dead long before those three being dead could possibly change the timeline. It's basically set in stone that she has to go full AH before the coalition scenario finishes.

Self-inserters will stick themselves into whoever makes them feel good. You're conflating self-inserters with audience ciphers, who are made to be undefined everymen in order to allow the average reader to self-insert.

If she doesn't enter another timeline, she will die. Changing history is the whole fucking point of the story.

she has no mention in my copy of romance
this is what i found from googling around

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She doesn't seem particularly concerned with the fate of the other Dongs, only herself.

Is it just me or do the FeMC of the dyke magic princess series and the FeMC of the vampire princess series both look nearly identical?

Her plan to live without interfering with the time line is to get the hell out of dodge. Since Dong Bai name don't exist in the book she could just slip under history.

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She already made an enemy of Lu Bu and he's a petty asshole who won't forgive her, she's in trouble. He's lusting after Diaochan, who herself may be stirring things up for her own amusement or another reason we don't know yet.

>vampire princess
Which one?