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At least 2 more years

Wano will be longer than namek and dressrosa combined twice

Considering cartoon boy's fight with Kaido is coming to a close we might see a conclusion soon.

Sorry, the borders will remain closed. You are stuck here.

>conclusion soon

motherfucker when wano ends reread it after a year and you will see finally how good it is
Most impressive arc period


I want to leave Wano too ;_;

>Luffy loses - gets taken prisoner
>Luffy loses again - falls to the sea gets saved by magical submarine
>Luffy loses FUCKING AGAIN - Becomes God
>Luffy out of energy - Oh I'll just get more energy isn't this fun
Make it stop please god

Wow. Tenacity scares you.

Why did faggot mods delete the last thread before bump limit?

Film: Red.
August 6th.

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What made the jannies nuke the thread?
>Inb4 it was the lingerie panties ulti-poster

It will be a glorious day when the Sunny leaves Wano without Yamawhore. The tears of the Yamato fags will flow like a mighty river. The rustling of their jimmies will put the Gura Gura no mi to shame.
The accumulated butthurt of all their seething will foam up about their waists and all the waifufags and edgelords will look up and shout "Save us!" and I'll whisper "No."

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Yamatrannies plague, entire thread needed to be pruned.

somebody probably linked it

She's coming with you

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I wish Robin was my mom

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I wish Robin was my wife

I wish i could make Robin a mom

For all the mental ill retards comparing yamato's backstory to nami's, I hope you had enough time to reflect on your thoughts.

Robin, I'm sorry....
We won't leave wano for another five years

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Yamatroon forgot her place. Started pretending like her shitty arc waifu was better than Usopp, Zoro, and Nami

Just rewatched arabasta.
How the fuck did Crocodile stop the rain in the whole country?
I know dance powder can "take away" rain, but where did those rain clouds rain instead?
Or was he somehow using his df to stop the rain in the whole country?


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>liking pale Robin without bans

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>where did those rain clouds rain instead

dawg I can't even read one chapter from it

I can't full remember, but I think he was regulating the waters to places where he can sell it back to the people. I am probably wrong tho

Then how is the rain after luffy knocks out crocodile anything special?
I was under the impression, even the capital was having a drought the whole time, which begs the question of where the rain went instead until that moment.

He was also keeping it away with his own abilities.

Pale is sidegrade, but losing the bangs was a tragedy.

I can't for the Marijois Invasion arc bros.

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Akainu would like to see you try dragon-chan.

It's long but it's the least worst offender of the new world arcs. So many chapters in Dressrosa, Whole Cake, Punk Hazard, Fishman Island that are completely dead and unneeded.

He moved the rain to one city with his Rain Dance, and he made the country dry with his abilities.

This moment will never be topped in emotion btw.

I like Wano.

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I dropped it in 2019 and just caught up. It's way too long. There are too many characters I don't care about getting pagetime. If you're giving characters senzu beans you fucked up. Characters like Queen should have bit the dust years ago. I'd never read it again.

Don't care, I like both.

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>4 years in a filler arc with no plot progression.

I sincerely believe that Oda doesn't know how to continue the story so he's stalling in Wano for as long as he can.

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we know schizo.

>nothing but plot progression
>filler with no progression

>4 years in a filler arc with no plot progression.
FACT: there were plot developments like joyboy
>I sincerely believe that Oda doesn't know how to continue the story so he's stalling in Wano for as long as he can.
FACT: Oda had the ending planned from the beginning.

>Luffy becomes the avatar of freedom
>still trapped on this shitty island
The irony.

Member when islands were 10 chapters?

It already is. In fact most one piece arcs are longer than namek. Wano alone is almost half of all DragonBall.

How long did Namek last in the Dragon Ball manga?


Namek was best arc tho
Wano isnt

This this Eiichiro Oda we're talking about, not George "The Lazy Fat Fuck" Martin

You could remove the Oden and the nine Scabbard subplot and nothing would had changed.

Gear 5 and Robins fight delivered so hard i now like Wano.

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So you are a fan of asspull transformations in lieu of using established abilities?

>you could remove Oden
yeah roger can just read and write on the poneglyph in Skypia because D something something

That shit was already mentioned before and that is all that needed to happen: it being mentioned briefly. We did not need to get to know this faggot.

I dont mind, and i think everybody saw this coming from a mile away since its the most logical conclusion to how Ruffi could win against Kaido. One Piece is a fun, cartoony manga for children and i think gear 5 fits the series very well and i like the design. Gear 5 ablities also make sense, because rubber. I'll read a book if i dont want any funny cartoony stuff.

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How do I get into one piece if I've never watched the show?

Do you niggers really expect me to watch 1000 fucking episodes? Did I just need to follow it for the last 2 decades? Did I miss out? I also hate niggers

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Start with the movies. I did with Gold then read all the way up to Marineford.

yes. just watch the episodes. if you dislike an arc i guess just skip your way through it only watching the best parts and read it instead