Episode 3 imminent

>episode 3 imminent
>still no tomodachi game thread
What went wrong?

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to many reddit shows

Its so shit people wont even translate the last few chapters after an anime release. Sawaragi is clearly the author's favorite to the extreme to the point where it ruins the series. He makes her an absolute perfect virgin dindu nuffin waifu and the other girl a literal slut. I wish the guys who captured swaragi fucking raped her to death

Well we are getting translations eventually plus this Is the final arc of the series

she is like the biggest jobber in the series

Shiho will be submissive and breeding with yuichi for the ending

Yeah so she can be the perfect yamato nadeshiko princess damsel in distress

So the raws revealed that mc was the original creator of the games

she isn't a slut

If she actually wasn't the monopoly game paper about it would have been classed as a lie. She allowed men to fuck her for money.

I'd say a socially incompetent person being a virgin is quite accurate. Maybe you could had taken the choice to not use your social darwinism to slut it up as a teen if you were going to regret it later

I'm more angry that shes not evil or a bad friend when literally all the other side characters are and the story just glosses over how weird and creepy she acts to Tenji after his fucking dad dies. The virgin shit just makes the favoritism and how the author has a crush on her obvious.


For the manga readers, If I already got spoiled to who the "mastermind" of this game is is it even worth watching still or was that really the only draw?

It would be cringekino if it weren't for the woman. Now it's just cringe.

The clone number 88737662 of Battle Royal

I still found the manga to be enjoyable. Knowing the ending doesn't detract from the journey.

Didnt watch it yet, maybee tomorrow

not even battle royal, it's just gambling

Normalfags really need trigger warnings for everything lmao

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Wasn't she naked in the manga?

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what did they mean by this

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> how much do you charge Yutori chan
> you can call me daddy

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>canon enjou kousai revealed
>no 300 page thread shitposting about it and calling her a slut
wow Yea Forums doesn't care about this show

Glass guy being the baddy is such a boring twist.

It would've been way more interesting if a 6th "friend" was the one in the costume


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There was no penetration so it's fine.

> skinny bitch just decks a gang of 5 like its nothing

in reality she would have get raped

>it's tenji
>ackchually it's shiho
>could it be shibe
>nah it's the whore
>sike it was the mc all along

This manga is tiresome

Man it wasn't even that bad why would they need a warning for that

Why set up a slut scenario if you just fake it out in the end? Oh no female character had sex with adults how horrible

Nice pantyshot, too bad we won't get that in the anime.


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They change mastermind every arc.

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I mean I've already read it and know what happens

cuter with glasses.
also she looks younger somehow now wtf?

I'll keep watching it, but something tells me that it'd be better to read the manga. Plus I'm sure there's much better death game type stories to sink my teeth into than this one.

Read the manga and it was fun as fuck and the anime is fun as well

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manga isnt better. its mindless entertainment with countless plotholes and characters acting retarted.

>death game type stories

There has to be a better name for this genre surely. Game thrillers?

I admit I have ADHD, but I literally can't get thru the first episode because the explanation about the debt is a major snoozefest.

Possibly, because it doesn't feel right lumping this in the same category as Kaiji.
Shame, I hope the anime has a satisfying conclusion to this arc by the end. I really don't want it to end with manga bait, but I'm expecting it nonetheless.

>japanese middle schoolers

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A lot of squishiness this episode

This got me excited only to end up dissapointed. What a let down, I was hoping to see some rape

It's quite a shame too because as dumb as it is, I've been enjoying it

So the glasses guy is some sort of incel?
Also I don't understand the MC's split personality, Did I miss them explaining it?!

No it's probably just establishing him doing weird shit to influence the game results by being 200IQ

Iirc that's his real personality and he's just faking the nice guy facade.

It's a shame, the latest manga arc is the first one I'm not that really into. Sawaragi just can't carry the protagonist role by herself.

She drank too much milk.

she drank too much semen


I devoured the manga after the last episode
The true question is
Did the slut enjoy being used as blackmail material under MC orders ?
i hate how later it just escalates into my plan was working over your plan the whole time.

>tsukino opens her mouth
>rant full of pop psychology you'd find on some edgy teenager blog
Why is this show so pretentious