Ah yes, finally the ideal selection for Yea Forums

Ah yes, finally the ideal selection for Yea Forums.

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Princess Jellyfish right beneath what I can only assume is straight up bear yaoi is really funny to me.

Why the alphabet soup when simply "fag manga" is so much shorter and easier to write?

>Dick Fight Island and Massive being sold in retail stores
>right next to funko pops of all things
Anime and Manga has come so far in the west.

>anime doesn't make you g-

what's the QIA?

Why is that "girls-ship" series in the middle of bl/gl lol

Say the whole thing, and you have to get it right, bigot.
Kek, I didn't notice the funky pops.

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im not gay but dick fight island looks kino

In a sane world the yuri would just be separated from the fujo shit since they have different audiences, but people would complain so they are all put together. Also why I would never look at this section if I saw it.

Qentral Intelligence Agency

Because they're advertising to people who don't know shit about manga.

Aren't GL and BL section usually seperate in nip stores?

Yes, but like everything that comes to the west they make a logical thing like that worse.

Only if you let it make you gay.

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What’s this?

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Is this the Sydney Kino? Looks familiar.

>M A S S I V E

>All that selection for some niche genre
Anime and manga is more popular than ever
I fucking hate normalfags so fucking much wanting to turn into shit the hobby i was made fun of for liking.

„queer“ as an umbrella term
„intersex“ referring to people possessing sexual characteristics ascribed to more than one sex (also an umbrella term for a variety of biological conditions that are more common than you would assume)
The A has been used for „ally“, but has recently been ascribed more commonly to „asexual“ (self-explanatory)

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>I fucking hate normalfags so fucking much wanting to turn into shit the hobby i was made fun of for liking.
Capeshit /dungeon dorks and ladders say hello.

Looks like fetish garbage

What is Nettaigyo doing there?

Mejirobana no Saku

CHADXUS funko pop. Where is this shop?

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asexual is not a sexuality
goddamn it reddit

Queer (misc), Intersex (hermaphrodite), Asexual (Not aroused by anyone or anything)

Is GL even niche now? It looks like publishers no longer considered it such since most of them have no problem with putting them in the catalogue now

um sweetie, thats the manga section

Yes, GL section usually just guys and BL section is usually just girls from my experience

>Asexual (Not aroused by anyone or anything)
But self proclaimed asexuals are kinky as fuck and claim they love sex

The whole thing is a shitfest of niche fetishes and created identities. My favorite is non-binary aka a woman who likes to wear pants and a t-shirt some days. Don't try and make sense of it.

>it's not yuri, just "girls-ship"
>everyone just sells it in yuri section

Since anime became normalfag tier no, it is not

>I’m not like other girls

I read the manga without any foreknowledge and liked it for what it was, but I wish the author didn't hint at the romance in the beginning. It's fucking impossible to discuss anywhere because of the immense asshurt that it caused in the fanbase

What is ++? A certification of some kind?

>Haha this is totally LGBT representation and not fetish fap material

same thing really

am i too old now ?
i remember a time when fujos hid their BL collection and taste.

is dick fight island gay fight club?

people are way open about it now

social media =/= irl

When did faggots decide they needed a whole genre and section to themselves? This kind of segregationist shit should by all rights go against what they want, shouldn't it? I mean isn't the ideal that diversity should be normalized to a point were we see a different person of color or orientation and not so much bat an eye?

Not at all

i know that but unfortunately not everyone can grasp the same idea as we do

Nigga, the US government already acknowledges LGBT. Companies has already cashed in on that market.

> no Bon-chan
Into the trash it goes

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A could also stand for Aromantic I guess.

> corporate art style

We just had this thread, retard

Blow it up already...

So? 99% threads on Yea Forums are repeats
also you didn't bring any proof

>> dick fight island
Yeah I read it for the literary content...

I want to go in there with a roll of recycling bags and just start filling them up

Hello fellow Sydanon

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you're bad at this

>Dick Fight Island
>Please keep a safe distance

Looks kawaii

US =/= the world

Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. Is what you said.

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hi twitter trending from 12 hours ago

Cause it's all about dem eating the poopoo