Shadows House

Ch. 129 has been translated.

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Didn't mean to start with the credits.

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his pissing manga is better

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Pretty cute.

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I couldn't upload 002.png because it was too large, here's a catbox link.

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Cute background

Is the manga better than the anime? And more important, it reached a retarded point like happened with TPN yet?

Yes the manga is better, no it didn't become dumb yet. The anime is still fun but it cuts things. Best OP ever.

Too bad we won't see Shirley in human form again. I want her to talk.

Sleep tight John-sama

I'd say there's an 80 % chance at least one of these 2 is a woman. Also in case you're wondering: Yeah it's real. I haven't read it though

>because it was too large, here's a catbox link.
You can try compressing the image, I had to do the same last time

>Is the manga better than the anime?
Yes. Although the adaptation was pretty alright until the last 3 or so episdoes, were they went with a bad anime-original arc while replacing many good scenes from the manga
>it reached a retarded point like happened with TPN yet?
Nope not yet.

thanks for the dump btw

Speaking of Christopher, where the hell has Anthony been all this time?

Thanks OP


Tending to injured Rosemary

Feels like something really wrong will happen soon

Yeah, things are going too smoothly for Kate. Something's bound to shake things up soon. Did everyone in Douglas' team awaken their powers yet? Maybe they'll get hunted and muddle the situation up

I've just realized Barbie is basically bad route Emilyko. Athletic genki fluff who wasn't lucky enough to have a Kate saving her from shadows house corruption.

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Barbara was too dumb to realize her situation

Can't blame her though, she can only be as smart as her coffee-addled living doll allows her to be. Barbara neither has her morph memories nor is from outside like Kate. I hope they join Kate's side later down the story.

Rosemary didn't help either

Shirley is dead!

Just keep adding fuel to the fire

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Powerful Brap

True, but it was Christopher who refused to tell Barbara and release Barbie from being coffee'd. He fucked her over

Louise is staying /fit/.

Cristopher had no agency of his own, it was all Anthony

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When will it be Patrick's turn to do something useful...


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updated the caps folder

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He's planning his next move , can't you see. He'll soon get his soot powers and save the day.



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>finale is muscular and bloodied Lou fistfighting out-of-soot Great Grandfather like one of them delinquent mangos

Kenshiro is Lou, GG is the egg

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Go shirley!


He will always remain as useless as his tiny shrivelled soot

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edward's downfall soon

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They will. Barbie can't resist Emilyko's charm forever

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>this is how I overcame coffee addiction

Congratulations user!