Yuru Yuri

Is Akari treated by her friends as well as she should be?

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She's lucky they pay attention to her at all.

Akari deserves better

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The yurus shoud be kind with each other and treat Akari-chan better

She deserves to be friends with the Anne Happys


Akaza Akari, protagonist of the popular manga/anime Yuru Yuri. You know her right?

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Akaza Akari, my daughter and the protagonist of the popular manga/anime Yuru Yuri.

Rape victim, alcoholic, lost her protagonist job to some annoying half jap, probably going to end up as an av actress. Doesn't ring any bells?

No because it's all Chitose's fault

Watch out for Ikeda Chitose
The public enemy of YrYr
She is the main responsible for...
Kyouko not calling Ayano for Comiket
Akari's lack of presence
snakes in the Student Council office
no S3 ;_;
Chinachu raping Akari repeatedly
Cutting Rise's vocal chords
Studio change for the OVA
Attempted assassination of TOSHINOU KYOUKO
Himawari's uncontrollable bust expansion
Sexualising the yurus
Requiem for a Daydream
Bombing the school theater performance
Her ultimate goal is to not even happy
However, you can stop her. Spread this list!

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Good morning
S4 when?

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Good morning. After the manga ends

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What a monster

>almost two months of no new translations

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yui canonically has the best butt of all the yurus

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Why is akari getting sold away like a slave

How long do we have to suffer?

Yuru Zero anime adaptation when?

TYO yurus sure were asking for it a lot.

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How are those uniforms allowed, those skirts are way too short. I guess every adult is a prevert at Nanamori.


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Ah, that was it.

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What should be the proper skirt length? It seems to fluctuate between mid thigh to barely below their buttcheeks depending on the camera angle and the situation.

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I like it how they are. I just don't know how they move around without flashing their panties, I guess they just don't care

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This is a bit of a conundrum for me. It's obvious from common sense that the genki ones like Kyouko and Sakurako flash their panties on a regular basis, and yet their friends (usually Akari) are still embarrassed about it as if they're still not used to it.

I wish I were there to witness some of it.

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yui-characters are known for their great butts

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Akari is just that pure I guess. Yui is easily embarrassed same for Ayano and Himawari tries to be a good girl way too hard. I don't remember Chinatsu having problems about it, she's probably staring at Yui's panties in secret all the time

I wish I could see Ayano's reaction to having her panties seen.

>I don't remember Chinatsu having problems about it, she's probably staring at Yui's panties in secret all the time
Pic related.

Forgot pic.

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She would probably start slapping people who mention it. but she would wear her most risky underwear hoping Toshino Kyouko will be the one noticing it.
oldNamori was pretty lewd with the subtle pantyshots

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Nadeshiko is having a bad influence on her. Also is there a point to editing this?

I think all of the teachers introduced in the manga are just grown up versions of the girls, so yes.


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What would the school life of each Yuru be like if they all attended different schools? If they never met each other?

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Kyouko and Akari : Bullied outcasts
Yui : Really popular with the girls, starts dating with a male teacher in secret
Chinatsu : School slut for the final year students, turns into a gyaru whore
Ayano : Same as now but a lot more lonely
Brat : Becomes a basketball player for the school's team
Himawari : Popular with both girls and boys alike, she finds love letters at her locker frequently but denies them all while focusing on her studies
Chitose : Well liked by her class for her kindness and warm smile makes a lot of new friends

The implications behind this picture make me sad so I'm hiding this thread

I'm sorry, I promise not to post anything else like that.

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Are you the user who started watching yryr recently? Did you finish yet?

>Kyouko and Akari : Bullied outcasts
Lies. Kyouko would be popular with everyone, be it girls or boys, popular or geeky. Akari would be cherished as the good girl, kind of like the class imouto. Also, Ayano would definitely have secret admirers. Everything else you say is more or less accurate though.

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They would be handeld as dangerous rivals by the other girls at their class due to their cuteness. Kyouko would focus more on drawing and became a serialized popular mangaka early as a result while Akari would form a MUCH closer relationship with her sister.


I can't believe Akari grew up to be a gyaru

What is your most favorite quality about Akaza Akari?

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Pure innocence

Wait till i grab her hand like a total degenerate.

I tagged all the namori yuru yuri dailies I downloaded from instagram
It was a lot of work.

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Already tarnished by pink hair.

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>Are you the user who started watching yryr recently?
No, that's me
>Did you finish yet?
Yes. Oh my god it was so amazing, I really can't believe how long it took me to finally watch it. It's really hard for me to talk about what I loved because I loved the whole thing. My favorite episode is probably S3E2 because it's the one that I keep coming back too, because I love Akane's secret obsession with Akari. A close second is S2E11. Really any episode where Akari is front and center is a great one

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What happened here? It looks like Brat purchased Akari from Kyouko but Chinatsu has the leash.

Wouldn't you buy an Akari if you could?

It's a reverse psychology thing

Glad to hear it. Yryr is such a fun and comfy show and it makes me happy to read stuff like this.

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The evil Chinatsu purchased Akari from her greedy previous owners Kyouko and Sakurako. Akari is terrified of being used as a tool by her friends for their own amusement instead of treating her with love and care as an equal friend. No doubt this kind of fears is the end result of Chinatsu abusing her both physically and mentally

Based, thank you for your hard work

I only tagged my files on disk, not anywhere online.

I know. I just wanted to say something nice while bumping

She's a good girl