One Piece

Oda does not know how to write and needs to retire. Let us take a very basic example of characters running up the stairs from Hunter X Hunter and see how it is handled.

Here in HxH Gon, Killua, Shoot and the others are confronted by Menthuthuyoupi a Royal Guard who is equivalent to a Yonko. Here you see Shoot's intense fear when confronted by the Royal Guardwhile Gon doesn't hesitate at all

So you see here, something so simple as running up the stairs became a very emotional scene with great character development of not just Gon but also the side characters like Shoot? No filler. No nonsense of fighting fodder for multiple chapters. Just straight up good story telling.

So compare this scene to Luffy running up the stairs fighting fodder for multiple chapters just so Oda can stale to reach chapter 1000 lmfao! The level of quality between the two are night and day. How can an author get away with admitting himself that he was staling to reach chapter 1000 is beyond my understanding.

I am not even asking Oda to be as good as Togashi. All I ask of him is just to do the most basic fundamental things like don't waste the reader's time on nonsense filler.

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Critical error here. One piece villains are not meant to be threatening, they are meant to be laughed at.


>Gon's face shows he is angry
>His dialogue shows that he is conflicted
>still spoonfed to reader through unnecessary narration
>one of the least egregious examples in the entire art
YosHACKhiro Togashi doesn't know the first thing about not wasting the reader's time, shut the fuck up hiatuscuck.

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One Piece, HxH (and whatever anime you think I'm a -fag for) suck

It's funny to me that you can pick any shounen battle manga and compare it to One Piece and the execution in fights are clearly better handled. Oda created a battle shounen with over 1000+ chapters and still doesn't know how to handle fights instead it has gotten worse throughout the years. For someone who claimed that he doesn't like drawing fights, he sure does draw fights a lot.

First thing Oda needs to learn is how to have a legitimate reason for your main character to defeat the main antagonist of your story. Here you see Togashi creating the cause of defeating Pitou due to Kite's death. Or Kurapika defeating Uvogin due to the spiders destroying Kurapika's village. Why again does Kaido need to be defeated? No one knows yet because Oda refuses to tell us.


Next step of writing shounen 101 is that when you spend over 30 chapters on your main character training, you would expect that the training will pay off. You see how one event follows the other in HxH i.e Gon and Kurapika trained in Zetsu, Nen, etc which were crucial in defeating their opponents. You see how they used the power systems that they trained in to defeat their opponents? No bullshit power ups that have nothing to do with what they trained in? Whereas in One Piece Luffy trains for 30 chapters and then gets two new power ups that have nothing to do with the training. Drawing shounen fights isn't rocket science. When you write a training arc, make sure you don't waste the reader's time.

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>when you have to mislabel your HxH thread as a One Piece thread because nobody wants to talk to you

This sort of thing happens a few times in One Piece. Usopp / Nami are scared of whoever the big bad is, but Luffy rushes in recklessly.

When is the next chapter of HxH?

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>and needs to retire
that's stupid as fuck. If you don't like it just don't read it.

top kek

Your trying to compare the greatest Mangaka of all time, to a mangaka that turned his art into just dialogue panels, before going on hiatus forever?

I knew Hunter Fags were delusional, just see the reaction when you call their manga a "shonen", but to actually think your mediocre cliff note of a story is on par with One Piece is so laughably absurd, you might as well be comparing gourmet chocolate to a wet fart

win the Solar system reaches the other side of the Milky way

I agree

The unweighted narration adds to the tension

Togashi is incapable of conveying emotion through his art imo. It just isn't good.

which is why he uses narration

>greatest mangaka of all time

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Starting to see why he switched to being a light novel

yeah MY TENSION, cause the more I saw it the more fucking annoyed I got
that's an impressive cope btw, kudos

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A thousand chapters and most characters have no development at all. Usopp is basically trhe same as he was back in the arc where he was introduced for example

Get better scans before making a thread with a manga page, please.

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bad scans are better because they hide togashit's terrible art

>muh bad art

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This shit made no fucking sense. Doesn't a mission like this is involve putting absolute faith in your allies and believing they will get their job done? What's the point of changing plans mid mission because of some unlikely chance?

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Oda actually rushed Luffy to the rooftop for chapter 1000, which is why he lost to Kaido so many times. You misinterpreted his statement. It's still bad writing but he didn't really have a choice when everyone was expecting something special for the landmark chapter.

yea that's pretty bad, i agree.

>a Royal Guard who is equivalent to a Yonko.
equivalent how? threat level? role in the story? Youpi isn't the strongest ant and the protagonists literally view him as a secondary obstacle standing in the way between them and the king.
this is such a retarded comparison I refuse to read the rest of your post.

>why does kaido
fucking speedreader

I like HxH more than One Piece overall and it's no contest for post timeskip Piece. Still, these are dumb
> Show don't tell
Midwit rule taught at writing 101 for those that don't know how to write, aka a guideline for babies that need to submit to convention
> Why again does Kaido need to be defeated
Dozens of chapters in act one in wano demonstrate this. Either you're a speedreader or too dumb to get any stakes besides "you killed him so I kill you" meaning you're also too dumb to appreciate the true depth of HxH
> when you spend over 30 chapters on your main character training
Literally has never been this many chapters on training in OP

in conclusion you are stupid and not true hunterfags

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Hiatus > awful and rushed ending
>oh my rub-
We have nothing, hxh won
t. Ex op fan

>letting the audience understand the subtext naturally without telling them is...midwit!

Treating it as a holy rule not to ever be interfered with is midwit. And the fact that you just assumed that's what I was doing without understanding my point is more dumbass than midwit.

>muh holy rule
Nice straw man. user just gave a bad example of unnecessarily telling the audience. hxh is full of it. togashit is often telling the audience rather than showing (in most cases the scene make it clear anyway but he tells for no reason).

I think he's insecure about his art so he saturates his manga with exposition to make up for it.

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this low quality bait doesn't even deserve (You)s
go get pegged with a scimitar.

So explain why they're bad then.

Are you retarded? Do you not realize that text is completely unnecessary? It's obvious from what's happening in the scene. This is what happens when you don't listen to your editors.

Why is it unnecessary and why is it bad? If you can't explain, you're going to seem a bit midwitty.

Obvious bait is obvious, because Usopp has one of the more complete arcs out of anyone.

>reading comprehension
Because anyone with a 3 digit iq can discern it all from context. The text adds no extra information.

And why does that make it bad? You have failed yet again to demonstrate this.

Next year for the 25th anniversary

Because they hurt the flow. And plastering unnecessary text boxes over your manga is ugly.

unironically easier to read than most shounen these days.

How does it hurt the flow? And why are the text boxes ugly?

>doesn't even think about everyone he needs to save and avenging the coolest dead guy

>How does it hurt the flow?
Because they're unnecessary.
>And why are the text boxes ugly?
You seriously asking this?

> Because they're unnecessary.
And why are they unnecessary?
> You seriously asking this?

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I concur, those double spreads have too few panels

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I like this spread a lot and both series, however Oda quite literally doesn't have the time/space to do stuff like that anymore. He will sometimes if it's really important like Luffy awakening his fruit.

But yeah you just want Oda to retire because we're about to get to the final war which is our most important arc, no need to hide behind a ruse.

>And why are they unnecessary?
> You seriously asking this?
Text boxes are ugly. Nothing else to say.

This isn't the new thread btw.

I think the narration is necessary because all the characters go through such emotional growth, that the only way to capture it is through narration of their emotions.

>the inner conflict...was too much to bear
Woah major reveal there. I totally didn't understand that from context.

It really isn't but that one isn't a good example. The best example of narration being necessary is with characters like meruem and youpi.

Scratch that, youpi's battle wouldn't be the same without the narration.

>For someone who claimed that he doesn't like drawing fights, he sure does draw fights a lot.
Not in the raid though. It's mostly just fodders (and sometimes named characters) making fighting poses and yelling.

how enlightening!

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