Healer Girl

I love this anime so much. So so much.

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I’m enjoying the main group.

Kana is your typical goofy semi-ditzy MC but she’s still very likable.

Sonia is kind of bad and really not that pretty despite what she says. Her hairstyle really doesn’t do her any favors. (You could land a C-5 Galaxy on that forehead.)

All in all I’m enjoying it and hope the rest of the season is a lot of fun and full of lovely songs.

I bet the recording room must have been a lot of fun with all the lyricals.

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Me too. I'm glad they're continuing the spontanious musical sections. While hearing that same melody from the first episode again was nice I hope they don't repeat it too much, though it's still cool to hear the same music with different lyrics. Sonia should keep her hair down.

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I just picked it up because of a thread on here. I'm only 10 minutes in and it's already fucking awesome. It's weird how I haven't seen it recommended anywhere.

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>an anime musical series
When was the last time this happened?

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Healer Girl is the right name for this show, I'm actually getting healed by it. I love the cast and the music is really good. Both the OP and ED are among the best this season

There's been a few where the characters sing at each other to advance plot or exposit, but nothing quite like this outside of one-off episodes in otherwise non-musical shows.

Shame it's looking like it will stay obscure, so probably no surge of TV anime musicals in the near future.

Disney+ is now distributing anime like STR...

2chan thread

>Sonia should keep her hair down.

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Are healers allowed to have boyfriends and sex and bear children, or are they like nuns?

This episode was great. It's both fun and relaxing.


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Look at how cute Shinobu is in casual clothes. I like her.

>Sonia is kind of bad and really not that pretty despite what she says.
This is the era of forehead supremacy, my friend. You need to catch up with the times.

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What the fuck this is an anime music series? Like I’m Disney when they bust into song randomly? IVE BEEN SAYING THEY NEED TO DO THIS FORVER!!! I might give this a shot. I feel like I haven’t seen a good anime in fucking YEARS. Literal FUCKING YEARS. Without spoilers can I get a basic definition on what this series is about? You don’t have to spoon feed me. Just a very basic definition. I don’t want to get spoiled on one of the songs.

>Without spoilers can I get a basic definition on what this series is about?
You could just read the synopsis, you know.

Yeah but I have a curse. Whenever I google a show I immediately get slammed with a huge spoiler.

Alternate universe where music is considered the third branch of medicine (along with Western and Eastern). Follows 3 apprentices as they try to become licensed music healers

Today was a great chapter. This series is SoL pinnacle.

Literally me trying to get up early enough to watch this episode before going to work.

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This show is basically a Disney musical made into a weekly series rather than a movie.

>watch this episode before going to work
Why would you want to do this? Isn't it much more enjoyable to watch the episode once you're home and ready to relax?

It's actually healing me. Relieves some pain at least.

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>Sonia is kind of bad and really not that pretty despite what she says. Her hairstyle really doesn’t do her any favors. (You could land a C-5 Galaxy on that forehead.)

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Yeah, this is almost like opera.

Sadly, I think it's only for this episode. Most of the episodes would probably be like episode 2. I hope they'll prove me wrong in the next episode, of course, but I find it hard to believe they're going to do this again next episode.

They've had it since episode 1.

It's the only way I can participate in discussion threads. With the exception of rare cases like Shamiko having a 24/7 general, any thread for a seasonal CGDCT show will be dead before I get home from work.

This is an original anime, there's nothing to spoil

I want to wife Sonia!

Looks like Luffy wearing his strawhat from the thumbnail.

Me too but then again I wouldn't want my kids to have balding issues at that age.

>When was the last time this happened?

Final episode of Wataten IIRC

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Not as much as episode 3. Also, there's pattern to it. I believe they never do this kind of speak-singing thing in a serious or sad context, for whatever reason, which is a shame, because muh 'true art is angsty', etc.

Mistress, I'm already a demon.

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I just binged all three episodes and now I have to wait for more. This isn't fair.

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She probably already memorized Shishou's whole room by taking photos from all angle.s


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loop it back and forth

Starlight revue?

If in this world anyone can be a healer doesn't that means there's an specific decibel to reach that "harmony"? They could even create a system to heal everything everywhere, honestly this worldbuilding seems kind of dumb.

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It's magic. You gotta put your feelings into it.


Recordings work, but it's limited. Personal care is much better.

>They could even create a system to heal everything everywhere
Did you not pay attention to the conversation at the shrine? There's more to it than just noise.

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Would negative decibel cause destruction?

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Decibels are just relative values. It'll just mean its lower than some base value that was chosen for that scale.

Symphogear (kinda)?

Sonia has enough forehead for two.

She took Shinobu's.

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Why is she the only one in her family with two-tone hair?

Currently binging through and on episode 2. Haven't felt this level of comfy since flying witch. Thanks for bringing this show to my attention Yea Forums

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She's a protagonist.