DAILY Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

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Chapter 48
Chapter 49GET OFF YOUR ASS Yea Forums ITS TIME TO WORK OUT with cute dumb girls doing FIT things!!!!!

This series is on the same universe as Kengan ashura / Omega by the hack writer Sandrovich.

Its time for Volume 6

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Chapter 50

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How /fit/ is he?

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yep, this is one of those chapters

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its ovaaa

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they need more of this retard

dying quickly today

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Thanks for the dump.

Thanks for the dump like always OP.

Oh hey, that camera store is a reference to professional wrestler Dick Togo.

These threads keep dying out annoyingly close to the time when a new chapter is about to be dumped.

Thanks for the dump and the rich chuuni

i can only do so much

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who trained today?

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Touch the cow

Cute sensei

I was able to bench 225 pounds for 5 reps this week
feels nice

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bench is always the best feeling for me.
i had 225 x5 for one of my sets on Saturday but kilos and close grip w/15kg bands to a block after the main lift

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thanks op

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Do it now.

wear proper shoes

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Why aren't you lifting while watching anime, Yea Forums?

which do you recommend to buy keratin?

What the heck is a "gigasquat?"

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no home gym. i could between sets on ME day. im not there long enough on DE/RE days
do you mean creatine?
a gigachad squat

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I have the same height (yes I am a manlet) and weight but my chest is 91 cm how?

Don't women find it gross to think that they're trying on clothes that a bunch of other women have also worn, that have been in direct contact with their asses and vaginas?

One doesn't sample underwear you goober.

yep to what?

thanks for the dump

yep, i want to buy some of that


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Thanks for the storytime OP.

tapered belts are trash for everything but weightlifting (s/c&j)

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I forgot where I got to with these.

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alright, alright

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Why is this still the only Asian man to this day who bothered to get swole?

nice, now no one can accuse her of using a fake dumbbell


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no. my job here is done. I'm out. so long, suckers.

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