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>Read LN - Funny
>Read manga - Funny
>Watch anime - Cringe because every joke turns into a 5 minute scene of everyone screaming

excuse me its lalatinxs you fucking bigot

Where are her nipples?

She canon has no nipples.

I can’t see or hear anything other than Alice. That’s what I get for watching SAO first.

Why is Aqua saggy?

I think she’s drawn in such a way that she doesn’t wear a bra

She just is.

I want to lalatina Lalatina's lalatinas!

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No bra

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And Kazuma chose that dumb loli over her?

There's a manga?

Don't stick your dick in crazy, user.

>And Kazuma chose that dumb loli over her?

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Damn her pout face cute af

>ywn motorboat Dorkness

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nah thanks

Well the anime is never getting episodes ever again, are you happy about that?

What would she do if you just, like, started gently hugging her and treating her nicely and being kind to her?

Would that break her brain?

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Pretty clear she has nipples here

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The anime is the best version PRECISELY because of the voice acting though.

If Darkness has no nipples and Aqua has no panties, what does Megumin not have?

No butthole. Prove me wrong.

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no puto

Body hair of any kind.

She's full circle so denying her abuse is abuse so it makes no difference treating her like shit or not she cooms either way.

Can't she just get rid of it?

Jeez, what a mess.

A soul

I watched the movie for the second time last night and out of all the jokes Darkness' reaction to there being no male orcs left still absolutely kills me.

Her form is terrible

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I can be her coach

No spells

That’s what natural tits with no bra look like.

Breasts. Or a womanly body.

No womb. She can't have babies.

>use the word "cringe"
>has a shit opinion
many such cases

What did she do?



Watch Kazuma & Megumin do it

I don't understand this normalfag show

lala's latinas

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Truly the best pillow.