Zombieland Saga / Zombie Land Saga Gaiden

Something something Zombies, something something idols, something something Tae's underage boytoy

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Oh and some unimportant bike girl

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I'm trying to speedrun this dump because I have shit to do

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Hey look, it's John Romero

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OK, dumped it all before the thread 404's. Catbox is being fucky right now so I'll try to dump the link when the other user dumps the scanlated Anthology chapters later today. New issue of Ultra Jump comes out the May 19th in Nippon time

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That's a cool kaiju design

Too bad they don't have their mecha yet to take care of Sagako

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Does Yea Forums just not like ZLS?

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Saga's curse manifested shitposters that drives anons away from these threads

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They love each other so much

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Based Sagako ACAB

Posting Chapter 2 of Anthology

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Gaiden didn't say Tae's birthday yet?


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End of Chapter 2

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Classic Franchouchou, their outing being an absolute shitshow

I dread when we get to Chapter 5 of Anthology

Posting Chapter 3 of Anthology

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Has Gaiden ever said anything about Tae's birthday or how she died?

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