Something small I really like is when Hara briefly focuses on the budding hatred the other states and peoples would have of Qin. From Juuteki decades back and Zhao now. It feels very visceral. Obviously the Qin are our stand-ins in the story but it makes the situation more complex than if Hara had just framed all the other kingdoms in opposition to Qin's expansion as selfish, illogical or small-minded and /ourguys/ as the ungrudging heroes who had to sigh and take one for the team.

You want Sei to complete his goals but you also want to see all the previous enemies Qin squashed run a train on them.

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why bother writing ur thoughts on a pruned thread in 2 hours? just wait till scans or gook-tl threads

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I overestimated Kingdom's popularity.

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Zhao aren't people and deserve extermination.

Reading Kingdom as one of my first manga from this period was very jarring to me, I didn't realize how much Hara was rewriting popular perception to make Qin's expansion sympathetic.

Hara definitely whitewashes the rationales of the Qin authority for their expansion.
What he doesn't whitewash is the actions they take. Sei makes it clear that he wants to put an end to the age of warfare by warfare no matter how bloody it may be. Although he said this in mind to try to minimize the deaths wherever he can, that he doesn't understand the full extent of how much bloodshed there'll be. Kanki was the first big blow to his bravado of doing whatever it takes.
Ouhon flooding the Wei capital and later putting his trust in Shin instead of Ousen for the conquest of Chu will probably be others
But the other kingdoms are well in their right to want to defend their lands.

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I'm still mad that Sei didn't kill his mom's kids.


Just wait for the mercury arc.

I don't like weak leaders

God i wish.
what are your predictions about ir?

Right, doesn't Sei historically start doing schizo shit after this very arc? It's gonna be interesting to see how Hara writes it.

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>what are your predictions about ir?
Sei is literally already a schizo. He still has his trauma from when he was a kid and he was the Zhao's punching bag in the shape of these zombie hands that act up whenever his PTSD gets triggered. The hands represent Sei's internalised self-hatred and guilt. The more Qin conquers the more he'll start seeing these hands.

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Sei slowly loses his mind while Ten seethes.

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Ten is the character who will suffer the most, nearly every blunder Qin ever made will be paid back with ten suffering.

He's just palace boy after all

He regrets having Han Fei executed and starts hallucinating shit and ordering mass executions in conquered states. Hara will play it so Sei goes crazy from the guilt.

I'm waiting on the tl before posting, it's the unspoken rule.

A reminder that this will be Ri Boku's fate! Kan Ki CHADS ASSEMBLE!

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If it makes u feel any better, he actually did irl. His mom too.

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his mom died of illness IRL

Sei irl was 10 times more cold-blooded and ruthless than the twink you read about in this manga. You know it was normal to exterminate someones entire family bloodline if they tried to fuck you over in that period.

>he actually did irl
Based, Sei, I knew he wasn't a coward!

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He even killed the people who spoke badly of her, and personally went to Handan to bury alive those who defamed her and him. Sei was a proper royal and those who insulted royalty needed punishment. The likeliness that he had her killed is pretty low considering he spared her and used her for a while. She most likely died from any of the illnesses you could get back then.

I just found out that after Xiang Yu's destructive invasion of Kanyou he purged the entire male members of Qin's royalty (and burned down the palace).

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>he purged the entire male members of Qin's royalty (and burned down the palace).
Who is this Xiang Yu guy?

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what happened to the females?

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The real hero of this manga (yet to be born).
It isn't written but


I know he did, that's why I'm mad

you know

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alright, thread is still alive so here we go. ch 717

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that was quick

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Chouhei 3.0

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Meh.. I think it had more too do with putting Zhao in its final coffin. His mom came from one of ruling noble families that ruled in Zhao court. The other Zhao nobles talked shit and argued with his moms family could also be an excellent excuse too purge the last of the ruling Zhao niggers. All and all this shit happend more than 2000 years ago even most of the info we got today about the Qin are very sketchy. Since most of it was written by someone from the Han dynasty who hated the Qin.


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I'm going to have an early night but thanks tlanon

>Kanki-sama, Shin is doing something!
>I figured, you lot follow him, Maron go get my tent and some Seki girls

That's true, but he ultimately used both his mom and Lu Buwei as tools to justify his hunting of dissidents. Any Zhao who complained was killed or exiled. He would have wanted to keep the charade going, but he ultimately lost his marbles somewhere along the way

>gook site is asking for verification
The hell?

>hi shin army will abandon the role of being a wall for the right wing

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>Trust your boy!
Kan Ki's sophistication is unparalleled!

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I like seeing Shin do something for once

>shin finally acting like a fucking general
Thank you jesus.

Time for kanki to feel what it's like to have units go rogue on you

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>Shin is kankis janny
But Shin actually gets paid. Not just in gold but also in property. How much does Yea Forums janny get paid again?

trust me eyes

Tsk, don't compare Shin to those rabbles. He is useful for his master.

>"This delusional farmer has lost his mind!"

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>shut up and follow me
based shin

>if I leave him his plot armour will stop protecting me

>shin giving orders
its over

Truly the antithesis of Ousen

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>Just follow me without words!
Based, Shin, has risen to a difficult height!

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There's an idea for a oneshot, a protagonist starts losing his mind and becomes depraved but all his companions are afraid to leave or defy him because they're aware of the plot armor he has and extends to them

Sounds barebones and gimmicky enough to become an ongoing isekai

He's blinded by his own strategy succeeding thus far, time for a reality check


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