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Why is Shenron still the most powerful?

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got killed by king piccolo... wow that's got to be embarrassing... don't post again

17 COULD avoid the human extinction attack, he just chose not to.
Super alludes to this when he says that he has no problem being erased if everyone else is erased as well.

Yakon is weaker than Frieza. Shin is a retard and doesn't know what he's talking about.

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>got killed by king piccolo... wow that's got to be-AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE SHENRON-SAMA PLEASE DON'T HURT ME I'M SORRY

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woah dude... is that shenron... scaring a small human child??? holy shit he's OP as fuck

What if there's a legendary Super Humanjin form that nobody's figured out?

>OG gagshit prequel

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SUPERRETARDED Buu most likely couldn't sense his ki.

>Lizard cope

Will job to STACYdroid 18

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Humans could transform (see pic related) but they're not relevant enough to get any forms.
>inb4 "that's not a transformation"
Growing two arms out of your fucking back is a much more drastic transformation than your hair turning a new color.

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I actually had sex with Android 17, get fucked Krilling

GODku? Makes KNEELgeta dogs SEETHE.
HOLYku? Made SHITly CRY.
ALLPOWERFULku? Rules /dbs/ with an iron fist.

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I meant to say 18 I'm not gay

Saiyan's mental state changes when they go super.

He lost to all of them.

Lgbt+ Goku is above Beerus level

I hate /dbs/ so much, mfs really ignored me when I said that Bardock was going to use the "Saiyan Soul" against Gas. Well, look who's laughing now.

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humans do that too it's called being on there periods

ENTER the Freeza one shotters.

Dragon Ball fans can't read.

And how many times has that been relevant or even apparent in their behavior? From the top of my head, it's the first time Goku goes SSJ against Frieza, Gohan going SSJ2 against Cell (the only time it's plot-relevant), and that's it, sans the different way he talks when he goes SSJ3 in the anime.
And Super Saiyan Blue doesn't change their mental state as far as I'm aware. And a change in mental state isn't a requirement for a transformation, anyway.

Nobody can one-shot TANKza.

it's frieza

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Well, the relevance of SSB changing mentality, at least in the anime, is that it allowed Goku to stack Kaioken on top of it because of its calm nature.

>traps Freeza in a rice cooker
Nothing personal.

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Can you even count? He hit Frieza a lot more than once.

Couldn't even do that to Raditz... wow that's got to be embarrassing... don't post again.

your sanity = shattered

But they get angry when in SSB all the time. So it's not even consistent.

You can't even count to FUCKlNG one.

He was enjoying himself (not trying), he killed King Cold (stronger than Freeza) With one attack because he had his fun already.

He’s the main protagonist of Dragon Ball.

Well, much like Ultra Instinct, you can still have emotions while in the form. SSB itself has a balanced and calm nature, not necessarily the person using it.

>I-I-It doesn't count!!!!
Transformation is more than physical.
>And Super Saiyan Blue doesn't change their mental state as far as I'm aware
Blue makes you calmer and that's why Goku and Bejita can use ki better than any other form.
Because Blue is a mix of God and Super Saiyan

Imagine your character not being in the title of the series. Couldn't be me.

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it's freeza

Scalies BTFO

more like his testicles

Why is Dragonball so inconsitent?



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>>Transformation is more than physical
>no evidence presented
OK, what were Freeza's mental changes throughout all his forms? What were Cell's mental changes? I'll wait.



post 1 (1) inconsistency I'll wait

Try reading a dictionary.

How does the big dragon come from the small balls? Toriyama has never answered this and i consider it an abysmal plot hole.

Gohan is said to be Gokus son yet we KNOW he never touched Chichi.

How did you?

Reminder that Freeza was still alive and conscious before the finishing ki blast.

>not even an attempt at a refutation

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Goku breathing in space in BoG.
It's magic he doesn't have to explain shit.

Does Piccolo have less durability than normal. He's the only z fighters who frequently loses his limb. Is it a Buu situation where bullet can pierce his body, but it regen fast

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ok... that's just one inconsitency it's hardly enough to call the series inconsistent


>1. UI (the transformation) is not a quirk of saiyan physiology, it's something anyone can attain. (Proof: Beerus recognized it by its white hair, Whis has knowledge about the transformation).
>2. UI frees you from the power limits of mortals, it is a flat power boost that immediately puts you in the Angel tier of power. (Proof: Whis called it the "state of the gods" and the "limit-breaking form of the gods", the manga even flat out calls it Angel power.)
>3. Anyone can attain UI through training (Proof: Stated by Whis).
>4. Roshi gained a Beerus-level control of UI through sheer experience and martial skill (Proof: Manga)
5. A calm disposition and pure-hearted dedication to martial arts make it easier to master Ultra Instinct. (Proof: Whis' statements)
6. Tenshinhan is one of the most dedicated martial artists on the planet, somewhat spiritual, and has a calm disposition. (Proof: OG DB + DBZ).

- From premises 1 we can conclude that Tenshinhan can theoretically achieve the white-haired (in principle) UI transformation.
- From premise 2 we can conclude that this would make his powerlevel reach Angel levels.
- From premises 3, 4, 5, and 6 we can conclude that Tenshinhan is one of the best candidates for the mastery of UI on planet Earth

In summary, of all the people on Earth Tenshinhan is the most likely to attain the Ultra Instinct transformation, and if he were to do so he would become Angel tier.
I rest my case.

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Shenlong LOST

>S-Spoonfeed me!
You lost because you are lazy. G.

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Shenron and Porunga should be omnipotent yet limited to a set of guidelines given to them by Super Shenron.

>King Cold (headcanon)
Frieza is stronger with 0 training. He's the Broly of his race.
He needed to cut Frieza into bits before obliterating him, as Frieza was still alive up until the blast (source: RoF).

Trunks’ hair color

>Plot armor makes Freeza not just instantly pop the planet again
Suuuure, Vegeta can't react fast enough with a charged ki blast right in front of him but Goku can scream and charge in from a fucking mile away and win.

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Nah, him losing his limbs are a way to show how strong a character Is, otherwise he should be just as tanky as your regular fighter.

That’s just problem with characters that can regenerate in general, they start losing limbs because the narrative can just say “well they’ll regenerate anyway lol”


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I can tell from the fucked up formatting that you pasted this from somewhere else, but I agree. Anyone could get UI. They won't because they're not relevant.

>>UI (the transformation) is not a quirk of saiyan physiology, it's something anyone can attain
Do “people” really think UI is Saiyan exclusive?

he's bald

The whole series is Saiyan exclusive to spics.

I asked for one

Forgot to mention, Piccolo got his neck broken by Cell and got a big chunk of his body blown off and still survived.

I remember some retards used to argue UI as a transformation was because saiyans just process everything through transformations, or some dumb shit like that.

Yes, anybody can get UI.
You got one from each person.

People survive broken necks all the time.

>regeneration abilities and insta-heal plot devices (like senzu beans) are always used as an excuse to have the characters job
Why does every mangaka do this? Just because a character CAN heal doesn't mean you have to make them eat shit in every fucking fight. It's like in JoJo part 5 where every character is constantly tearing off their own limbs and ripping out their own eyeballs and shit because they can just be healed.

>You got one from each person
Yeah but I didn't want more than one because that proves the series is inconsistent

Cool what about this.

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This, it's the same for Majin Buu, you just lightly touch him with the weakest Ki attack and it burns off half his body.

>still trying to force this three-eyed background fodder filler joke gag prequel comedic relief literal who Dodoria-tier jobber
Sad, SAD tourist.

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Saw a webm of a guy who was in an explosion or something and had a massive hole like that and still lived.

>sub-base Bejita tier fodder gag character
lmao!!! no.


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>sub-base Bejita tier fodder gag character
...but enough about Beerus.

>Namek Goku couldn’t physically break down the door
>100% Frieza couldn’t physically break down the door
>Mecha Frieza couldn’t physically break down the door
>Krillin couldn’t physically break down the door
>Tenshinhan couldn’t physically break down the door
>Tired MSS Goku couldn’t physically break down the door
God, so fucking POWERFUL.


Kek. So true.

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>>Namek Goku couldn’t physically break down the door
% Frieza couldn’t physically break down the door
>>Mecha Frieza couldn’t physically break down the door
>>Tired MSS Goku couldn’t physically break down the door
Source for any of these?

>3.62 MB of mental gymnastics
>a hunk of metal

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Is SSJ4 Gojita the most handsome character in Dragon Ball?

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Why would Piccolo talk to a weak bench warmer like Tien?

Bejitabros? How come we never got celebrated like this?

>Tien is stronger than both 19 and 20
>he wasn't strong enough to beat the door
Why didn't Gero bring the door with him instead of 19?

>Could not refute it

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TenLORDS won.

Run while you can, bitch!

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Tournaments are for faggots.


>w-well Piccolo ignored the fodder triclops!! t-that means he's strong guise!!

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