It's the fact that she's hiding the most obscene, voluptuous body, with pink lingerie...

It's the fact that she's hiding the most obscene, voluptuous body, with pink lingerie, under those almost nun like hijab clothes is what makes Chika so fucking hot.
Don't you agree?

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Also the fact that she's a lesbian.

Hayasaka will be fondling this for the rest of her life


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Wow who cares.

You are being too obvious.

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Prez got a nice feeling of it but the anime cut it.

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Not really, she's a cute girl with a curvy body she tries to hide

You should try spending more time with your GF and less time on the pc Hayasaka san

I wonder what's more pink, her hair or her puffy nipples and pussy.

all ruined by the fact that she's an annoying bitch

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Hnnnnnnng Chika is so cute and sexy

>ridiculous pink hair with dumb ribbon
>dressed with one of the unsexiest uniform ever
Who the fuck want to shake chika's fat ass?

Me. Pink sluts are the most fun.

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We know, Hayasaka

Are you this restarted you shitskin?
Ban me you nigger

Me and you both.

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And don't you fucking dare to say i am lying.

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h-how do you know I want to fuck chika with you? n-no homo.

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If this is true, this hurts me

I don't agree.
It's her personality that's the real prize.
You're lying there, exhausted and needing a few minutes before you untie her after sex, and she goes
>What are you thinking about?
>Okay but allocated as we want not down the line okay?
And you know it's gonna be alright.

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For me it's Hayasaka

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For Hayasaka, it's Chika.

chika erotic!

She's also a dyke.

Marry Chika!

uh can't handle her mentally, I feel sorry for you

thats it I don't prefer her body type, but she is so much fun

Hayasaka pls

one of the best trolling the author did, create the perfect waifu and take her away

i like when she raps

its cute yo

lesbian aren't real

So this is the newest girl that people bait yurifags and anti-yurifags over. Great board.

It's time to stop, bodies like this weren't made for a woman.

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t. Hayasaka

So is it true or not? Please..I need to know...

Chika's puffy nipples...

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The life of a self-inserter sounds very sad.

I like to imagine Prez cheating on Kaguya with Chika.

Anime isn't either. Your point?

can't wait until all ishimiko shitters get btfo by chika jumping him off-screen

Hayasaka or Chika?

Reminds me of something...

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answer the question yourself

This guy knows.

when was this?

When the manga was good

Thick girls don't have a flat stomach, yes we know.

lewd whore

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There's no way that's actually in the anime.
Maybe I should watch this shit

I went looking for the source and found this gold

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fuck off retard

Give me one reason why we should allow Subject F to continue existing

Based coomer

I guarantee you that this was made by a SEA or even a South Asian weeaboo

Yeah, maybe you should.

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Well that's that decided

imagine both of them pressed up against your dick

>feel soft marsmallow from one side and bbq ribs from the other
Weird fetish, but okay.

Carol was first and Carol was better.

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