Honzuki no Gekokujou

It's Myne-day morning!

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I can't wait for JC Myne so I can finally be attracted to her.

>Local archduke candidate invents drive-by shootings.

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>chapter released last week had ferdinand, bonifatius and sylvester learn about guns from myne

Sex with Myne!

What's stopping you now?

I lack the capacity to do so.


Fredia is being used as a noble onahole at the same age and body type.

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It's been a few years, I forgot how fucked up the Honzuki world was. Not necessarily the loli sex part, but the FORCED loli marrage part with the only other choice being a painful death since the nobles literally want commoners with mana to die thinking it's a disease.

Freida's not getting "married" until adulthood

also its to damuel's brother who from what all we know is a pretty good guy, who also feels indebted to myne for saving his brother from execution (not that this matters since he doesnt know myne and freida are friends)

Who is the lucky bastard?

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do i read the WN, LN, Manga or watch the anime to start with this show, i was reading the manga on my phone but i don't know where i stopped so i'm thinking of picking it up again.

That's a big Myne.

I have a weakness for pants being visible under a dress.

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watch the anime and then read the light novels

I would recommend the LNs. The anime is kinda meh and the manga hasn't even reached the end of season 2 yet.

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Will we get to see her new undies though?

>anime doesnt air until 2:30am in japan
literally why, it's the latest airing anime im watching this season

All the hugging is too lewd for young children

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Will she grow up to be a lady with a huge rack

>Will she grow up

Judge for yourself

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Decent. There has to be like 60% padding in there though.
What matters most are the hips though.

Which TLs are the farthest in the story? WN or LN?

The official LN translation should be the farthest in out of any non-MTLs.

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>myne and frieda are friends
They're kinda not. Myne never really got over Frieda trying to manipulate her into debt and being pushy in general. Frieda did feel like Myne is her friend, but she kinda fucked up.

>*Doppler effected rap music*

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Myne is so sexy

they're certainly friends, they just literally have no chances to interact after that because of the assassination plots/winter/death/nobles cant be friends with filthy peasants

At least she did fuck up as badly as Eglantine.

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but user, they're still best friends at the end of the story

Hannerole would like to have a word or two with you.

also weird fact about bookworld. years are like 400 days in that world, so most characters are effectively 1-2 years older than you think they are.

I just want to read Myne's book.
But i know where to find the mtl.

It's kind of weird how late this comes out. The first two seasons didn't come out so late, right?

just blazed through the last 200~ parts of the WN during the past few days and it was the most fun I had in a very long time. cried like a bitch during several parts of the last stretch of the story. looking forward for the LN to end and get some nice illustrations

myne is eglantine's best friend just like myne is hannelore's best friend the slut

Her name is MAIN because she is the main character.


Eglantine forcing Rozemyne to visit the shrines and driving her into a corner really emphasized that you can never truly trust people of a higher status, that betrayal really fucked her up consideing it was one of the traumas she forgot after the Mestionora incident

has finally come around to watch 26.5.1

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and of course 26.5.2

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It's weird how Gilse's one doesn't have Sylvester in it.

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Why is this seasons so packed with onaholes.

So when does she get pregnant?

Several months after her graduation.

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Most of them are "old" lolis too. Myne isn't a baba but still an adult in a loli body, while you have Loux who's full noja lolibaba.

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Well I need an illustration of her hyper pregnant self.

Almost a loglock.

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