Kengan Omega

Will Xia Ji need Ornstein & Smough to save his ass, or will he actually be competent enough to at least kill SOMEBODY from team kengan?

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New chapter?

Okay let's be realistic here.
If Xia Ji was chained up naked in a bad part of town and his only form of sustenance is cum; How many cocks does he need to take in a day to survive?

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Hassad soon.

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Xia Ji killing someone is far too much to expect. At this point what we really need to be asking it: will Xia Ji land a single (meaningful) blow on someone from team kengan?

He got stronger as he progressively lost more of his knives throughout the last chapter, so maybe he will if they decide to strip him naked?

>There is about 5–7 calories in the average teaspoon of jizz.
>The average male requires between 2000–3000 calories per day to maintain their weight.
Xia Ji would need to suck about 400 dicks a day just to survive.

Probably the Xia chase will just be a distraction for Jack and Dill to catch Ryuki

>Xia's clothes are woven together with millions of microscopic knives in order to keep him under control
Strip, Xia... It's the only way you'll be free.

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>>Xia's clothes are woven together with millions of microscopic knives
We Fate now?

I like Xia Ji's armpits.

Gil will come and save his dad's bff

Rereading Omega has been such a shitshow after the comfy start, Ashura rereads are way more palatable.

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>loving wife
I'm betting [Tokita Ohma] still hasn't porked Karura or Fusui in these last two years.

Why's he such a sexy slut?

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>Still mindbroken from purgatory arc
Get on with the time fag, we are in Xia dou now

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>Xia breaks his limit and realises (wow!) he's actually really strong
>Starts flexing bending crowbars in half and beating his chest like a goddamn gorilla
>Everyone goes "Whoa! He's strong!" as he rips out a manhole and throws it so hard he cuts down a telephone pole or something
>Everyone decides that suddenly they can't fight Xia Ji but-crucially-he's not allowed to actually beat any Kengan fighters. At best he flings around some Heavenly Jobbers or hits Akoya hard enough to damage his armour and makes him go "Am I losing my touch??" while still more or less having the advantage in battle
>His newfound smugness is abruptly cut off when the Head or the Connector oneshots him from behind
>Xia Ji existed solely to die as a sacrificial lamb for wanking the next villain who won't job, pinky promise
>He's left forgotten and dying alone in a ditch, until Inaba shows up to finish him off while Himuro spits on his corpse
You rike?

Probably gave Karla a child out of obligation at this point

Anyone who thinks Xia has superman syndrome is a drooling retard.

>"That aura... it reminds me of "him"...!"
>"Could he have reached "that level"?"
>"He must have went limp in his joints. I hate guys like that."
>"He just resisted having my "fist" pierce his "heart". His strength is unfathomable..."
>"He's "strong"... but he isn't "too strong to win"!"

Omega in a nutshell.

why is that? Because his weight is wrong?


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He's being chased by a bunch of jobbers
Won't be surprised if he takes out at least 3/5 of Nikaido Ren's group

It's probably not superman syndrome because of the weight thing, but Xia is clearly superhuman considering he's extremely physically capable without any significant training.

Does anyone have that image of Kazzy and Toady squared up like chads while picking the most unhinged roster for their Purgatory fights? Seriously Kazzy picked fucking Raian of all people.

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Sandwich could've easily given Hollis a chance to shine but noo, had to give more panel real estate to his lil edgy retarded baby boi Ryan

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>the special rule change didn't even matter because the fighters just stepped out in whatever order they felt like
truly 200IQ tournament

Somebody should really update this with Kazzy not asking people what the fuck is up with Lolong when Gao Lang seems to even know about his sex life and Goat coping by saying it was all keikaku at it was just a deworming plot.

It's basically already telling that story
>Hello worms bring your best men
and Kazzy inviting literally every serial killer he knows to his tournament

>what the fuck is "research"
Somebody having to explain the Purg fighters martial arts to Kazzy in real time will never not infuriate me.

>Purgatory usually knows about the other side/can figure out their styles
>Lolong knows Agito's whole backstory
>even Terashi has some information because of his job
>Kengan supplies amazing commentary such as "That guy looks asian"

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Honestly, they should've done with Kazzy what they did with GOAT
Don't even have him in the box if he's going to be that incompetent

But who will provide all those ebin reaction faces?

He can provide them from the audience, and Koga could still be in there giving fighters reach arounds
Him being with the other fighters was actually detrimental to his character, it's funny

>>Kengan supplies amazing commentary such as "That guy looks asian"
To be fair for Sandrovich, this was lost in translation. The context was the Naidan fight and one of the K*ngan people (probably Kazzy) said this. What he meant was that they're from mainland Asia.
It's like if you were in a tournament held in America and one of the contestants was wearing Lederhosen. Would it be so odd if somebody said
>"That guy looks European"

I miss solomon so much bros...

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Isn't that Fabio?

Thank you user, this shit kills me every time.

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Post your spiciest Kengan take.

I love Gilbert's design.

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Reminder that he is still the strongest in the verse.

Terashi is taller than 'the most talented martial arstist to ever live' with an objectively better build for fighting, naturally tough and has factually superior kinetic vision, so if he ever learned how to fight or got to use weapons he'd body everyone

He has the weakness of thinking everyone is literally himself tho

There will eventually be a fight where Kuroki struggles to make the first move on an enemy because he thinks his opponent is literally him and already predicted his every move

Why can't real life asian women look like this?

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Hitomi Tanaka?

So is he Edward's clone that was raised as his son, or was he also subject to Huisheng so he'd also have Edward's "soul"? Does this also mean Hei has also be crowded out by Edward?

Kuroki would have been screwed against Lu Tian if he'd recognised him as literally himself, Kuroki. Because Lu Tian is always the real himself and that would mean there are things about Kuroki (Lu Tian) that are unknown to Kuroki (Kuroki) and therefore Kuroki (Kuroki) would realise he's too fucking green to win this fight and go into it expecting to lose.

The next technique to be introduced in the series is Fusion

>Not El Dragon (Forma Rattata)

>Hello worm department? Bring your best men

Every fucking time.

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Kuroki would step into the ring, look at Lu and immediately concede after having a 20 minute foresight battle in his head where they just stand still.

That might not be a hot take, even Ohma's gary stu ass kept pointing out that Terashi had a lot of potential and was unconsciously dodging strikes, plus he absolutely refused to give up even though Okubo was beating his ass in every way. I really hope he actually started applying himself and became a fighter, even though it's probably not happening.

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Edwards clone offically raised as his son and subjected to Huisheng to be just "Edward" and no Hei.

How would you react if this wasn't just a running gag, but actual foreshadowing as well? She's from the inside, after all.

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Would make absolutely 0 sense but would get me to chuckle and then move on.

I wonder how pure Edward would be different than the presumed Edward/Hei mix was. My impression of Huisheng is that the soul of Hei completely takes over the person, since we don't see any conflicts between personalities.

>"Ohma, if you are reading this letter than I am dead. There is something important you need to know about Raian. He is actually two Kures that have spent their whole lives fused together for more power"

The taller fighter always loses in kengan though. It'd be a death sentence.

Stupid cute breedable dragon rat

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