I like Re:Zero, is pretty gud and wood reccomend

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Also the witches are pretty neat

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There's honestly a lot of cool characters, so it's hard to pick a favorite

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Also the world building is probably one of the best I've seen in any series. I don't think there's a lot of other ones that make it as big or filled with such history as Re:Zero

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But yeah, I think people should at least give it a chance, whether it be the anime, WN, or even the LN

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>Also the world building is probably one of the best I've seen in any series
Look up KonoSuba, easily the best world building in any isekai

Is it? I thought that since it was a comedy, it would be more focused on the characters than anything

You'd think someone would have designed the witches with witch hats.
Imagine Echidna with a big witch hat, it'd be perfect.

Love Rem.

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Seriously, why the fuck does emilia have no character? Did tappei really just design a character and forget what makes a character a character? The whole story revolves around her, but she isn't really much of a person and yet is the reason why Subaru does the shit he does. Everything else about the story is nice and all, but I swear to god if he ends this story with no development from her, he's a literal hack

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>that zipper

In her pov she's the protagonist of a happy adventure series where everything works out in the nick of time. I'm hopeful that at one point she'll finally get slapped with reality.

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This. The reason why some people like Subaru is because he goes through so much shit and still keeps moving forward and sometimes grows a bit. Emilia has barely had any real hardships or problems that she solved on her own without Subaru. Also the fact that their relationship has pretty much stayed the exact same after he literally kissed her is just infuriating. You'd think she'd show a little more emotion towards him after the fact, but I guess that would mean she'd have some resemblance of a character

and the fact that she doesn't know why she wants to save Subaru in the side story and then makes otto do all the work is just the cherry on top of the shit cake

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>why the fuck does emilia have no character
She is a vessel for Subaru to misplace his deep, mysterious attraction to Satella in her place.

Who'd the artist? I really like their more "realistic" and accurate designs
They haven't posted since 2015



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Patrasche was weird looking.

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Shut up Subaru.

She's muscle-brained.

Leave my true grandson alone

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I'm not saying Garfiel is a furry but...

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Anyone have rezero art drawn by other mangaka or pro artists?

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Emilia is pretty

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Why am I getting Vincent vibes from OldSubaru?

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We know, Subaru

>LN Kazuma > LN Subaru
>pre-LN Kazuma > pre-LN Subaru
Why? Why can't Subaru ever win?

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Here you go

Here is a Kazuma that Subaru could beat.

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We should also question why Rem became a one-note character after the mabeast incident

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Was pre-LN Megumin/Darkness better than pre-LN Ram/Emilia?

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That's not a big fancy witch hat though.

She didn't

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>proves my point

It's a scene that plays off Subaru's own misconceptions about Rem being "one-note". He's still treating her like an NPC and expects her to act a certain way for him. She doesn't. A lot of her actions leading up to From Zero show that she's not this forgiving unconditionally loving puppy Subaru thinks she is. This is why later on he calls her the strictest person in his life. Now arc 7 is retreading this in a more extreme way. Subaru literally says that he forgot how Rem really was in the early chapters of the arc.
Any way, how does it prove your point when it highlights the opposite?
You don't like her and you're biased I get it.

You should have posted the "You're not a hero" speech

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Exactly. This was a complete sucker punch from Rem. It hit so hard it drove Subaru's head in to the wall and the fanbase crazy, good or bad.
Her character is a roller coaster ride. She's the complete opposite of "one-note".

I'm just glad Tappei concluded the whole RemxSubaru romance off on an interesting note
It will be great to see where Subaru goes from here

Nothing was concluded I don't know where you get that idea from. Their dynamic has shifted with the situation. Subaru has lost sight of the meaning of being Rem's hero.
Subaru's trying to force it and it's weirding her out and causing drama and panic in Subaru. You can just see the yandere oozing out of Subaru in the last chapter he spoke with Rem.
If you think Tappei is just going to sweep their previous relationship under the rug with one chapter you're just disenguious or genuinely retarded.

>Nothing was concluded
Subaru's relationship with Rem has concluded.
It started with him being Rem's hero to her speech saying he will never be a hero.
It opened and closed perfectly.
It would be weird for it to continue.

You see, my dear reader, Rem was a living, complex character. But in Arc 3 she became something that could be described in 3 words: "I love Subaru"
But now it appears Rem will become a living, breathing, complex character again!

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>It would be weird for it to continue.
That's exactly what happened though. Did you read the next three chapters?
Subaru doubled-down on being Rem's hero and getting back her expectations.
You think that Al kabedon, "Get them back", and "For Rem" was for something else?

I personally find it far more interesting to have people in the Emilia camp that distrust Subaru again. Rem being anti-Subaru adds an interesting dynamic going forward.

You clearly didn't read arc 3 and only watched the anime.

>That's exactly what happened though
No it didn't.

>she became something that could be described in 3 words: "I love Subaru"
So just like Emilia since half way through arc 4, except covered with a thick layer of confusion and retardation.

>Subaru: […Am I an idiot? No, I am an idiot.]

>Wasn’t it like though nothing had changed from when he made that blunder at the Royal Castle?

>At that time as well, Subaru had attempted to disregard a massive hole, by pretense of asking Wilhelm to train him, in order to escape from the immense pain in front of him.

>But now, Subaru could not afford to be so weak.

>He had to protect Rem and bring her home. In contrast to that time, there was no one else he could turn to for that purpose. ――For Rem, there was only Subaru.

>And in order to reassure Rem, surrounded by anxiety and gone without memories, he could not display even a little bit of a pathetic appearance in front of her any longer.

>Even if Rem, who had forgotten everything, had stated that Subaru was not a hero.

>Even if the words that had so strongly supported Subaru’s back were retracted by that same face and voice.

>Subaru: [――I’m Rem’s hero.]

He even repeated his line about Rem from arc 2. He's not giving up being Rem's hero.

Unfortunately for both, yes.

>He's not giving up being Rem's hero

Post something from the novels that supports your claim. Or just read chapter 31 Hometown Talk.

>Post something from the novels that supports your claim

>Even if he had to force himself, Subaru had to look forward.
>He had to walk with his chest out, his back straight, and his legs wide apart.

>Subaru: “―For Rem”

Explain how this is giving up.


He's not going to give you a serious response, he's trolling.

What do I do after I read up to Volume 18 bros? Any fan translations of the Polish/Japanese releases which are halfway decent?

Read the WN

Shit, I remember back when you faggots could do better than just Greentext & "LOL".
At least before baits about Rem were rooted in the WN and provided some topic for discussion and debate.
Season 2 really attracted a lot of low IQ lazy shitposters to these threads and this is just the new brand of shitposting you see on places like d*scord.
Well I guess that makes sense considering how awful the season was.


You read the WN from arc 4 onwards because you haven't actually read the story.

The WN.
Also, if you're really hankering for content I suggest rereading arc 4's WN version first. You'll do your self a disservice not experiencing the peak of ReZero in its full glory and best form.

Where are these "shitposters" you speak of, user? Are the "shitposters" out to get you??

They're out to disappoint me actually. It's a sad state affairs when the best they can do now is "LOL".

They are laughing at you user.

That is indeed disappointing, very slothful indeed. Those "shitposters" need to get their act together if their going to impress you with their "shitposting"

Yea, you probably do need to make better bait