Daily Sanjin Sadou Chapter

Chapter 16: Chapter 17
now with proper title

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Oh boy 5:41 oclock

11 minutes of double checking the right title.

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ENTER proto-Jinka

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end of chapter. you better be having a wonderful easter, or we're gonna have an issue.

there are only 4 chapters left, and then it's over. do you think this story has been flowing well so far?

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I feel like it could have gone on much longer but it doesn't feel too rushed. Maybe that will change in these next 4 chapters but so far its been decent.

The story's stacked up a lot for something that's going to end in 4 chapters. We have to resolve Fubuki leaving Yoru behind, Irori's family issues, learn what Mugen's deal is and have Fubuki confront his shadow again. This is a lot of plotlines for his first manga but I have faith Mizukami can stick the landing.

>there are only 4 chapters left, and then it's over
wait what

And as always, thanks OP.

Thanks OP

yeah, i was shocked at how quickly it wrapped up on my first read as well.

Thanks OP. Yeah, despite fitting quite a bit into so few chapters, it doesn't feel too rushed

bump to read

>Sanjin Sadou
Aw no more angels

It's pretty good even if it's a little rough at times. It definitely feels like an early draft for his later manga. Thanks OP

Thanks OP
I've liked it so far

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by me

tatsuno that harlott, what is she doing here


No one can resist a glasses girl.

The whole series being canceled thing and all. It wasn't the most popular but it still got its two volumes.

it was cancelled? i thought he just wanted a short run for it. whod'a thunk.

Yeah, he mentions it in his autobiography manga as something that was really important and good for him because he had gotten a bit full of himself for a while when he finally got a serialization.

care to go into more detail? this is interesting to hear.

Let me see if I can find the page

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is there another page to this? also where did you find the full thing?

There's more, just stuck doing stuff. It's on Mangadex

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This is why I'll never be a manga dump guy. I'm always getting dragged off to deal with shit.

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Small sort of spoiler for Sanjin Sadou's ending, in the form of the most basic outline of the chapters written out, so I've spoliered this one

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Includes spoiler in to form of a drawing of drawing the last page of Sanjin Sadou, so I've spoilered it again.

Here is a direct link for it on mangadex, it also includes a bunch of things about him first starting as a mangaka and making lots of one shots

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inb4 Uoooh first volume erotic

Nice, thanks!

Nice swimsuit

huh, so there's also a commisioned oneshot
i thought its all either from competition promising entry, or the mangaka himself submitted it to the publisher