ITT: cursed manga

Here we discuss manga that may have been cursed. We discuss how and why they may be cursed. Take this manga for example:
>first manga the artist ever did
>axed due to poor sales and possibly poor reception
>artist has had little Twitter activity since it ended
>artist hasn't done anything else since apart from one or two one-shots

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Do you truly believe in curses?

That's hardly a curse. Look at Onio.

probably because it was garbage

Does Doujima-kun count too?
>artist's first serialization
>also axed due to poor sales
>artist apologized over its axing and said he "wasn't able to do his best"
>hasn't tweeted since November 2021

for me it's that loud sex comedy manga that got axed in 2-3 different occasions, has the mangaka made other stuff? it's genuinely really fucking shit and i'm tired of being screamed on every fucking page, that's the whole fucking gimmick and i'm surprised some of the slurper in r/manga and even here defend that shitty ass manga. genuinely shit reading.

I haven't read it but many who read it did like it, so maybe it wasn't exactly "garbage"

Are you talking about ?

yeah no surprise so many anons have garbage taste

Do you think it deserved to be U19'd?


Are there really mangakas that never get work anymore after one bad axed manga or do they go by different names for other manga to hide their shame according to one series I read that had a fictional mangaka.

>Are there really mangakas that never get work anymore after one bad axed manga
It's pretty common. For example the Gal Cleaning guy never did anything under that pen name again, although rumors suggest he's tried to start new manga under a different pen name (according to what I read from the Nips).

Just how autistic you must be that drawn screaming triggers you so much?

this one?

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He's talking about this
also most of mangaka wish to reach 7 volumes

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It’s his own fault for having the main heroine sucking off random guys in the first page.

it doesn't seems to be axed but instead just reached its own proper conclusion though


Do you think the manga would have lasted longer if:
1. that didn't happen?
2. the manga betrayed its title and they did actually end up together instead of being friendzoned?

Why 7 volumes in particular?

Because other two mentioned authors in this thread had 1 manga that ended with 3 volumes and 3 manga that ended with 1, 2 and 2 volumes.

Is it common for manga authors to disappear from Twitter after their manga get axed, or is that unusual?

Didn't Gal Cleaning guy did the same?
Besides even succesful mangaka delete their accounts, like Shinohara. Well, good that he posted it before leaving

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AFAIK Gal Cleaning guy never had a Twitter to begin with

Does A Saint Joined My Party count?

gal cleaning

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I hate this. Cursed by its own author.

Having a successful first manga is pretty rare. Most big authors struggle a lot before getting their first hit. Most authors never make a hit title.

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It would have lasted longer if the Japanese weren't full of purityfag virgins

He's probably salty about the "impure" FeMC

People love Sayu Ogiwara so that can't be wholly accurate. I mean if her series ended up being popular despite her being used goods I don't see why this manga failed because the FeMC was used goods.

I wish more mangaka would take up disposable pen names so they can go off the rails when they get the axe hovering over their head.

the first chapter was pretty funny
the male character really just whips out some real corkers back to back, it's great

>the male character really just whips out some real corkers back to back, it's great
I've been saying it for a while but male targeted romantic comedies live and die by the male MC most of us will come forand to a reasonably attractive manic pixie dream girl but a good male MC is required for the audience to stay, self inserts can only carry for so long

What are some recent examples (other than Azu) of mangaka totally disappearing after their manga got axed? Mangaka who disappeared after their manga ended naturally (like Komi or Gotouge) don't count.

Most cursed in this thread, probably only I know of it even. Axed and author never heard of again. Super inoffensive aside from one expy of Satsuki Ryuin, except this was before even Kill la Kill, so I don't see any reason to start under a different alias.

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Was it a good manga at least?

It's not bad, I had some fun with it. It's really short for a episodic SoL too so who knows how it could've turned out

Did it have fanservice?

Very minimal

What kind of minimal?

The girls squirming in place on occasion and no pantsu shot even if you should be able to see it kind

>no pantsu shot even if you should be able to see it
I wonder if that explains why it got axed. In many cases manga that refuse to show pantyshots even when the angles call for it end up getting axed, as if they got karma or something.

It's just cutesy girls playing together, rarely there's some slight lewd talk, like that's kinda indecent of you joke, so it really doesn't call for it, it's not that type of manga to begin with.

Do you know other examples of axed manga where the author disappeared?

Haruto Ikezawa went off the radar after his third serialization in WSJ bombed but there are rumor's he's doing 2.5 Seduction under a pen name

I don't often check and I don't read that many axed manga or I don't realize they were anyway, so nothing else exactly comes to mind
This one? How did those rumors emerge?

If that's true, then I guess he got a happy ending after all given how it appears to have been successful.

>primary audience for high school romcoms are chronic purityfags
>FeMC is an unabashed slut
dunno what he expected

Yeah, this one. Not sure how the rumor started, I've read it on Yea Forums. Another rumor is that he went back to the law school which he left to become a mangaka.
Not sure how happy the ending is since he used to talk shit about Medaka Box for excessive fanservice, if he really is doing a fanservice-heavy manga

>primary audience for high school romcoms are chronic purityfags
Does Higehiro count as a high school romcom, or no since the MC is a salaryman?

I meant that if it's true that he had three failures, then adopted a new pen name and finally found success, I guess that would count as a happy ending.

Why did Gal Cleaning get the axe anyway when it was a webcomic?

Tank publishing contract bindings? Yes, it had tanks. Web published manga get axed all the time, too. Just think about how the publishers could make more money

Wasn't it published in some small relatively obscure online magazine? Surely their sales expectations weren't that high?

Obviously I can't know the details for sure, but there are plenty of reasons for a publisher to decide to axe something that we're not even awared of

I could have sworn this author also did Bride of Barbaroi, but apparently not.

>Not sure how the rumor started
looks like it's from here

What about the rumors about the Gal Cleaning guy?

Considering that Nico Tanigawa series got axed and deleted before it even hit one volume I assume they still need to have some value. If like with normal magazines they still get some payment per chapter there would easily be a time it isn't worth keeping, and if they're that unpopular they probably wouldn't even be able to justify a small print run.

artist committed suicide for being useless

I didn't like it

>Considering that Nico Tanigawa series got axed and deleted before it even hit one volume
Which one? The only other manga of theirs that I know what wasn't Watamote is Choku and that lasted a bit.