Rumiko Takahashi Super Thread

It's a rumic world out there, we just live in it.

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well i can predict this will be a nice and civilized thread

Is Rin-ne good?

Yashahime is the best!

user no. Please. I don't need double autism today.

I find it really funny when it's at its best, but it feels like it's an auto-pilot a lot of the time. Still worth it.


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I just caught up with Mao. The more recent chapters contain some extremely messed-up stuff I wasn't expecting.

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Why did Kagome change her haircut?

>he has read Mao
>omg act cool

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oh no don't summon her

Why does Mao get so little attention, all I know is there are some serious, diehard fans of Rumiko stuff on here but Mao is rarely mentioned despite being ongoing

Slow translations, the girls aren't captivating people, what?

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Halfway through reading UY. I guess Oyuki and Benten start showing up more given they barely appeared so far and they're on the poster.

>the girls
for me, it's tenko-chan

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The translations are up to date, they're even done by Yea Forums. Lack of girls might be part of it, most of the main cast is made of guys. There also aren't any standout over-the-top personalities, most characters are relatively subdued and the romance has been building slowly and without any major complications. Maybe it doesn't feel very Rumiko-like.

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When I saw the cover for volume 4 I thought that Hyakka was an old man.

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Yeah the shill for that show is pure cringe.

He is 900 years old.

I know several people who dropped it because RT started whoring out her IPs lately. Also it's boring.

Just gotta wait for the anime adaptation thats might probably happen

That's stupid, her manga that she works on herself has nothing to do with shitty adaptations of her older stuff.

I love you Mao user.

How can he get Nanoka to start seeing him as a man?

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Summon who? The barren-womb?

Yeah, the schizo who keeps trying to shill the sequel.

No no that can't be it, he must be talking about this one weird woman who hounds these threads seething about that show.

Oh fuck you're the shilling Yashahime schizo! Quick, abandon thread!

I somehow lasted through a whole season of that travesty but I then dropped it. Did they mercy-kill it with the second or is it still going?

Mercy killed. Or cancelled if you prefer.

>That blatant "twitter nigger trying to fit in" lingo
holy jej

It's in a weird situation where there is no season 3 announced but the show staff minus the director are still tweeting as if they're working together.
There is either more coming up or Sunrise is using the exact same team on a different project.

I love your posts. Just pure delusion, so funny.

You have to feel bad for her, she just wants to be dicked for once.

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What? Did you reply to the wrong post?

>I love you Mao user.

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If barren-womb is this cute I hereby volunteer to give her a baby, she can name it "Moroha Screentime"

What can you do. I think most SessRin shipper roasties (the only ones who like Yashahime) are this way to be honest. They self insert as Rin because they're lonely and wanna get dicked by le hot bishonen. Sad, but it is what it is.

Send them my way and I will fuck them all too

oh, hey, it's Hojo-kun - don't give up, banzai!

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You're not just saying that, right..?

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This guy disappeared like 80 chapters ago and for all we know, he might've gone to a different high school or died from covid.


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Are you sure you really want to user?
Them and the Yashahime shill itt are a whole new brand of crazy. You dont stick your dick in crazy.

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We need some drawfag to make a sessrin roastie and yashahime shill version of this

Needs to be fat, unwashed, smelly, and ugly with pictures of Sesshomaru everywhere on her wall.

>she actually replied this to the Rumicworld account

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I will make this exact post on the next thread and I will trigger Her into action once more. Please look forward to it.

Please do. I love it when the Yashahime shill unironically posts about "another Yashahime project in the making". It's hilarious.

pshht, Herb is sleeping

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Mao volume 5 comes out next month in English and Yashahime volume 1 comes out in two months. Please remember to buy two copies of each, one for yourself and one for a friend.

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might unironically do that

The Yashahime manga seems to be doing pretty well, since the first volume has apparently gotten four reprints in Japan.

You give me more reasons to not read Mao by shilling that other fucking mess.

Mao is up to volume 10 in my country and I'm buying it. Screw Yashahime, I'm getting a new edition of Mermaid Saga coming out in June.

General interest in Rumiko's new stuff nosedived after Inuyasha ended
Not that I blame them, modern Rumiko is an acquired taste

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Sounds like I'll have to buy two extra copies then

This is canon

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Nice SessKag artwork.

Sesshomaru/Kagome is canon?

Go for it, Sumisawa.

Why wouldn't she bring back IPs for new generations to enjoy (minus butthurt trannies, obviously).

>SessRin schizo going nuclear and posting art that looks like Kagome and Sess


She’s hilarious. A true joke of these threads.

A mindless shill wouldn't understand.

as always

toppest of keks

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Do you prefer the Yashahime shills or the UY reboot shills?

Hopefully the creature got banned now after posting SessKag porn

They're the same from what I can tell. The one who constantly shills Yashahime also shills the UY reboot. They simply lack any soul.