Summer anime season is going to be the best line up of the year

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If you're a teenager who likes shitty isekai, sure.

Really looking forward for Fuuto PI and Biscuit Hammer.

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Overlord season 4
Rent a girlfriend
Dr stone season 3
Devil is a part timer (which I never thought would come back)
Shogi best girl
How not to pick up a girl in a dungeon (guilty pleasure for hesita)
Made in abyss season. 2
Yofukashi no Uta
Jashin-chan season 3

How can you hate this?

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Do you realize that isekai are mainly watched by adults in their 30s in JP, isn't it?

fuuck and I thought spring was loaded
this year is getting better and better

Dr Stone season 3 is in 2023, in Summer there is only an OVA.

Yeah. Not bad but I still think spring is better

Work on your grammar first.

Name your five favorite anime.
Be honest.

I disagree but we can both agree its better than the winter season we just had. Damn that was shit.

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Rockstar Bocchi when?

On May 12th the summer season will get 100% better btw

Guess we have to wait until winter.

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I've already checked up to Fall 2022 and there's no good anime left this year. MAYBE Yofukashi no Uta if they nail the atmosphere, which I doubt they will.
I'll have to go through my backlog until Winter I guess.

Only because MIA is there.
Also you guys said the same thing literally every season then when it starts and ends it will be the worst season ever.

So many sequels to things that I never got around to watching the first time. If I want to actually watch stuff I have some catching up to do. Watching Biscuit Hammer with Yea Forums will probably be a lot of fun though.

better than rushing it
it's saitou's debut as the series director
don't want something bad to happen to him

Also if you are a moeshitter with no standards

>Hataraku Maou-sama!!
Damn, I remember when it first aired. I would have been so hyped for a second season had it been announced right then and there. But now that I know that the boring shortstack wins I give zero fucks about it.

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>Summer anime season is going to be the best line up of the year
Chainsaw Man airs in fall you idiot. No one cares about shitty sequels and isekai garbage


That season looks weak if you compare it to this spring or the upcoming fall, still better than winter though.

The only one I care about on that list is Fuuto Tantei

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I care.

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Fall will be better:
>Gundam Witch from Mercury
>To your eternity 2
>Hero aca 6
>Iruma Kun 3
>Golden Kamuy 4
And possibly RWBY, Uzaki chan W, Bofuri II, chainsaw man, tatami galaxy 2, and Urusei Yatsura remake, since all of them are listed for 2022.

Mah niggas

I'll probably watch Fuuto Tantei and maybe Bucchigire since I like Shinsengumi bullshit.

This one's pretty intriguing to me. Loved W, but it's been a while since I cared about KR.

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Imagine being a Pixiv artist then after a few years having THREE seperate work of yours being Animated.
How the fuck

>Overloard IV
Wait what
I only remember that Giant Goat monster shits, what season was that. I'm very confused

Japan is filled with manchildren, news at 11. Also, Elevens have shit taste.

Same is true for the fags that call the current season best shit in a long time. Since 80% is always isekai shit, rom"com" shit, CGDCT shit, idol or gacha anime these days though I don't even judge season as a whole and rather just the amount of good or watchable series. In that regard Spring 2021 was SOTY for me because it had four whole series I actually considered good. So far Winter 2022 had one (that was actually Autumn), Spring right now COULD have three good series but they aren't nearly as good as the good ones in 2021 so so far it's mediocre for me. Summer has a few series with potential so it might actually be good, but I won't be hyped before I actually watch it. Same with adaptions people look forward to like Bisquit Hammer and Bastard. I will wait till I actually see it before I get happy.

Is this final? I don't like looking at next season's stuff until a week out just in case some other things pop up

>SHAFT is doing some idol Strike Witches garbage
Just put that studio out of its misery

giant cgi goats was season 3 I think

I'm only gonna watch Gindam prologue and maybe Underwater Ray Romano


I won't be able to bear the Underwater Ray Romano and Youzitsu adaptations being shit

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i thought i was the only one who thinks this season is horrible. most people are watching like 20 shows this season

Same I noticed that too. And most of these 20 series look like the same run-of-the-mill stuff every season was flooded with the last 10 years, I already wondered about that.

Wasn't Call of the Night supposed to be this summer?

Yes? It's right there on the list.

spring looked fuckawful outside of a couple of prospective good shows like Spy x Family and DAL4

summer at least has a few that I'm hoping don't turn out shit, like Biscuit Hammer, and s2 MIA

everything else is generic isekai #123342123
it's all so tiring, I read the source material for every isekai that's been adapted in the last few years already, and 99% of them don't fucking deserve to be animated

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Fall is the big season.

another bakugan anime

Or if you’re a patrician watching for Biscuit Hammer.

Nobody cares about redditsaw man.


>good shows like Spy x Family and DAL4
That you would complain about generic isekai while calling Chinese streamermoney garbage a "good show" in one and the same post is very fascinating to me.

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adaptations of cult favorites like Biscuit Hammer are either going to be amazing, or utter shit

no way to tell which until it's airing
one can hope though

>what is season ranking
No matter how good CSM it's about seasons. I rate seasons by the amount of good series they feature, fall had one of my absolute favorite series of the last five years and yet I rate the season itself low because it was one of only two series I enjoyed while the rest was horseshit imo.

>Shadows House
Didn't they do some shitty anime original ending? I have no clue how they're gonna continue off that. Also the fact that they wrote out an important character from the first season so I have no clue how they'll implement them now without it being rushed or forced as fuck.

On international awareness day?

You can take one look at the studio and staff and realize it's a no effort adaptation.

DAL gets nostalgia goggle points from me, perhaps unfairly
the first season aired 8 years ago already, after all, and it was enjoyable at the time

I would absolutely take it over the flood of current isekai in a heartbeat

pls don't ruin my fragile hopes and dreams


wait, no, the first season was actually 2013 if memory serves

Will we have anything /m/ on air after Kyoukai Senki has concluded?

>he is still watching KS
You are very brave. Did it ever get better? At least the enemies?

This, summer and fall are the best seasons every year.

wow, /m/echeads must be deperate if they're still watching garbage like KS
hard dropped in the first 3 eps here, it was just boring, nothing hooked my interest about the setting or characters, even the mech designs are painfully generic

>hard dropped in the first 3 eps here
The first 3 episodes are great though.

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The only show I'm interested in is Lycorice Recoil.

Not him but I enjoyed the first season just fine. Hand-drawn mecha, if a bit static at points. Final fight was good. Not watching the second season because there's too much else.