What does Marin see in him anyways?

What does Marin see in him anyways?

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A big pair of hands

>can cook
>can sew
>has aspirations
>is dedicated to experiencing source materials
He's a house husband who'll enjoy what you enjoy in some way shape or form.

I think him busting his ass to complete that costume when he was assuming she wanted to go to that particular event and not just whenever did it.

Someone good at what they do. What are you good at user?

how big is his dick?

also he's tall and pretty and loves his ojiisan

he's the japanese version of milquetoast normie but is also the japanese equivalent of being over 6 feet tall so she's wet for him

Simp who'll make clothes for free


That too, he has good genes and is a family man.

making sandwiches

theres a lot of scenes that express the reasons why

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Fucking your mom

A good simp?
>b-but I'm a simp too
A tall simp*

he will mod her discord and twitch chat for free

When did Yea Forums start using simp unironically?
The fuck happened to this place? Who migrated here?

He has skills, talents, and interests in things that mesh well with what she's interested in. Him being at best a 7 doesn't really matter that much because she's just gonna pretend he's her dad anyway.

You don't need a reason to fall in love. I fall in love all the time with girls who give me the slightest bit of attention.

Falling in love just happens, it doesn't need explanations or logic. Also this

>dedicated hardworker
>knows fabric making
>can draw really well
>isn't a perv
>understanding to Marin's hobbies
He's literally the perfect man for her. Those two are gonna make the best babies!

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Average, as seen on the love hotel episode where his bulge was enough to lift Marin up somewhat.

>perfect man
perfect *simp

>great cook
>passionate about his hobby just like her
>puts his own well being on the line so she can live her dream hobby up to the fullest

I dunno OP.

>he will mod her discord and twitch chat for free
Are you really a good boyfriend if you aren't willing to take your gf's Instagram photos for her?

He's not a consumer type of shut-in, but a maker type of shut-in and at least isn't associated with anime-related otakuism. He also looks above average inverse.

what does it even mean? its not marin specific, its not even woman specific -- the series establishes that he'll go above and beyond for anyone

I dropped this boring shit back when they were just buddies working in a common hobby.
Has either of them expressed romantic interest for the other yet?

Making hina dolls isn't paying the bills, user

>can draw really well
Yeah, holy shit, this.
This dude is in line to inherit a business yet he can draw and line out reference sheets without a speck of the autism that comes with drawing for a living.

>willing to help out someone of the opposite sex?
>must be a simp!
As if a loser like you can truly understand what love is.

Dunno he looks sort of plain

He's perfectly fine looking nip, and every girl he knows would jump on his cock no questions asked

She's not the only reason why he's doing this.
Making these outfits and doing her make-up also helps him improve his doll crafting skills.
They both get something out of it.

Sounds like a spineless doormat.

My favorite part about this manga was someone getting so fucking pissed off the Gojo wasnt working on his dream. And its like the guy didnt understand the ojii-san saying that Marin being around has improved his work on his dolls.

This. Even gramps approves it

Why would he be the one staying home? Marin is dumb and useless.

You don't go to factory or an office building to make dolls

Was honestly surprised when I saw those cosplay ref sheets myself. He really does have a good future if things go well for him. I'm also surprised that Marin hasn't pushed him do commission work yet.

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>It's fine, relax, just take my measur-

Marin doesn't want to share, except with Juju

Nah she pays her stuff and treats him on the regular

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how would I know I'm not attracted to men

FGO happened

Why do people bait with Gojou so much. Him and the Uzaki guy are like the only two male leads in these one pair romances that are fully defined and conventionally attractive

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Uzaki guy is fine
Gojo is spineless cringe faggot

He's passionate about what he wants to do in life and considers the feelings of others.

Gojou is a perfect example of someone I would never be friends with in real life.

thats just a shitpost about a scene where gojo actually reflects on his unseemly behavior and corrects it as to get the job done, if anything it actually plays into what hes saying as it establishes a lot about gojo going forward

you aren't fooling anyone. we aren't blind. we can see how much of a retard sperg gojo is simply by watching the damn anime.

At least Gojo has seen naked pussy

Piece of shit. I bet you'd be talking behind his back when he's with Marin too, huh?

now I see why people self-insert

He's very tall for Japanese standards

And yet he's shorter than a middle school girl

Tall, big hands, and good face. He could be the most beta faggot, he could even lack his hobby, and he would still have women falling for him. In fiction and IRL, because looks are all that matters.

Pls tell me where to find these 6'+ middle school girls

So? Most people with internet access also saw one.

you shouldn't be allowed to speak on this subject if you aren't married

zoomer girls are all at least 5'11'' now.

You can diss this boy all you want, but you guys have to admit he still has more worth as a boyfriend than that literal faggot with an undeserved pink-haired gf.

Leave your house some time, incels.is isn't an accurate way to gauge the heights of people IRL.

>that literal faggot with an undeserved pink-haired gf
It's not you that gets to decide that m8.

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lookism is cringe