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You mean 5 more weeks?

>forcing another Nagatoro thread so this flop franchise won't be forgotten

I admire the dedication but,

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Yoshi, my wife.

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Is fat!


Oh boy you mean that in 4 weeks we'll have the same group of incel autists fawning over a cartoon character. Typing "kawai" and "maiden" as they autistically screech while looking at cartoons depicting a love life that not a single one of them will ever come within a mile of.... Can't wait.

No its 6 weeks akshually

Irrelevant surnameless bitch.

Twin-trips for fats


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I'm glad we're sharing our excitement

I wonder who could be behind this post

Constant threads will burn out a nigga, we're not even one week in

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>die you pathetic scums
>bumps the thread
thanks user

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Shut up, penguin.

angloids are still asleep, calm down chang

Dunno how I feel about the next chapter that's coming out in two months. The "girl talk" could be amusing or could be the same shit we've seen half a dozen times, but I'm really not stoked about more Senpals pages set across a game of fucking Uno. They don't seem to have any personality outside of providing PBP and color commentary on Naoto's life, but in the lamest way imaginable, like a teenage virgin Joe Buck and Troy Aikman duo. Ah well, we'll get some more Bangstoro at the least, so it's a net positive either way, and if we're really lucky, maybe some lingerie.

There’s a mad slint eyed bug itt

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yeah I doubt he'll continue the UNO storyline out of those two.. I expect a chapter with 90% girl talk and 10% of the next activity they have.

Really hope you're right.

i kinda wish we'll get a two-sided view, like the two groups having simultaneous conversations about their relationship (maybe the boys heckling him into confessing?) That'd be real cool.

That was my idea as well. Presenting it in 4-komaesque format with both the girl talk and boy talk happening at the same time with the peniltimate page being a two-page spread of them saying simultaneously "I love [Nagatoro/Senpai]" .

But considering that when it comes to their feeling, Nagatoro has way more to go and that most of the developed characters are the girls then I won't mind if it focuses on her alone. Still want a bit of Naoto though. The guy was blushing as hell when she said she liked the tour. No way he didn't plan it without any "ulterior" motive.

>The guy was blushing as hell when she said she liked the tour. No way he didn't plan it without any "ulterior" motive.
If he didn't then, then this massive confidence boost might change that.

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Threads have been constant for a while now, i just skip most of the posts when it devolves into dinosaur/cuck/smegma posting

are the discord raiders in the room with you right now, user?

I miss nagasaturdays

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What the fuck is that thing on the left?

Oof. I like the framing, but I don't want to see these two confess their love for the first time TO THEIR FRIENDS.

Where do you think you are?

I feel like a standard confession won't be enough for Nanash since subversion of tropes is kind of a thing in his playbook, so I'd be happy with them just mutually agreeing that they're bf/gf without either saying "I ___ you"

Naga nails

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I do hope the confession is at least not made to be some dramatic, theatrical event. At this point it just feels groan-worthy whenever a romcom attempts make a big deal out of it, especially since that's rarely how it works irl. Most relationships develop organically enough to where the couple would feel more or less completely comfortable with the idea of dating by the time they make it "official." And that's pretty much the dynamic I see playing out between naga and senpai.

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Why are you talking as if having a 24/7 general would be something good or desirable? A manga should have 1 or 2 threads when a new chapter drop and some occasional threads if there is genuine interest in a discussion.

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>the pussy tamer

you're basically just another ritualposter at this point by bringing this up again and again
no one but you cares enough, no one tells you or anyone else to stay, but you all do

How are the Kaguya threads?

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This post is tripping me out dawg... ritualpostception... WTF!!!!!!

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don't know, don't visit it

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pretty sure that's not the chink. he types in a very distinctive, and very autistic way

She has my surname

I can’t believe we have to wait a whole 6 months for the next chapter

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Ummm hate to break it to you but nanashi just announced it will be delayed until December 2023... Sorry sweaty !!

The BSC is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural

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nagatoro should have thicker thighs on season 2

user, this is a blue board! Are you trying to get us all arrested?!

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I can't believe we have to wait 6 years for the next chapter.

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based naga nails poster

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uhh me?? duh

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yoshi > gamo

fight me

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lowres yoshi a cute

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