Dragon Ball Super

You just got shit-talked by Son Goku. What now?

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I change his diaper.

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Kiss his wife

Make it clean and quick.

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Our role model.
The owner of the strongest ki attack in canon.
The humbled fighter
The last of his clan.
The super prodigy.
The first human to surpass an Android.
The first guy who was 2-0 against Goku.
The heart of the Z fighters.
The strongest human.
The FIRST human to surpass GOD himself.
The clutch master himself.
The legendary fighter.
The champion of the 22nd Budokai.
The enlightened one.
The loyal friend.
The future of the Crane school.
The hidden hope of the universe.

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go and fuck his wife

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Only worked because Goku had better training since he was a child.

>Son Gohan and Muten Roushi are wiser martial artists than the most elite Saiyans
Yup. That's canon.

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My wife got sidelined for Gohan, When will Toriyama stop using the same plot point over and over again? We have seen Gohan stop training and get a strong character arc at least three times already.
Gohan stop training for seven years and have to train again to beat Majin Buu
Gohan got weak again and have to train for ToP.
>Super Heroes
Now He's training again to save Pan.

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>not fucking Goku himself

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The reason Toriyama keeps reusing this plot point is because he refuses to have Gohan be relevant. If he were to train and take fighting seriously, the show would have to revolve around him and not Goku/Vegeta. So it's best to just have Gohan stop training then make him train when it's time for him to be relevant.

Me? Winning
You? Kneeling

I only respect other fansubbers

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Pan is so beautiful...

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Me? Chuck's.
You? SNEED's.

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Built for Namekian chesnut hunks

How could you possibly even think up this absolutely schizophrenic concept, let alone putting it to paper and then publishing it on the internet?

>he's mad that MARIOren isn't going to save him


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Cute and canon.

Built for noseless manlets.

Goku should have been a woman

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>its a panpedo thread

Nah, Goku would of been a worse character as a woman.

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>its a panGOD thread
Jannies... STAY.

>Freeza kills children

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what the fuck is this lmao

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It's a boy.

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It's called SOUL

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it's called professional grade quality and soul, something you never see in SHITper

SSdel and SS Pan

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Who the fuck is Mark?


Bejitabro btw

>Super Saiyan God requires 5 righteous Saiyans
>Only two of them are pure Saiyans
>One of them is a quarter-Saiyan
When does a person cease being a Saiyan? If you have just a drop of Saiyan blood in you, are you a Saiyan?
Maybe you get even more powerful the less Saiyan blood you have. Pan is only 1/4 yet could fly as a baby, something Gohan, Trunks, and Goten could not do. The human genes are just THAT powerful. Pan's kids will be 1/8th Saiyan and will be GoD tier at 5 years old.

Brolybro btw

The guy that posted a video crying because Toei took down his videos

and yet for all of Gohan's potential he still isn't as strong as his father

git gud humantard

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But he won in the end, so who's the real loser?

Saiyan genes? Only worthwhile as a catalyst to activate the full potential of the CHADman genes.

she looks like she fucks large bald muscular men

Gohan is stronger than SCATku and POOPjita.


Goten and trunks are also bitches, maybe the human genes makes the halfbreed a pussy, let's see how bra will end up

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>Trunks is a bitch

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Bra will become a fighter just like Pan, for Girl Power.

Toriyama is too senile to give us fighter Pan, Bra, and Maron. It's just like GT, only Pan will fight.

>trunks is a

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Why is his hair blue now?

>they want women to fight
Shopping, cooking, cleaning, getting pregnant - this is what women do. Fighting is for men.

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Jobber genes are kicking in.

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Ok incel

Bejita's hair isn't blue.

Saiyan women were able to fight just fine.

>Wanting more benchwarmers

So? They sucked compared to Saiyan men.


The guy that called Jiren the Gray terrible.