Mushoku Tensei

When did the hype die?

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It didn't, nothing about season 2 has been announced, other than it's comingso there's nothing to discuss.

I always sage my comments, because I don't intend to bump the threads, since there's nothing really worth discussing about, and it's clearly always just the same people in these threads making the same repetitive posts like waifu-warring attempts, hitogami-cringe praise posting, family gif posting, sieghart title spamming, and whatsoever.
In short, the mushoku tensei threads are just bad boring general threads with nothing interesting and new to talk about.

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for me when i found out this turns into a fucking generic harem shit in the manga, i didnt even finish the anime after that
completely ruined to appeal to coomer self-inserts

The manga is community certified pile of shit. It completely ruined what's the source material is about. The anime doesn't divert from the source material. And it's far away from the so call "generic harem shit".

I read the first 15 volumes after a thread some time ago. Story kinda dips after Eris disappears.

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They skipped Eris' toilet scene in the anime and got karma for it

You did yourself a disservice by reading the manga desu

I dropped the LN when suddenly a japanese high school appeared. "this motherfucker couldn't control himself, he had to put in a japanese high school"

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Miggers are for commercial breeding like livestock

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Nothing to discuss so far. Maybe make another thread on the 21st when volume 16 comes out.

Normies realized that the entire show was about a fat loser grooming a bunch of tweens into his future harem. Otaku realized that it doesn't really do anything that other isekai haven't already done (as far as anime goes, obviously the WN predates most of the other isekai).

it's simply not good

people are just waiting the new seasons, nothing new to discuss besides GET PREGNANT and migger posting

Everyone agrees that the manga is complete garbage and detracts from the original story. I believe the author isn't even involved in it. Read the novel or watch the anime.

What’s so bad about the manga?
I was considering reading it now that I’ve finally come around to finish the anime

and I enjoy every second of it

It will come back when the next season airs.

I stoped watched when MC grew up to much
I want cute shotas, 10+ is too old

It's basically fan fiction. Only read after you finished the novels.

>When did the hype die?
6 fingered Sylphy.
Not even /d/egenerates could handle the possibility of 3 in the pink and 2 in the stink.

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Reading the manga is like experiencing the story as told by your 13yo cousin with Asperger's

Stop obsessing over "hype" Yea Forums isn't about hype series is off series. Give it time you fucking faggot.

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early on, it lacks the story telling craft that LNs and anime have. There's no depth (?) to it. It's just "here's what happens" surface level stuff. Maybe it gets better later, but idk.

Eris is fuckin' huge!

I choose fire type

I really hope people arent too hype if a new second season comes. The entire fucking story is in a goddamn magical college, and it's all stupid rom-com/magical hyjinks, and no adventure, no real stakes, no real combat, -nothing really cool.

I read the manga up to the current state, and the Novel for a bit longer, and I have to say, most of it is slice of life for a LONG time.

We'd have to wait till like fucking season 3 for any cool action.

>When did the hype die?
It never did faggot


Yes, and that's why I fucking love it.
I really hate the faggots who joined it in the 1st season because "WOAH, WHAT AN AMAZING ADVENTURE, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE OF IT".
I'm still here just to see them seethe when they find out it's just a Slice of Life anime but with actual things happening and characters developing unlike in most of this genere.

put a black outline on the words to make them easier to read

MT threads is probably the only time ever where I've stuck around in the general threads once the anime was over/hype died down

I also dropped it on vol20 because of the same reasons user you replied to stated

>MC actually has sex and children with the harem
>Generic haremshit
if that was the case with haremshit series I don't think they would ever earn that title

>Sylphy best girl
>Eris best girl
Doujin addicts


It’s not entirely sol that’s the thing it’s describing Rudeus’s entire life some parts of his life are full of adventure then it’s SOL then it’s a little bit of adventure again in vol 12 then sol then adventure again in vol 14 etc etc etc. it’s life. There will be parts of Rudy’s life that are peaceful and parts that are hectic. The thing with MT is that author balances adventure, SOL, drama, family shenanigans, romance, action and fight scenes really really fucking well along with passage of time which makes this series stand out, author is really good with that.
real redpill after you finish the story is that girls were always just a bonus and never carried MT.

Gary was here OP is a loser.

Yeah, MT truly shines thanks to how well the author manages the pacing and the different arcs.
>girls were always just a bonus and never carried MT.
Maybe not on their own, like Rudy could have not carried this story by himself. Without family, friends and foes this story wouldn't be interisting. Even with all Laplace, Orsted and Hitogamis' stuff.

I didn’t mean that, of course it’s a character driven series and also it’s praise worthy how much content and development and love all 3 girls got from the author. Not just them but all the main characters really including Paul, Zanoba, Cliff etc I just meant it in the sense that when people here spam these 3 heroines all the time some secondary anons tend to think this series is about harem or whatever the bullshit another user mentioned earlier in the thread when in reality it’s not the focus. It just happens as part of life simple as~

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How could you have dropped it on vol 20 for the 'same reasons' when vol 20 is about Shirone war arc entirely, Roxy's regrets etc and how Hitogami basically managed to destroy that country for good so Laplace isn't born there and how it's a loss for Orstedcorp.

You mangaNIGGERS and speed skimming NIGGERS n MIGGERS should READ MIGGA READ THE STORY

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I'm just mad sometimes that the author pandered to haremniggers and did what he did to eris. She should have been rudy's one and only

It unironically gets worse. And in some arcs it goes full fanfiction. As someone who reads the source it can be funny but when I think how MANGAMIGGER onlys are or were basing their opinions on this prior to the anime I feel nothing but pity and contempt

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Man, this thread is just so boring and so samey.

She unironically got what she deserved.
Dear Eris-sama,

This is Rudeus Greyrat.
Time has flown by these past five years since we separated.
Do you still remember me?
I will probably never be able to forget that time.
The first night together with you. I swore in my heart to remain together with you for the rest of my life.
However, when I woke up the next morning, you were nowhere to be seen.
The feelings of loss and collapse at that moment brought about a deep darkness upon my heart.
The next three years were certainly painful, miserable, and empty.
Naturally, I don't hold a grudge about that any more.
Still, I would be greatly blessed if you could comprehend how deeply sad I felt at that time.
Now then, the reason I am sending this letter is because a certain person advised me in regards to your feelings.

I thought without a doubt that you wanted to completely cut off ties with me and set off on a trip by yourself.

However, this person informed me that it was all my misunderstanding and your feelings were always directed towards me.

Currently, I have two wives.

Both of them saved me from the dark and deep suffering I was experiencing.
Even in the case that there was a misunderstanding about how you felt about me, it is still a fact that I was deeply depressed and that they saved me.

However, in the case that you honestly feel the same way about me,
If you still wish to marry me and still wish to live together with me,
I have made arrangements to accept you.
Though you might feel unhappy about this, I have absolutely no intention of separating from my current family, so you would become my third wife.
In the case that you feel unhappy about this, I have already resolved to receive your fist.
In regards to this, please forgive me after two or three hits.
However, if possible, I do not wish to fight with you.
I feel even if you do not wish to become a member of my family, we could form a fine friendship.
That is all.

From Rudeus Greyrat."

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I don't wanna start waifu-warring but man how can people think that Eris shouls be Rudy's one and only. She really brings nothing to the table apart from Sword + Sex, and really makes no effort to change her personality to fit Rudeus' better.

After hearing the contents of that letter, Eris stiffened up.
After seeing Eris stiffen up, Isolte started spitting out words in disgust.

"He's a cruel man isn't he! He already has two wives and takes the attitude of [It's fine if you become the third]! I can't help but think he is looking down on women!"

"Is that right? I think he put a considerable amount of thought into writing it."

Nina objected to Isolte with her opinion after hearing the contents of the letter.

"Consideration?! It's the first letter in a long time and not even a single word of love is mentioned?! That's not all, talking about somehow or other accepting her as if he's looking down from above! I can't bring myself to like this Rudeus person!"

"It's written that he thought he was thrown away by Eris and experienced three years of suffering isn't it? I think Eris has some responsibility for neglecting him as well!"

"That is obviously just an excuse! He's clearly just after Eris's body and her skill with the sword."

"No, if he's only after that, isn't it a bit risky considering that it is Eris?"

Isolte swelled up in anger, and Nina groaned.
Eris stood in a pose with her arms crossed staring at the sky.
There was no longer a single thing reflected within those eyes, the sky is blue, and the heart is pure white.”

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meant for

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You can always choose to not participate.
When it comes to series that has ended in 2015 and is still getting discussed to this day there's bound to be some things that feel 'samey'

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I'm telling you to stop being samey and unoriginal, because this behavior and kind of posting leads to shit garbage threads with stale forced cancer.

Luke NTR doujins when?

S2 will have plenty of action. It's not as if s1 was full of fight scenes. The adventuring in v7, 11 and 12 alone would be sufficient. There are some fights interspersed in between those, also the extra chapters w/ Eris.
The sense of adventure will be more muted, tho. More sol / character diversity to account for it I suppose? I have hope, I found the LN started becoming a slog to read around volume 10 because of all the slice of life, but even at it's worst it wasn't that bad, and I was reading more than a volume a day.

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And I'm teeling you I'll be as original or unoriginal as much as I want to be, I'll shitpost about MT whenever I wanna shitpost about it.
Shit threads are not my issue I simply like MT simple as and get satisfaction when I post about MT. If my samey and unoriginality is hindering you to enjoy these threads NOT MY PROBLEM now fuck off Hitogami

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Should I read the novel? I was reading it but the school arc was really boring so I switched to the manga

I think some delusional anons are seriously thinking they'll skip vol 7.
They won't in fact season 2 will start straight off with depressed magician arc.
There's bound to be action and bouken at the start of the season. Then after academy it's straight off to begaritto continent anyway.
I can't wait to see academy arc doomposters btfo in general

You should read the novel and you should read it from vol 1 in fact because you won't understand shit when they mention different locations and where they'll be traveling to or what these places mean later in the series if you only watched the anime.
In fact quite a lot of things when it comes to worldbuilding and character interactions were skipped as good as the anime turned out to be.

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>She really brings nothing to the table apart from Sword + Sex
What a real man would need more? Emotional support and extra pairs of flat tits? You a an absolute faggot if you think rudy does need those.

What are you doing?
Trust in Hitogami.

My permission, huh? I think I shoukd private, you ungrateful asshole

Yea I think there’s very little respect here in this thread shown to one true god of the 6-sided world Hitogami-sama.
This is the uniter of 6 worlds.
This is the god slayer.
The world destroyer
The refugee inviter
The globohomo
I think we should all be praising Hitogami-sama in this thread that he was able to give birth to such a diverse and multicultural society that is the current Mushoku world different from the conservative 6 worlds of the old where you needed a gods permission to travel worlds.
Isn’t he great? This is the guy truly fit to rule this world.
How can people even spread bad rumors that he did anything wrong.
He only did favors for the unstable 6 sided world that was constantly siphoning mana from each other effectively breaking down the entire six-sided world and Hitogami turned it into one effectively saving it.
There is truly no other being fighting day and night against the wicked dragon god for the sake of this worlds survival.
So let us praise Hitogami

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These look like such faggots.

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for you

Sieg and Alek are the true epitome of Chuuni. I have a strong degradation and humiliation fetish for north-niggers/

I guess success and superiority does breed jealousy after all.
Starting out MT you think sword god style is the shit.
Ending MT you realize the superiority of the north in every way. You also realize how much influence they have since literally the Kalmans are Atofe's family and Atofe has a whole army and territory under her she's also Badi's sister and she listens to whatever the man of the household, a Kalman orders.
Meanwhile sword brainlets barely have one dojo in some middle of nowhere shitholeistan.
They wield no influence whatsoever and if north chads actually went to war they would 100% wipe out them sword pussies

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