BLEACH : New Breaths from Hell

>Gets a chance to write a 70 page chapter on the 20th anniversary of Bleach.
>Everyone expects it to be SOL with nothing special
>Madman writes a prologue to the Hell arc that everyone wanted to read for years
>Kazui(Ichigo's son) is hinted to be a sociopath, can control the spirits of animals.
>All dead captains and vice captains are revealed to be in hell as the cycle of Samsara continues(Espada and sternritters as well most likely)
>Kazui is sending dead souls to hell, either accidently or not. Being controlled by Satan?
>Fucking hell butterflies become relevant
>Chapter ends with the reveal of Ukitake being in hell and piercing a corrupt Szayel
>Kazui walks down a street looking at the hell butterflies
>Rangiku and Orihime getting a chance to see Gin and Ulquiorra
>Tousen getting to know Komamura went down the same path as him
>Yama, Unohana getting a chance to do more in the story
>The best fucking start to an arc
>Fucks off with no news for almost 6 months
now with no update on any sort of continuation
>Make a huge poster with all the hell arc character designs for the art exhibition
>Still no word from Jump on any continuation
The hell are think thinking? They can publish this alongside the TYBW anime, the best promotion it can get. Write bi-weekly/monthly if Kubo has health issues.

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Since when were you under the impression that this isn't Hell?

Shut up Aizen, also where the hell did he disappear? wasn't he sealed in the Muken, Szayel also says that Yuha has disappeared as well.


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He's obviously been given the green light to write the rest of the arc as a full Bleach restart and return to WSJ.

Probably going to start when the anime starts.

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Never though ponytail Rukia could look this good.

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>(Espada and sternritters as well most likely)
How does that affect Starrk then? He split his power into two, does that mean he exists as two people in Hell or that he's returned back to a single soul since he died fused/only has one soul.

who cares, bleach is shit

t. John

>How does that affect Starrk then?
Don't think that matters. Lillynet will be in hell as well.

did you rike it?

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We Bleach fans eating good after starving for almost 10 years : )

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We better get to see his second resurrection.

The new chapter was fucking great. I'd be pretty salty if Kubo dropped all those new ideas and then just left them in the dirt. But still no official confirmation of a new series, right?

>But still no official confirmation of a new series, right?
I hope Jump is waiting due to Kubo's involvement in the anime and will announce a continuation once the anime starts airing. Maybe at Jump Festa this year.

Renji better become good for something this time
>Can't help in group fights
>Can only beat the irrelevant one-off villains
>Couldn't save Rukia, Ichigo had to do it for him
>Couldn't even protect his own daughter in the new chapter, Ichigo had to save them

Seriously, either kill him off or allow him to do something. He's fucking useless in every scene.

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user, Renji jobbing is one of Bleach's charm. I think he will get to shine, his fight against Mask in TYBW with the roles of a Heel and Babyface switched was kino.

I think he meant with Aizen and Yhwach both sealed up Hell has two major obstacles out of the way.

Dude just shut the fuck up. How is he any different from Piccolo, Simpji, and everyone in Nardo?

Yes, my King.

>The lone butthurt Renjifag
Cry harder retard, he's absolute shit and everyone has long-since acknowledged it

I just want more Lisa and her mocca expresso lieutenant

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I'm just amused at how powerlevel dudes in random forums love to wank Ichigo as the ultimate godly weapon and, while technically true, Kubo chooses to write him in a more homely matter to make the story interesting.

Arguably even during TYBW it happened. The Ichigo who was fighting Yhwach at the end is the same one who jobbed to Askin in the way to the palace. Ichigo always jobs for a bit regardless of how amazingly powerful he's supposed to be at any given arc.
And now "End of series" Ichigo didn't look all that godlike to me in the Hell chapter. He saved Renji, clashed a bit with Szayel.. but I don't think he's the
powerlevel wankers want you to believe. He's just high level but Byakuya or Zaraki would still put him against the ropes. Writing in Bleach is always relative / follows rule of cool, Ichigo just acting as powerful as Aizen / Yhwach and instantly soloing the enemies is technically correct but Kubo would never depict him like that.

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I clapped and wept harder than I had in years

>powerlevel dudes in random forums
You mean teenagers?

>Yet another semen demon by Kubo
>Snaggletoothed goblin
>Cringe but my cock doesn't care

He can't keep getting away with it

Did she just claw his dick off after killing him?

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Kubo and Mashima are the best at drawing peak females

Damn dude Kubo won't have any cum left with how hard you're sucking him off right now

Is this going to be the true final arc or this is supposed to be the beginning of another sequel series?

Byakuya won’t do shit Zaraki will give him a run for his money. Kyoraku could probably kill him.

With the anime calling TYBW the final arc, this is probably Bleach's equivalent of what DBZ was to the original Dragonball.

the new bleach anime should just start back at the beginning, the entire series should be reanimated

If Kubo's new manga is getting a full series then the anime definitely will. We're waiting to see.

user, let's be glad about them animating TYBW. The fanbase is interested in the final arc being animated, also because it's the second chance for Kubo to fix the rushed ending.

imagine if they reanimated the entire series with top tier sakuga and every episode looked like sword of the stranger or whatever, that's what bleach deserves, it's the coolest shonen but the original anime was so badly animated it took the coolest shonen and made it lame.
If they reanimated it it could all be such a masterpiece, by far the greatest shonen ever

user, I would love that but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Anime reboots aren't in a good position as far as battle shounen are considered. Look at the Shaman King reboot.


>it's the coolest shonen but the original anime was so badly animated it took the coolest shonen and made it lame
Only the first ~15 episodes look bad. Going through my rewatch and his fight with Renji was plenty good enough to be a cool fight scene.

his first fight*

the show got a budget upgrade or something very early on

is the fight with ikkaku when they get to sovl society the most fluid bleach is gonna get from now on? i was pretty dissapointed with it

No, he's got a pretty good second fight with Renji, and his big fight with Byakuya is pretty smooth once the bankais come out.

Yes, my liege. Just like with BtW


classic Kubo trolling

Everyone loved FMA Brotherhood

can it really be considered a reboot if the og story makes up only 1/4th of the anime

Dunno but either way it had great animation and direction. Granted it was only 50 eps.

the 03 was 50 eps, brotherhood was 64

True. Point is though it's significantly shorter than a bleach remake would have to be.

>No argument
And here's yet another retard that got BTFO

No u. :)

>he's absolute shit and everyone has long-since acknowledged it
But only our princess Rukia loves him and made him cum inside her small pussy and bore his child.

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My fav part about Bleach is people who enjoy it trying to convince everyone else that Kubo isn't a hack with 1 middling arc at the start and just a worthless train wreck failure of a manga. It just took longer to fully fail than Zombie Powder did. Hope you get your Hell Arc soon anons.

cute and canon

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Why would Orihime want to see Ulquiorra again?

>just a worthless train wreck failure of a manga.manga.

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