Dragon Ball Super

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What will happen when Nozawa passes away?

Fuck you janny

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Hopefully someone actually good takes over and l can finally watch jap db.

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Canada lost.

Should I remind you who rules this place? HUH? Want another 404?

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I heard Japanese studios usually retire the character out of respect.

You will continue to keep watching the Mexican dub.

Krillin AKA Luffy's VA takes over. Not even joking. They spoke about it before on a tv show.


That's so disrespectful, man.

That would not fit Goku at all.
>Taking shitposting seriously

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Why do Gokekfags keep insisting on continuing this fight? The evidence is there, plain and simple. There is no fun in beating a dead horse (or in this case, a dead Tardku) anymore.

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I used to be like you.

>he's starting again

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I FAP to my favourite character (male)

>another one of these threads

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>Nozawa praising her muse
As it should be.

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First time in /dbs/, can I get a qrd on gokufags and vegetafags? Who rules these threads?


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Kill yourself

>exchanges Goku won

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Once there was harmony between the two factions. And then The Belgian arrived...

Could we see Moro return if his DNA was stored in 73?

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>trying to take credit for granolah's attack

The video never said the manga isn't canon. It just said that it follows Broly, and peace didn't last long
I knew you toeifags were LYING again

>Who rules these threads?
If you want an actual non biased answer instead of the obvious bait trash you’re trying to get with that post :
There’s no ruler, but it’s always Gokufags and Vegetafags that are on top, and whoever dominates depends on the time of the day and the thread.

Gokubros. I'm on hrt btw.

>Moeshit for pedophiles

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SSJB sucks

thicc zarbon

No, lol

Only the Dogposter, master of all four shitposting styles , could stop him. But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

Reekdom isn't an insider. He just throws vague shit at the wall and sees what sticks, like every fake insider.

>Granolah's scratch knocked Jobgeta out

Thoughts on the manga oficially being confirmed non canon?

>Base Vegeta who was near death
>Tried to kill himself to finish said Vegeta off

Knew it all along

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I don’t care, anyone with a brain knew years ago.

It was fucking awesome.

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>source: my shit encrusted ass

>b-b-but it was't our hero who shot the jobbber into a building
Goku won and you can't deny it.

You can cry. You can jump through mental loops. No character slander comes close to the fact that Goku is voiced by a woman.

cope harder supertard

It was obvious as shit for anyone paying attention.

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Glad that SHITngatards will finally shut up

NIce try, pedro.

>my shit encrusted ass
…what? Why would you even type this?


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>stutter typing
Didn't read, moebitch. Faggotku jobbed.

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Prove it. Link or show a picture.

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I won't

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