Sound Thread I guess

I dunno why I have to make this while i'm waging my life away but I want my weekend playlist dammit

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also I'm not making the sticky i'm at work so fuck you, also no one else is allowed to make it in this thread, if you want it wait another week then it'll be allowed again

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>Le almighty powers
>Just punches faster / harder / laser beams

So gay

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What sound ?

>Punch so hard it rips the universe apart attack
missed opportunity

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not today desu

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In your browser, get the tampermonkey or violentmonkey add-on/extension
use one or both of these scripts: Forums-sounds-player Forums-external-sounds
With that done, you can hear the audio for images.

Follow the webm and you can make them yourself.

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On a side note, the sound for this webm won't work because the audio was uploaded to pomf, and that site is having issues.

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there it is
there's my jam

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dude wtf

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I was going to post new stuff, but catbox is acting up

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I'm been thinking lately of doing a fan edit the combines the series with the movie scenes and includes the parallel works in the filelist as .5 episodes in-between where they would have gone between episodes, like Kitan Zero taking place after episode 4

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>your browser blocked autoplay

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just click on the page or play through the Yea Forums sounds player

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It just gives me the same error again. Some of them play and others don't. It's very annoying.

should've made it a gif

What's the website that converts the filename again? I had it bookmarked on my old pc.

it's already posted in this thread

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God P-model's music is so good.

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gif for gay

Is this original soundtrack or is it a remix? I've only heard the original song from the original anime.

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it's from crybaby.

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