Dungeon Meshi

I want all the Canaries to die and I'm glad Marcille killed them.

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Marcille will die soon too.

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I hope we'll get a colored manga version, someday...

I imagine any official colored version will probably be pretty lazily done though.

Does Laios have enough testosterone to challenge the world laws to save his mule-fu?

Only if she turns into a monstergirl.

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Mules are monsters, yeah.

What are flying pigs' combat abilities?

When did things went wrong?
At was point was she already beyond redemption?

It's all Lion-kun's fault, obviously. Marcille has been played like a fiddle.

> When did things went wrong
There wasn't much that could really be done, Marcille was already on the road to ruin since a LONG time ago, and introducing her to the power of the dungeon was the beginning of the end.

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>When did things went wrong?
When her father fraternized with elves.

This, honestly. Kabru was right in that long lived races/short lived races will never truly be able to understand each other, and Marcilles parent's were retarded for just going "eh, it'll work out somehow" when having a half breed who would outlive basically everyone she meets.

She's been studying dungeons and the dark arts for decades, she has no excuse

Fleki did nothing wrong, you double-nigger.

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Fuck the elf police

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I agree. The Canaries suck.

Suicide bombers.

>i havent even tried Fleki's Flekis

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She's been ruined by WLBC

will our autistic elf use time reversal magic?

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Does time magic even exist in this setting? I wouldn't think so, considering that we never saw say, Thistle using it despite it potentially being extremely useful for him.

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when did this series get so grim dark?

Probably the red dragon chapters, that's more or less when shit started to get weird.

I'm honestly wondering how would Kui redeem Marcille this time. Will she kill her? Or someone would die for her? One thing is for sure though, if the main party get over this unscathed, then she'll throwing all the hard work she had built for years.

I don't know, this is pretty much popular in Europe and Bande Dessinee release is not a farfetched idea.

Its hard to say what they could forgive based on her own actions + how much of it has been stoked by the lion manipulating her like it did Thistle.

Hell even Thistle is portrayed as somewhat sympathetic and was in prime position for a potential redemption if Kui had chosen to go on that route after Laios defeated him and gave him that big spiel about eating and happiness, and he had done a lot worse than Marcille has at this point.

They will be back.

I dunno. It might be hard for Mithrun to recover from HALF OF HIS SKULL JUST BEING FUCKING GONE

Just replace it with a piece from a dragon skull. It'll be fine.

Half a skull being gone is a relatively easy recovery. You're only really in trouble in Meshi's world if your corpse has over 50% of it lost/destroyed, or if you get possessed by a ghost and the healer fucks up and accidentally merges your personalities with it.

Kabru's body got fucking stomped on by Falin at one point and he got revived just fine.

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When she dragged out this final arc so long.

nnnuhhh i wanna hug farlin so much

She will never hug you like she hugs Thistle.

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so fluffy.. i'm gonna die

Ohshit, now that Marcille is the new dungeon lord, shouldn't Farlin be hugging her?? Is that how we'll hug no jutsu our way out of this?

I don't think it'll be that helpful while Falin is still in her zoned out chimera form, or still dead, for that matter.

Having elf blood is where it went wrong.

>They see your dark queen outfit

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Dammit Marcille, you've ruined everything!

Based Lion poster.

They will have to eat the demon, won't they?

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That's what'd you get from blindly trusting an extradimensional being with infinite power.

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This is not okay at all. The Winged Lion looks extra creepy in the bottom panel.

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Oh no! He just ate your desire to not be a furry!

Oh shit I didn't notice that the Lion ate a piece of her desire there.

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Is the Lion the best final villain written in recent times? Kui has developed him so well that even today some anons are still convinced to take his side.

first base

Worse than Hitler

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Well I mean he killed the elves. He can't be that bad.

Like most demons, he's not really a "villain" so much as an implacable force of nature.

>lion didn't do nothing
>he's a good boi (yes he is!)
>it's just demon culture
he's definitely one of the more sinister villains in recent memory with how he gently pushes everything his way

He's just a demon. It's his nature.

Colorization for manga doesn't work well if its not drawn colored in the first place. You'll find that a lot of details missing that doesn't seem apparent in black and white

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If only Frieren was here. She would have taught everyone that demons should be killed on sight.

I agree. You can't just slap colors on a drawing that was meant to be printed in black and white. It always look ugly and I think it's disrespectful for the artist.

>disrespectful for the artist
You're not a mindreader, stop getting offended on other peoples' behalf.

Demons aren't a part of nature though, everything that they are is unnatural and alien to meshi's world, they don't even need to eat.

IMO the lion definitely 'evil', at the very least because it has human or above level intelligence and is basically just making people suffer for his entertainment.

I wouldn't say it always looks ugly, I've seen some really nicely done manga coloring before, including panels from dungeon meshi, though there are definitely series that don't look good fan-colored, and from my experience most fully fan colored manga look bad.

Don't think its disrespectful to the artist though, basically any artist who has published work is going to see it edited/recoloured/redrawn, that's just how anything with a fanbase works.

No but I'm a drawfag. You obviously don't appreciate all the subtelties of Kui's art if you think you can just add or remove the coloring as you wish.
Just look at the way Kui handles it herself
: no greytone, no texture, no hatching because that would get in the way if the coloring.