Dragon Ball Super

Jiren lost

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>still 2-0

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CHADppa? The FACE of CHADgon CHAD CHADper, my CHADvorite CHADnime.

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Watch OG Dragon Ball

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You just know.

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Watch OG Dragon Ball.

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>Jiran Yea Forums: 2891
>Beerus /trash/: 4804
Why is Beerus so popular on /trash/?

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>...in my mind

Know WHAT? Finish your sentence, VERMIN.

Non shitpost thread.

Read OG Dragon Ball.

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It's the quality of him as a character.

DB? I YAWN. So BORING. Only a NOSTALGIAFOSSIL could like the moeshitting pedoquel. And it's so RACIST and HOMOPHOBIC! I, as a progressive intellectual, prefer CHADGon CHAD CHADPer with its lesbian relationships and blasphemy against traditional religion.

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Watch GT

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Piccolo? Jobs to volcanoes.

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>>...in my mind

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I read it and forgot most of it, the tournament arcs are all a snoozefest.
Pilaf/first gathering of the Dragon Balls and Red Ribbon are comfy arcs, King Piccolo is eh.
Nostalgia WARPED you.

Guys, I have something going on so I won't be able to shitpost. I usually make about 40 shitposts per thread. Please pick up my slack. I will be back tomorrow.
Thank you,
Lead Shitposter
Shitpost Productions

Not that much better.
This fight looks like shit. It's a bunch of looped stuff.

>no CHADgeta
>no CHADren
>shit "fights" and animation
>borderline moeshit
>made for child rapists
>toddler ""adventures""
Why the FUCK should I give a fuck about this optional pre-CHADgeta prequel?

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This, so much this! They should definitely do a modern remaster of OG, but remove all the sexism, racism, and homophobia. And they should also add-in my favorite character, Prince Bejita IV!

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>>...in my mind

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So we can see your "hero" Tardku get 2-0'd earlier? Based.

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Goku DESTROYED your capability to function in society.

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>p-please watch my BORING snoozefest so I can pretend it's canon

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>PIGma gets BTFO in the first chapter
>The one homosexual is a literal pedophile and gets killed
>Goku calls a black man a retard and then murders him

>Bulma is constantly humiliating JOBjita
>Yurishitting U6 saiyans
Yup yup OG is the winner fellow chuds.


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>Goku DESTROYED your capability to function in society.

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Bulma let me out of the cage today bros

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>SHITgetabro is a SuperBABY
Goku will live rent free on your head FOREVER EVER.

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>Goku out of nowhere

>Nostalgia WARPED you.
But user, I only watched it for the first time this January

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That's where all the surpassed characters belong.

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No, my shitty parents did that.

>Tardkubitch catchphrase
Tardku lost. 2-0.

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I kneel.

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The only Z-fighters that matter.

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Post it.

Goku lives in your head 24/7

Oreo-sama... I kneel.

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I'm sorry to hear that.

Discarded. No disrespect to OUR hero.

CHADnny CHADns... I genuflect...

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>his desperate plan was falling apart right in front of him.
Goku's plan worked.

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>Goku lives in your head 24/7

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Our cookie is an awesome cookie that was and is and is to come.

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God, I want Android 18 to kick me out of a building

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InCell nutted inside Kuririn's wife.

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Gokek cope.

In my headcanon two hours in the outside world is one month in the time chamber.

Quiet, Blackfag.

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No it didn't. Goku JOBBED and Gohan and Bejita had to save the world, again.

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Are you retarded? It means 18 impregnated Cell, who gave birth to Cell Jrs.

Chadku reality.

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>posts fight Goku won

Nice view of a Bejitabro brain.

That's not headcanon. The math checks out on that.