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P6bros, we're cruising nicely.

Where the sales for the April volumes?

>No OP

What happened? Why are Oda and Hori such lazy pieces of shit?

Honest question.

When will we get another manga of this level?

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this toc is boring
god please just let golden week come already. I can't stand having like 5 axe baits shitting up the back of the magazine.

Hori is going to be an assistant for Fuji.

Part of being a chadsaw chad is knowing that such levels are not easily met...



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In 5 min

Never, Kinosaw Man was actual peak fiction that can never be replicated

based Furusu enjoyer

What does that make Togashi?


Apparently all volumes of Spy x family are already in top 20

when U19's author comes back to Jump

>Akane #7

This is her 3rd rank and she ranked well
She’ll survive

It's really promising, but I want the rest of the cast to be fleshed out and have some drama.

The ranking from the last thread:
2 ・ The Elusive Samurai ・CHAPTER 52: BASARA 1335
3 ・ Blue Box ・#42: An Impossible Notion
4 ・ High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku ・Chapter 75: Parents and Kids at Night
5 ・ Earthchild ・Chapter 2 And So, the Moon Swore Never to Turn Away
6 ・ WITCH WATCH ・51 A Freshman Witch and...
7 ・ Akane-banashi ・STORY 3: FIRST PERFORMANCE
>Black Clover was on break 8 issues ago
8 ・ Me & Roboco ・Chapter 78: Ruri & Assistants
10 ・ Mission: Yozakura Family ・MISSION 119: MUTSUMI AND KYOICHIRO
11 ・ UNDEAD UNLUCK ・No. 100 Hard Mode
13 ・ Ayashimon ・Chapter 13: I Refuse to Lose Again
14 ・ Protect Me, Shugomaru! ・Chapter 13: Expose the Boss's Identity, Shugomaru!

>axebait in the latter half in the magazine
>when those are gone, new axebait will shit up the magazine
It's a never ending cycle, user.

Any Robobros here? Is it worth picking up?

Once the current axebait are gone, Earthchild and possibly Akane will simply take up their spots. At least we'll see at most two axebait instead of seeing the boring-ass three in the bottom nearly every goddamn week.

Wait until Golden Week has come and gone. The bottom's currently cluttered by the three axebait, so Jump may intend to move new series there after it deals with them (this may also explain why Earthchild has ranked quite well this week).

yeah but there's at least 4 right now. Like it's one thing when there's only two of them and they're just getting started but all of ours right now are old, obviously going to die, and there's a bunch of them

Shouldn't be too much longer now. It's been seven issues since the last batch, and we know there's going to be two more. There are usually about 7-8 normal issues in between batches. I would expect new series announcements after the One Piece cover (it'll probably be a group cover, actually).

>10 ・ Mission: Yozakura Family ・MISSION 119: MUTSUMI AND KYOICHIRO
This chapter was fine. Cute even. It's good to see Kyoichiro's brotherly side when he's not being overbearing.

Another Jump thread?
Last one was so boring that dudes tried to bait with CSM and Fujimoto, both who are no longer in the magazine since more than a year by now.

This peace is what all true kuso manga enthusiasts strive for

When has that ever stopped /dbs/?

Blame WSJ for not axing Doron, Ayashimon, and Shugomaru already. We need a new batch of battle shonen.

The calm before the storm...

The period of P6's early rankings was kinda nice in hindsight since it was only P6 in the bottom, with other established series being necessarily put in the bottom. Plus, P6 was moving around in the bottom quite a bit, so there was still some speculation on whether P6 might somehow live.

We'll probably get the preview for the next batch in the double issue then.

I just wonder what Jump is up to.

At this point, I won't feel that shocked to hear news that Togashi has sadly died from a heart attack or whatever. I'll be sad, but at least we'll finally accept the fact that HxH will remain an unfinished work.

Guess the next axe

Guess when next round of series is coming

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Interesting to see the rankings without the big series OP, MHA, and JJK. It's only one week's worth of data so its not that useful, but still nice to think about the pecking order among the non-flagship titles.
Unsurprisingly SD and BB at the top since they're the most successful newcomers. ES isn't growing in sales but at least usually gets good rankings barring the last weak arc, and decent numbers overall. WW is decently popular (40k sales for a new volume in a month I think) and is liked a lot since it usually gets decent rankings after leaving its one serious arc. P6 seems to have survived, has some growth, and appears to be settling in the middle/lower end. Yoza and UU still hanging on despite not doing that great overall. Roboco and HSF are gags that bounce around, but at least Roboco has growth and usually decent rankings IIRC. And then the axebaits rotating at the bottom with the newest round still likely in the initial goodwill phase.

It is written: "Only Numa Shun can defeat Taguchi"

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Next axe: Doron (unless Ayashimon suddenly ends like Build King)
Next round: the issue after the double issue. If not, then the issue after that one.

who hates their editor the most? numa shun or gege?

Which established series is close to ending?

I'm not a Robobro but it's absolutely worth checking in on, it has a ton of soul and some of the chapters are legitimately great. The recent twitter followers chapter was hilarious

MHA will end this year or early next year. And Dr Stone wrapped up like a month ago.

>No OP or BNHA
So why would any Japanese teenage boy would buy this issue

Is he talking about Morikoshi or did he get a new, worse editor?

MHA at endgame and Mashle close to it. Not sure how long UU has either.

Doron and Shugo probably gone in 2 weeks. Ayashimon will live at least until anime premiered. After golden week we will see new series.

ayakashi triangle

So are we ever going to get the one shots (not done by veterans) translated officially by viz or will those always be unofficially translated or just never translated for the foreseeable future? I would love to read those but with everyone here but from what I have gathered, they are already loosing money translating every running series in WSJ so seems like wish fulfillment on my end.

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To laugh reading Roboko, to read Blue Box with his gf, to read high quality battle shounen Sakamoto Days and to fap to Aykashi before bed.

I wish I was a Japanese teenager.

No AT announcement yet?

There are no children in Japan. The country is like 40+ on average age. Average OP reader is also 40+.

They'll probably never be translated, sadly enough. Shame because there are a few in the past that kinda look interesting, but there's basically far less demand for them than there is for translations of existing series.


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Probably will come with spoilers later in the week.


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If you had a gf why would you fap to soft core yurishit?

living the life


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they can't even get Viz to translate all the chapters of their own series (AT) no way in hell they'll get them to do more work than they already are doing

Is Sakamoto the face of Jump now?

He has enough face to go around.

i want to see the spoilers tho

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Can't wait to see how Earthchild will amaze me, given how little thought Shinkai put in with the latest plot device in the previous chapter.

>wibble wibble

No idea. Not sure which editors even worked on the series