What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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Consultant went on leave
Author took that as the signal to not give the fuck about the food, bring in the chainsaws and shit
Also focus on stupid Nakiri drama, Erina regresses as a character.

Erina stepped into the heroine role.

I remember stopping this show early on during one of its cooking tournament arcs due to being busy with life, and waiting for the series to finish so I can binge, just to one day have irl friend bring up that this series nose-dived in quality and brought in an edgy anti-MC clone... still makes me laugh that something this stupid really did happen.

It's always the same shit that happens every judging

Autumn election tournament arc came too early in the narrative, needed more Shokugeki's and general school life stuff to flesh out the cast, everything after central appeared was dogshit

>What went wrong?
I don't know. I keep rereading it all the time.

Central arc was the beginning of the end. Stakes got raised too high, muh dark backstories, and the necessity of beating the absolute top and best cooks meant that no challenges afterwards would feel meaningful without being asspulls.


Literally and unironically the very moment azami stepped in


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I dropped the manga when it went like 20 chapters deep into the Erina bullshit.
She's worst girl. She was never interesting. Them trying to shoehorn her into relevance killed the story for me.

I actually really liked the beginning and was considering to pick it up and continue watching but once I heard most of the dorm mates(if not all) were basically background characters I didn’t want to bother.

became too overly dramatic. Same shit happened to Kaguya. Went from a fun show to cringe drama that no one cares about


>this artist ended up liking erina x brother more than erina x souma

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Erina, shit character that ruined what was an otherwise pretty comfy anime.

It became too edgy for a cooking manga with Central, it had a couple of cute chapters after that but EL HERMANO NTR was the killing blow.

Dark chefs. It become unreadable then.
You can argue about Erinas dad being bad yes but at least the manga had the semblance of a good story then and the elite ten had some good characters.

>it kept going after Central arc
What were they fucking thinking, I dropped almost immediately after soma's dad lost his shokugeki
Also what are you guys going on about chainsaws for? did i just forget something


>Also what are you guys going on about chainsaws for
Someone post it. I can't bring myself to do it.

A chainsaw was used as a cooking tool in one of the competitions.

Was it used for an ice sculpture?
That's at least somewhat reasonable.

They sidelined the best girls. Central arc was dog shit and the final arc was even worse. It became less about fun school life and cooking and more about shitty melodrama.

What do you mean? It's a great 9/10 series.
Unfortunately, it got axed right after the Kuga vs Souma match. Really sad.

>he doesn't know

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They also used dynamites.

Dark Chefs was just THAT bad

>Was it used for an ice sculpture?

Oh. Oh, God. What did they do to you, Soma.

at one point, the food in this was actually plausible and appealing

This shit right here is like it's ripped straight from Akame ga kill.
I don't mind ridiculous shit in manga but this just didn't do it anymore.

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>the matrix
>masked tuxedo
>five nights at freddys
>power ranger
>clown control lookin ass
>Hannibal lector
I'm probably missing the other references. Anyone mind filling me in?

it's hotter with the brother

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>show about cooking with light comedy and ecchi becomes only about ecchi
>nobody cares because there is better shows for that
Shame but thankfully there are a bunch of good cooking anime

Thanks for a daily reminder I need to finish Akame Ga Kill, all I remember is people die randomly and MC decides city life isn't worth it; so he moves to a countryside and marries a plain village girl to have plenty of kids.

like what?

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If only.
You're full of bullshit, not even the ecchi got good after it all went downhill.

having a big bad food snob who wants to take over the food industry was retarded, it was already Souma vs food snobs at school, but now it's the heroine's dad.

me on the bottom.

>it was already Souma vs food snobs
Souma was already turning into a food snob, probably by Stagiaire arc he did the same pretentious shit

Souma never really became a food snob, and the Stagiaire thing isn't really fair since his passing grade was dependent on making a dish worthy of making it onto Shinomiya's menu so he had to care about presentation. Other than that most of his dishes were literally just diner food with a facelift.

Thank god he wasn't ruined by the butchered ending.


dame...dame!... the aji of this gohan is... SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!!
>clothes fly off


>>this artist ended up liking erina x brother more than erina x souma
based incest shipper


Is it really NTR if Souma never really showed any interest in the first place?

They focused way too much time on the nakiri family drama. And the entire backdrop for it didn't fit the tone of the show at all. It was campy in a really bad way.
They could still have used some of the elements. Keep the Nagiri drama, but make it more down to earth. Erina's father being too busy and obsessed with cooking to take care of his daughter like a proper father would isn't a bad thing to include. Just make him more down to earth and less like a world conspiracy tier secret society head honcho. Replace the cooking mafia with a powerful restaurant conglomerate seeking to take over the school with shokugekis or even a rival school. Erina finally winning by making a dish that warms her father's heart and makes him burst into tears of joy, that she did with her very own cooking style pouring everything she has learned about how to have fun and express yourself with cooking into it, slightly influenced by Soma and the gang but still distinctly her own style. The two reconcile, she wins the shokugeki and Soma becomes first seat while she moves on to headmaster.
Keep the tone light hearted and fun, being serious sometines is fine, having drama is fine , but don't change the tone to something this blatantly unfitting.

Tsukuda stated in the last datebook that EL HERMANO existed to bring Soma and Erina closer, but they didn't even end up together.

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Felt like the whole Azami arc was forced to bring Erina and Souma together. He rushed it for no good reason when they were already warming up to each other during the Moon Banquet arc.

I always felt it was a shit pairing, but since he decided to ruin his work for it then he should have delivered with them married or something.

He confirmed they get married later on, he just chose not to actually show it because he couldn't fit it in the epilogue.

I didn't even care about the pairing, most of the cast was entertaining and they all went to waste to put most of the spotlight on those two. They offscreened Jo and Takumi getting his knife back, so much wasted plot.
>rush your story to force a pairing
>don't even show them getting married at the end

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The best part is that they look edgier than the AgK counterpart.

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>because he couldn't fit it in the epilogue.
I'm pretty sure he said that he didn't show them married cause there wasn't enough build-up for them arrive at that point in the end. He also said he never intended people to ship Soma/Megumi and Alice/Dog.

Ok he's trolling, how did he think his readers wouldn't come to that conclusion?

It was fairly obvious from the beginning that she was into him so its not like anyone didn't see it.

I think it was fairly well done even if it dropped in quality.

People also like to nitpick but it made a show about cooking, enjoyable so for that alone, I'd argue it was good.

As soon as best girl didn't win the MCBowl

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>He also said he never intended people to ship

Megumi and the other middleschool friend were definitely like first cruch tier but that would be a shit pairing, Megumi is such a terribly annoying character.

Even if Erina is a bitch, she's at least worth the problems that she brings in.

The manga was pretty clearly moving in that direction before it went full retard, even the epilogue bullshit spent most of it's time revealing EL HERMANO was actually Erina's EL HERMANO so they could imply she and Souma got together, somehow it didn't have the balls to fully confirm it for some reason.

>she's at least worth the problems that she brings in.
Nah, she ruined the story.