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Is this the "She's 12... ZAMN" of Yea Forums?


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me on the left

Me with the camera


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Threadly reminder that loli posting isn't about lolis it's about signaling to fellow redditors " hey look at me I am so epic hahha sexualized children cartoons, isn't sex funny haha look it's the same joke for the millionth time haha so funny sex is funny guys, it's even funnier when they are children because that makes le normalfags so angry hha".

We all jerk off to different things retard, only juvenile mentally retarded folk like yourself feel the need to shove their choice of porn in everyone's faces. If you want to jack off to lolis go to /h/ nigger no one fucking cares, if you want to fuck a child go to thailand nigger, just keep it outta my face you fucking mentally handicapped 12 year old

I am not even against lolis, just don't claim to be a pedophile, you're not a pedophile, you're just an ironic juvenile retard cumbrain and you would probably puke if you watched leon the fucking professional. You give pedophiles a bad rep.

Yes, it's normalfag garbage spammed by underage phoneposters.

You're even worse, election tourist.


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But...she's like 15.

Not him, but kys sodomite

why do you think I don't actually like lolis?
>if you watched leon the fucking professional. You give pedophiles a bad rep.
ooooh your just a dumb retarded/tv/edditor

pointing soijak

It's not a matter of whether you like them or not, it's a matter of you being an obnoxious memester. If you rally liked lolis you'd jack off to it in private and that would be the end of things.
But no you need your UOOOOHHHHH Child belly erotic meme fix like the redditor suffering from meme induced brain rot that you are.
You are no better than the people who post any sort of porn thread, you are no better than the people who post "how big is too big" threads, you are no better than edgy zoomers on certain discord who post ironic loli and child porn. You are no bettef than a normalfag.

>If you rally liked lolis you'd jack off to it in private and that would be the end of things.
Why would I hide what I like dumb phoneposter?

is she Canadian?

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budding is the best and that's 10-13. faggot.

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>meme based on a Japanese guy posting about children's bellies and chest being so erotic
>people desperately trying to argue that it's "normalfag"

sneed, seethe, cope, coom, doomer boomer zoomer zoom zoom you fucking chud libcuck

Yea Forums is a board to talk about...anime?

It's your demeanor, there are places to discuss what you like. Those places are not blue boards, you are no better than anyone who posts random explicit big titted images of "hags" to borrow your shitty meme language, or anyone who posts any sort of off-topic thread really.
But you wouldn't go there, you need your meme fix, you need to get a rise out of people "hehe le epic lolis normalfags must be so angry".
Like I said you share the same sense of humor with some zoomers on certain discord groups and it would be better for everyone if you actually went to those discord groups.
But of course you jumo to "why should I hide?" deviation It's all part of your meme crafted persona "I am being persecuted" " le normalfags would never understand".

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It's one retard.
Just keep posting until this faggot gets mad enough to return to Plebbit, where he belongs.

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It's not normalfag but it's posted by obnoxious types that are just as bad as normalfags.
It's like feminism vs radical-anti feminism whatever side of the boarded you are o. You are a loser.

Anyway loli threads belong on Yea Forums and this is a low quality thread go laugh with your onlined buddies and make memes or whatever you wanna waste your time on.

It's not about making normal fans angry I just like cunny and Yea Forums has always been like this so if you don't like it you probably should not post on here

This, it kind if gets annoying. The board would be better if every second post wasn't about sex.

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Why would you go out of your way to make sure everyone knows what you like?

They just don't get it man. The meme is so ingrained in their brains that they don't get "You are just as obnoxious as anyone who constantly posts about sex". It simply does not register in their brains.

They automitacally go to the "why should I hide, you must just hate my epic lolis". Line.

>If you want to jack off to lolis go to /h/ nigger

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lolis are not allowed on /h/ newfag

Because of le epic memes. Like a 12 year old getting a kick out of saying a bad word he shouldn't, or looking at porn on the school computer.
They live off the thrill of posting these stuff on blue boards, playing a chciken game seeing who's the first to post loli porn and playing cat and mouse with the jannies and doing it all again the very next day.
They could go to places where lolicon is actually accepted and collect images and talk about, hell even make memes therz but they won't it's not about lolicon it's about the memes, it's always have been.

It's just such an overused meme now

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Go to Yea Forums then you miss the point. I am not gonna bother updating my pasta you memesters don't deserve any better.

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>just don't claim to be a pedophile
>you're not a pedophile
They totally are pedophiles dude.

Have you considered that maybe Yea Forums isn't the right place for you?

Me with the tie

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To be fair I have gotten into lolis just because everyone told me I am a pedophile for liking Tomoko so I started jacking off to actual lolis out of spite. But let it be known I now do it for self-pleasure needs only.

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What the fuck
Is this legal?

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Fuck off Satan

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.....This is a drawing, right ?



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Fucking kill yourself

It's 50% 50% I would say. definitley at least half the group or more are ironic idiots and there are actual pedophiles but they also simultoniously beleive it's an epic meme as well.
No matter anyway I look at it I definitley see through their bullshit, the meme is more important than the actual lolicon

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>you would probably puke if you watched leon the fucking professional
Lmao, why would I puke at peak Natalia Portman?

What's wrong with Leon the Professional?

its working :)

That’s the problem.

And there it is the big climax of the thrad, let's all pretend to be shocked. This is so whacky and weird.
"Insert epic anime girl reaction image"

Touch grass

Kill yourself

I just don't like 3DPD

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Yeah epic meme buddy bro. I am definitley leaving this thread!! Ohh I am le scary normalfag boogeyman and I am being chased away by your epic lolis

I have so much fun dispelling your smug auras. Ruining the "fun" of your epic thread. The hunter becomes the prey

>that got posted
Please dont ban me for posting in this thread mods

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I was just writing a grocery list and then things go wild what happened?

No I genuinely have fun ruining your guys "fun".

What fun?

what got posted? vaguish description please

It' very epic. Right mem bros? Please don't ban me jannies. This is the cat and mouse game we play evryday. You are not tired yet?

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Looks like from 90s junior idol stuff. And yeah they used to be legal.

>he thinks he's ruining anyone's fun


Actual CP

Yes, tourists are cancer.

3DPD bubble bath bubble butt

I despise Redditors like you, but I must admit, I can't blame you for your attitude.
Lolicons have historically been THE Yea Forums demographic with the highest propensity for falling for shitty bait. I don't get why it is, but it is.

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>all by the same dude
God, I really want to invite him to a drink

Nothing wrong with leon it's hyperbole. You wanna watch Salo or whatever degenerate shit you wanna watch. Go ahead for it, just keep it outta my face is all.
Salor might be a bit too hardcore for some of the epic memesters in this thread though.

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nude pics or disgusting loathsome dung?

Something epic fellow meme bro. Something very epic.