Is Yea Forums a Yang or Reinhad board?

Is Yea Forums a Yang or Reinhad board?

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this is a circheis board

Do you really need to ask?

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sorry, I don't watch gay anime or shit from my grandma's timeline

This is an Oberstein board, gay boy.

Yea Forums recognizes the one true king

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This is a Kircheis board OP.

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I'm over the age of 18 and discovered Yea Forums before 2016, so Yang.

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Yang is literally me.

Uhhh... Bittenfeld?

i would have been Reinhards top guy...

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Where are the /Braunschweigis/ at?

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Jesus fucking christ would it kill you at the very least use a different image in your OP? Also I'm a man of mittenmeyer's short but amazing reign

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>Even needing to ask

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I would follow either one of these two men to death.

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Yea Forums is a Reinhard board for the same reason that Yea Forums is a Char board and Yea Forums is a Griffith board. Yea Forums always sides with the villains.

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Yea Forums is a board for the one leader who was gay a listened to neutered boys sing all day,

yuri as empress


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i fight for you, my czarina

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why is this anime so unpopular its one of the best


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because zoomers only care about shounen jump shit

*moeshit, waifushit and isekai.

If only Kircheis were here

>Not being a Rudolf chad
So many eyelets around here

Yang of course.

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Julian Mintz

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Yang is Reddit incarnate


Yang. If I had to choose someone from the empire it would be Oberstein.

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Reinhard chose his high iq tomboy secretary to be his kaiserin which is a pretty based move. Sieg Kaiser!
The benevolent leader has a benevolent wife that serves as regent until their benevolent son comes of age.

What if Reinhard's son is a homosexual and doesn't want a benevolent wife to raise a child?

Then he can have Felix or his children succeed him.

No genetic waste please, this is a Chadenbaum board

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it's not gay if one want to fuck Reinhard.

Of course it's a Reinhard board

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>Yea Forums
empire cause pretentious
empire cause roleplaying as peasants on imperial planet
>Yea Forums
alliance cause alliance is more moe
>Yea Forums
empire cause fujoshis
empire citizens act like they´re alliance citizen
alliance citizen act like they´re empire citizens
phezzan board
perma jerk off about thor hammer with one perma thread about how actually geiersburg is superior
>Yea Forums
alliance cause pirate hat
alliance u know why

im so glad oscar transitioned

>Most of his descendants ended up as fags
Rudolfsisters only know defeat like their Empire.

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I'm sad to say it but I'm /Attenborough/ here.

he did nothing wrong you know

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It's a long and very slow burn that very rarely flares up. That's aside from how dated it is.

Oberstein is always a breath of fresh air. The voice of reason swamped by military romantics desperate to kill more people to sate their egos.

Based Mittenmayer bro

Reinhard. with a consetrated laser shot

was born wrong

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>Yea Forums


femLOGH when

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>oberstein but now he has a time of the month where he's fucking unhinged

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god he's so cool

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